The Perl 5 Registered Module List

Maintained by Tim Bunce and Andreas König <>;
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This Perl 5 Registered Module List document is currently not being maintained and is several years out of date.

You can search current information on all modules at

The CPAN ("Comprehensive Perl Archive Network") global file archive that underlies these services can be directly accessed at The CPAN FAQ is particularly worth reading to gain an understanding of what CPAN is, and isn't, how it works and how it relates to the services built over it.

For background information about why this document is currently not being maintained see this message and this one.


Where Are The Modules Kept?
Playing Your Part
How To Get a More Recent Copy of the List
Editorial Information and Copyright

Part 1 - Modules: Creation, Use and Abuse

1) Perl 5 Module Terminology
2) Guidelines for Module Creation
3) Guidelines for Converting Perl 4 Library Scripts into Modules
4) Guidelines for Reusing Application Code
5) Namespace Coordination

Part 2 - The Perl 5 Registered Module List

1) Registered Module Listing Format
2) Perl Core Modules, Perl Language Extensions and Documentation Tools
3) Development Support
4) Operating System Interfaces, Hardware Drivers
5) Networking, Device Control (modems) and InterProcess Communication
6) Data Types and Data Type Utilities
7) Database Interfaces
8) User Interfaces
9) Interfaces to or Emulations of Other Programming Languages
10) File Names, File Systems and File Locking (see also File Handles)
11) String Processing, Language Text Processing, Parsing and Searching
12) Option, Argument, Parameter and Configuration File Processing
13) Internationalization and Locale
14) Authentication, Security and Encryption
15) World Wide Web, HTML, HTTP, CGI, MIME
16) Server and Daemon Utilities
17) Archiving, Compression and Conversion
18) Images, Pixmap and Bitmap Manipulation, Drawing and Graphing
19) Mail and Usenet News
20) Control Flow Utilities (callbacks and exceptions etc)
21) File Handle, Directory Handle and Input/Output Stream Utilities
22) Microsoft Windows Modules
23) Miscellaneous Modules
24) Interface Modules to Commercial Software
25) Bundles

Part 3 - Standards Cross-reference

3.1) IETF - Internet Engineering Task Force (RFCs)
3.2) ITU - International Telegraph Union (X.*)
3.3) ISO - International Standards Organization (ISO*)

Part 4 - Who's Who and What's Where

4.1) Information / Contact Reference Details
4.2) Perl Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Files


This document is a semi-formal list of Perl 5 Modules. The Perl 4 concept of packages has been extended in Perl 5 and a new standardised form of reusable software component has been defined: the Module.

Perl 5 Modules typically conform to certain guidelines which make them easier to use, reuse, integrate and extend.

This list has two key aims:

This list includes the Perl 5 standard modules, other completed modules, work-in-progress modules and would-be-nice-to-have ideas for modules. It also includes guidelines for those wishing to create new modules including how to name them.

Where Are The Modules Kept?

Most, but not all, of the modules can be found within CPAN, the Comprehensive Perl Archive Network of mirrored FTP sites. Within the CPAN scheme the modules described in this list can be found in the modules/ directory below the CPAN root directory. CPAN is a worlswide network of mirrors and you can find your closest mirror in the file

NOTE: If you can't find what you want, or wish to check that what you've found is the latest version, or wonder why a module mentioned in this list is not on CPAN, you should contact the person associated with the module (and not the maintainers of the archives or this list). Contact details are given at the start of Part 4.

Playing Your Part

Perl is a huge collaborative effort. Everyone who uses perl is benefiting from the contributions of many hundreds, maybe thousands, of people. How much time has perl saved you since you started using it?

Do you have any modules you could share with others? For example, you may have some perl4 scripts from which generally useful, and reusable, modules could be extracted. There may be many people who would find your work very useful. Please play your part and contribute to the Perl community where you can. [ end of sermon :-]

Help save the world! Please submit new entries and updates to us so we can keep this list up-to-date. Send the new or corrected entry by email to . Please do not send code to this address. Instead upload your module, once registered, to the PAUSE site for forwarding on to CPAN. See section 2, especially 2.6 and 2.11.

How To Get a More Recent Copy of the List

This Registered Module List is fed into CPAN on a semi-regular basis. Its relative path within a CPAN mirror is in modules/00modlist.long.html .

Editorial Information and Copyright

This document is Copyright (c) 1997-2000 by Tim Bunce and Andreas K├Ânig. All rights reserved. Permission to distribute this document, in full or part, via electronic means (emailed, posted or archived) or printed copy is granted providing that no charges are involved, reasonable attempt is made to use the most current version, and all credits and copyright notices are retained. Requests for other distribution rights, including incorporation in commercial products, such as books, magazine articles, or CD-ROMs should be made to and .

Disclaimer: The content of this document is simply a collection of information gathered from many sources with little or no checking. There are NO warranties with regard to this information or its use.

A little background information... I (Tim) created the Module List in August 1994 and maintained it manually till April 1996. By that time Andreas had implemented the Perl Authors Upload Server (PAUSE) and it was happily feeding modules through to the CPAN archive sites (see for details). Since PAUSE held a database of module information which could be maintained by module authors it made sense for the module listing part of the Module List to be built from that database. In April 1996 Andreas took over the automatic posting of the Module List and I now maintain the other parts of the text. We plan to add value to the automation over time.

Part 1 - Modules: Creation, Use and Abuse

1) Perl 5 Module Terminology

Perl 5 implements a class using a package, but the presence of a package doesn't imply the presence of a class. A package is just a namespace. A class is a package that provides subroutines that can be used as methods. A method is just a subroutine that expects, as its first argument, either the name of a package (for "static" methods), or a reference to something (for "virtual" methods).

A module is a file that (by convention) provides a class of the same name (sans the .pm), plus an import method in that class that can be called to fetch exported symbols. This module may implement some of its methods by loading dynamic C or C++ objects, but that should be totally transparent to the user of the module. Likewise, the module might set up an AUTOLOAD function to slurp in subroutine definitions on demand, but this is also transparent. Only the .pm file is required to exist.

2) Guidelines for Module Creation

2.1 Do similar modules already exist in some form?

If so, please try to reuse the existing modules either in whole or by inheriting useful features into a new class. If this is not practical try to get together with the module authors to work on extending or enhancing the functionality of the existing modules. A perfect example is the plethora of packages in perl4 for dealing with command line options.

If you are writing a module to expand an already existing set of modules, please coordinate with the author of the package. It helps if you follow the same naming scheme and module interaction scheme as the original author.

2.2 Try to design the new module to be easy to extend and reuse.

Use blessed references. Use the two argument form of bless to bless into the class name given as the first parameter of the constructor, e.g.:

sub new { my $class = shift; return bless {}, $class; }
or even this if you'd like it to be used as either a static or a virtual method.

sub new { my $self = shift; my $class = ref($self) || $self; return bless {}, $class; }
Pass arrays as references so more parameters can be added later (it's also faster). Convert functions into methods where appropriate. Split large methods into smaller more flexible ones. Inherit methods from other modules if appropriate.

Avoid class name tests like: die "Invalid" unless ref $ref eq 'FOO'. Generally you can delete the "eq 'FOO'" part with no harm at all. Let the objects look after themselves! If it's vital then you can use the UNIVERSAL methods isa and can. Generally, avoid hardwired class names as far as possible.

Avoid $r->Class::func() where using @ISA=qw(... Class ...) and $r->func() would work (see perlbot man page for more details).

Use autosplit or the SelfLoader module so little used or newly added functions won't be a burden to programs which don't use them. Add test functions to the module after __END__ either using autosplit or by saying:

eval join('',<main::DATA>) || die $@ unless caller();
Does your module pass the 'empty sub-class' test? If you say "@SUBCLASS::ISA = qw(YOURCLASS);" your applications should be able to use SUBCLASS in exactly the same way as YOURCLASS. For example, does your application still work if you change: $obj = new YOURCLASS; into: $obj = new SUBCLASS; ?

Avoid keeping any state information in your packages. It makes it difficult for multiple other packages to use yours. Keep state information in objects.

Always use -w. Try to "use strict;" (or "use strict qw(...);"). Remember that you can add "no strict qw(...);" to individual blocks of code which need less strictness. Always use -w. Always use -w! Follow the guidelines in the perlstyle(1) manual.

2.3 Some simple style guidelines

The perlstyle manual supplied with perl has many helpful points.

Coding style is a matter of personal taste. Many people evolve their style over several years as they learn what helps them write and maintain good code. Here's one set of assorted suggestions that seem to be widely used by experienced developers:

Use underscores to separate words. It is generally easier to read $var_names_like_this than $VarNamesLikeThis, especially for non-native speakers of English. It's also a simple rule that works consistently with VAR_NAMES_LIKE_THIS.

Package/Module names are an exception to this rule. Perl informally reserves lowercase module names for 'pragma' modules like integer and strict. Other modules normally begin with a capital letter and use mixed case with no underscores (need to be short and portable).

You may find it helpful to use letter case to indicate the scope or nature of a variable. For example:

$ALL_CAPS_HERE constants only (beware clashes with perl vars) $Some_Caps_Here package-wide global/static $no_caps_here function scope my() or local() variables
Function and method names seem to work best as all lowercase. E.g., $obj->as_string().

You can use a leading underscore to indicate that a variable or function should not be used outside the package that defined it.

For method calls use either

$foo = new Foo $arg1, $arg2; # no parentheses $foo = Foo->new($arg1, $arg2);
but avoid the ambiguous form

$foo = new Foo($arg1, $arg2); # Foo() looks like function call
It can be very helpful if the names of the classes that your module uses can be specified as parameters. Consider:

$dog_class = $args{dog_class} || 'Dog'; $spot = $dog_class->new(...);
This allows the user of your module to specify an alternative class (typically a subclass of the one you would normally have used).

On how to report constructor failure, Larry said:

I tend to see it as exceptional enough that I'll throw a real Perl exception (die) if I can't construct an object. This has a couple of advantages right off the bat. First, you don't have to check the return value of every constructor. Just say "$fido = new Doggie;" and presume it succeeded. This leads to clearer code in most cases.

Second, if it does fail, you get a better diagnostic than just the undefinedness of the return value. In fact, the exception it throws may be quite rich in "stacked" error messages, if it's rethrowing an exception caught further in.

And you can always catch the exception if it does happen using eval {}.

If, on the other hand, you expect your constructor to fail a goodly part of the time, then you shouldn't use exceptions, but you should document the interface so that people will know to check the return value. You don't need to use defined(), since a constructor would only return a true reference or a false undef. So good Perl style for checking a return value would simply say

$conn = new Connection $addr or die "Couldn't create Connection";
In general, make as many things meaningful in a Boolean context as you can. This leads to straightforward code. Never write anything like

if (do_your_thing() == OK)
in Perl. That's just asking for logic errors and domain errors. Just write

if (do_your_thing())
Perl is designed to help you eschew obfuscation, if that's your thing.

2.4 Select what to export.

Do NOT export method names! Do NOT export anything else by default without a good reason!

Exports pollute the namespace of the module user. If you must export try to use @EXPORT_OK in preference to @EXPORT and avoid short or common names to reduce the risk of name clashes.

Generally anything not exported is still accessible from outside the module using the ModuleName::item_name (or $blessed_ref->method) syntax. By convention you can use a leading underscore on names to informally indicate that they are 'internal' and not for public use.

(It is actually possible to get private functions by saying: my $subref = sub { ... }; &$subref; But there's no way to call that directly as a method, since a method must have a name in the symbol table.)

As a general rule, if the module is trying to be object oriented then export nothing. If it's just a collection of functions then @EXPORT_OK anything but use @EXPORT with caution.

2.5 Select a name for the module.

This name should be as descriptive, accurate and complete as possible. Avoid any risk of ambiguity. Always try to use two or more whole words. Generally the name should reflect what is special about what the module does rather than how it does it.

Having 57 modules all called Sort will not make life easy for anyone (though having 23 called Sort::Quick is only marginally better :-). Imagine someone trying to install your module alongside many others. If in any doubt ask for suggestions in comp.lang.perl.modules or .

Please use a nested module name to informally group or categorise a module, e.g., placing a sorting module into a Sort:: category. A module should have a very good reason not to have a nested name. Please avoid using more than one level of nesting for module names (packages or classes within modules can, of course, use any number).

Module names should begin with a capital letter. Lowercase names are reserved for special modules such as pragmas (e.g., lib and strict).

Note that module names are not related to class hierarchies. A module name Foo::Bar does not in any way imply that Foo::Bar inherits from Foo. Nested names are simply used to provide some useful categorisation for humans. The same is generally true for all package names.

Since the CPAN is huge and growing daily, it's essential that module authors choose names which lend themselves to browsing. That means minimizing acronyms, cute names, and jargon. Also, don't make up a new top level category unless you have a good reason; please choose an already-existing category when possible. Send mail to before you upload, so we can help you select a name.

If you insist on a name that we consider inappropriate, we won't prevent you from uploading your module -- but it'll remain in your "author" directory and won't be directly visible from CPAN/modules/by-module.

We appreciate the efforts of the contributors who have helped make the CPAN the world's largest reusable code repository. Please help us enhance it by working with us to choose the best name possible.

If you are developing a suite of related modules/classes it's good practice to use nested classes with a common prefix as this will avoid namespace clashes. For example: Xyz::Control, Xyz::View, Xyz::Model etc. Use the modules in this list as a naming guide.

If adding a new module to a set, follow the original author's standards for naming modules and the interface to methods in those modules.

If developing modules for private internal or project specific use, that will never be released to the public, then you should ensure that their names will not clash with any future public module. You can do this either by using the reserved Local::* category or by using an underscore in the top level name like Foo_Corp::*.

To be portable each component of a module name should be limited to 11 characters. If it might be used on DOS then try to ensure each is unique in the first 8 characters. Nested modules make this easier.

2.6 Have you got it right?

How do you know that you've made the right decisions? Have you picked an interface design that will cause problems later? Have you picked the most appropriate name? Do you have any questions?

The best way to know for sure, and pick up many helpful suggestions, is to ask someone who knows. The comp.lang.perl.modules Usenet newsgroup is read by just about all the people who develop modules and it's generally the best place to ask first. If you need more help then try .

All you need to do is post a short summary of the module, its purpose and interfaces. A few lines on each of the main methods is probably enough. (If you post the whole module it might be ignored by busy people - generally the very people you want to read it!)

Don't worry about posting if you can't say when the module will be ready - just say so in the message. It might be worth inviting others to help you, they may be able to complete it for you!

2.7 README and other Additional Files.

It's well known that software developers usually fully document the software they write. If, however, the world is in urgent need of your software and there is not enough time to write the full documentation please at least provide a README file containing:

If the README file seems to be getting too large you may wish to split out some of the sections into separate files: INSTALL, Copying, ToDo etc.

2.8 Adding a Copyright Notice.

How you choose to licence your work is a personal decision. The general mechanism is to assert your Copyright and then make a declaration of how others may copy/use/modify your work.

Perl, for example, is supplied with two types of licence: The GNU GPL and The Artistic License (see the files README, Copying and Artistic). Larry has good reasons for NOT just using the GNU GPL.

My personal recommendation, out of respect for Larry, Perl and the perl community at large is to simply state something like:

Copyright (c) 1997 Your Name. All rights reserved. This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.
This statement should at least appear in the README file. You may also wish to include it in a Copying file and your source files. Remember to include the other words in addition to the Copyright.

2.9 Give the module a version/issue/release number.

To be fully compatible with the Exporter and MakeMaker modules you should store your module's version number in a non-my package variable called $VERSION. This should be a valid floating point number with at least two digits after the decimal (ie hundredths, e.g, $VERSION = "0.01"). See for details.

Don't use a "1.3.2" style version directly. If you use RCS or a similar system which supports multilevel versions/branches you can use this (but put it all on one line for MakeMaker VERSION_FROM):

$VERSION = do { my @r=(q$Revision: 3.112 $=~/\d+/g); sprintf "%d."."%03d"x$#r,@r };

It may be handy to add a function or method to retrieve the number. Use the number in announcements and archive file names when releasing the module (ModuleName-1.02.tar.gz). See perldoc for details.

2.10 Listing Prerequisites in a Bundle module

If your module needs some others that are available on CPAN, you might consider creating a 'bundle' module that lists all the prerequisites in a standardized way. Automatic installation software such as the module can take advantage of such a listing and enable your users to install all prerequisites and your own module with one single command. See the module for details.

2.11 How to release and distribute a module.

By far the best way to release modules is to register yourself with the Perl Authors Upload Server (PAUSE). By registering with PAUSE you will be able to easily upload (or mirror) your modules to the PAUSE server from where they will be mirrored to CPAN sites across the planet.

It's good idea to post an announcement of the availability of your module to the comp.lang.perl.announce Usenet newsgroup. This will at least ensure very wide once-off distribution.

If not using PAUSE you should place the module into a major ftp archive and include details of it's location in your announcement. Some notes about ftp archives: Please use a long descriptive file name which includes the version number. Most incoming directories will not be readable/listable, i.e., you won't be able to see your file after uploading it. Remember to send your email notification message as soon as possible after uploading else your file may get deleted automatically. Allow time for the file to be processed and/or check the file has been processed before announcing its location.

FTP Archives for Perl Modules:

Follow the instructions and links on

or upload to:

and notify .

By using the PAUSE WWW interface you can ask the Upload Server to mirror your modules from your ftp or WWW site into your own directory on CPAN. Please remember to send us an updated entry for the Module list!

2.12 Take care when changing a released module.

Always strive to remain compatible with previous released versions (see 2.2 above) Otherwise try to add a mechanism to revert to the old behaviour if people rely on it. Document incompatible changes.

3) Guidelines for Converting Perl 4 Library Scripts into Modules

3.1 There is no requirement to convert anything.

If it ain't broke, don't fix it! Perl 4 library scripts should continue to work with no problems. You may need to make some minor changes (like escaping non-array @'s in double quoted strings) but there is no need to convert a .pl file into a Module for just that. See perltrap.pod for details of all known perl4-to-perl5 issues.

3.2 Consider the implications.

All the perl applications which make use of the script will need to be changed (slightly) if the script is converted into a module. Is it worth it unless you plan to make other changes at the same time?

3.3 Make the most of the opportunity.

If you are going to convert the script to a module you can use the opportunity to redesign the interface. The 'Guidelines for Module Creation' above include many of the issues you should consider.

3.4 The pl2pm utility will get you started.

This utility will read *.pl files (given as parameters) and write corresponding *.pm files. The pl2pm utilities does the following: Being a mechanical process pl2pm is not bullet proof. The converted code will need careful checking, especially any package statements. Don't delete the original .pl file till the new .pm one works!

4) Guidelines for Reusing Application Code

4.1 Complete applications rarely belong in the Perl Module Library.

4.2 Many applications contain some perl code which could be reused. Help save the world! Share your code in a form that makes it easy to reuse.

4.3 Break-out the reusable code into one or more separate module files.

4.4 Take the opportunity to reconsider and redesign the interfaces.

4.5 In some cases the 'application' can then be reduced to a small fragment of code built on top of the reusable modules. In these cases the application could invoked as:

5) Namespace Coordination

The maintainers of the module list are not the Internic for perl namespaces. They do neither sell namespaces nor can they establish property rights. What they try to do is to minimize namespace clashes and maximize usablility of the CPAN archive by setting up a catalogue of modules and control the indexers. Time permitting, they will also try to give advice for what they think is a proper usage of the namespace.

It is an important part of the namespace concept that the module list maintainers do not guarantee to you that somebody else won't use the, say, Foo::Bar namespace. The upload area is not censored except for abuse. People are free to upload any modules they like. Instead, there are several levels of protection for your namespaces:

a) The most important is the module list which actually lists and proclaims your namespace.

b) The second is the indexing mechanism of the CPAN. Modules are indexed on a first-come-first-serve basis. The module namespace that is uploaded for the first time ever gets indexed, but not the module of the second one who tries to use the same namespace.

c) As the whole process is trying to benefit the community, all parties are subject to a wider monitoring within the community. This is sometimes referred to as security by visibility.

d) So the next level of namespace protection is the common sense. Your own common sense. Help to save the world. If you get the impression that something goes wrong with regard to namespaces, please write to and let them know.

e) The perhaps most interesting namespace protection is provided by the perl symbol table itself. A namespace Foo:: is just a package name and its relationship to a namespace Foo::Bar:: is not predetermined whatsoever. The two namespaces can be closely or loosely related or not related at all, but what's most important, they can be writen by different authors who may work rather independently from each other. So if you have registered any namespace, it does not mean that you own the whole namespace tree that starts there. If you are registered as the contact for Foo::Bar, you are not necessarily also associated with Foo::Bar::Baz.

f) In a few rare cases the module list people restrict indexing of certain categories. For example: DBI::* under the control of Tim Bunce Sun::* under the control of Sun Microsystems

Part 2 - The Perl 5 Registered Module List

The remainder of this document is divided up into sections. Each section deals with a particular topic and lists all known modules related to that topic. Modules are only listed in one section so check all sections that might related to your particular needs.

All the information corresponds to the latest updates we have received. We don't record the version number or release dates of the listed Modules. Nor do we record the locations of these Modules. Consult the contact, try the usual perl CPAN sites or ask in comp.lang.perl.modules. Please do *not* ask us directly, we simply don't have the time. Sorry.

1) Registered Module Listing Format

Each Module listing is very short. The main goal is to simply publish the existence of the modules, or ideas for modules, and enough contact information for you to find out more. Each listing includes some characters which convey (approximate) basic status information.

For example:

Name           DSLIP  Description                                  Info
-------------  -----  -------------------------------------------- -----
Fcntl          Sdcfp  Defines fcntl() constants (see File::Lock)   JHI

Where the 'DSLIP' characters have the following meanings:

DISCLAIMER: The status of the Public License field is there for informational purpose only and does not constitute a legal binding of any kind. To obtain proper information about the Licencing terms of a module and its accompanying files, please refer to the distribution of the modules or contact the author as appropriate. Please inform if you encounter any mismatch between the contents of the Public License field and what the distribution actually says about it.

Where letters are missing they can usually be inferred from the others. For example 'i' implies 'id', 'S' implies 'Su'.

The Info column gives a contact reference 'tag'. Lookup this tag in the "Information / Contact Reference Details" section in Pert 3 of this document. If no contact is given always try asking in comp.lang.perl.modules.

Most Modules are nested in categories such as IPC::Open2 and IPC::Open3. These are shown as 'IPC::' on one line then each module listed below with a '::' prefix.

Ideas For Adoption

Modules listed as in the 'i' Development Stage with no contact reference are ideas without an owner. Feel free to 'adopt' these but please let me know so that we can update the list and thus inform anyone else who might be interested. Adoption simply means that you either hope to implement the module one day or would like to cooperate with anyone else who might be interested in implementing it.


Similarly, if an idea that interests you has been adopted by someone please contact them so you can share ideas. Just because an idea has been adopted does NOT imply that it's going to be implemented. Just because a module is listed and being implemented does NOT mean it'll get finished. Waiting silently in the hope that the Module will appear one day is unlikely to be fruitful! Offer to help. Cooperate. Pool your efforts. Go on, try it!

The same applies to modules in all states. Most modules are developed in limited spare time. If you're interested in a module don't just wait for it to happen, offer to help.

Module developers should feel free to announce incomplete work early. If you're not going to be able to spend much time on something then say so. If you invite cooperation maybe someone will implement it for you!

2) Perl Core Modules, Perl Language Extensions and Documentation Tools

Name               DSLIP Description                                  Info
------------       ----- -------------------------------------------- ----
CORE               Sucf? Internal package for perl native functions   P5P
UNIVERSAL          SucOp Internal universal base-class                P5P
SUPER              SucO? Internal class to access superclass methods  P5P
DynaLoader         SucO? Dynamic loader for shared libraries          P5P
AutoLoader         SupO? Automatic function loader (using AutoSplit)  P5P
SelfLoader         SupO? Automatic function loader (using __DATA__)   P5P
Exporter           SupO? Implements default import method for modules P5P
Carp               Supf? Throw exceptions outside current package     P5P
Config             Supf? Stores details of perl build configuration   P5P
English            Supf? Defines English names for special variables  P5P
Symbol             SupO? Create 'anonymous' symbol (typeglobs) refs   CHIPS
Opcode             Supf? Disable named opcodes when compiling code    P5P
Taint              bdpf? Utilities related to tainting                PHOENIX

Perl Pragmatic Modules

constant           Supf? Define compile-time constants                P5P
diagnostics        Sdpf? For reporting perl diagnostics in full form  TOMC
enum               cdpf? resemble enumerated types in C               ZENIN
integer            Supf? Controls float vs. integer arithmetic        P5P
less               Supf? Controls optimisations (yet unimplemented)   P5P
lib                Supf? Simple way to add/delete directories in @INC P5P
namespace          Rdpnp Perl pragma to use like C++ namespace alias  AMICHAUER
overload           SdpO? Overload perl operators for new data types   ILYAZ
sigtrap            Supf? For trapping an abort and giving a traceback P5P
strict             Supf? Controls averments (similar to pragmas)      P5P
subs               Supf? use subs qw(x y); is short for sub x; sub y; P5P
vars               Supf? predeclare variable names                    P5P

Experimental pragmatic modules live in the ex:: namespace

::implements       RdpO? Study in Polymorphism                        PDCAWLEY
::interface        RdpO? Another study in polymorphism                PDCAWLEY
::override         Rdpf? perl pragma to override core functions       CTWETEN
::caution          bdpn? Same as use warnings; use strict;            YVES
::vars             Rdph? Perl pragma to create readonly variables     CTWETEN

Perl Language Extensions

Alias              bdcf? Convenient access to data/code via aliases   GSAR
End                RdpO? Generalized END {}.                          ABIGAIL
Error              adpOp Error/exception handling in an OO-ish way    UARUN
NEXT               RdpO? Perl5 implementation of NEXT (RFC190)        DCONWAY
Perl               adcO? Create Perl interpreters from within Perl    GSAR
Protect            bdpf? declare subs private or member               JDUNCAN
Safe               SdcO? Restrict eval'd code to safe subset of ops   MICB
Softref            bdcf? Extension for weak/soft referenced SVs       ILYAZ
::Handlers         RdpO? Simpler definition of attribute handlers     ABERGMAN
::Types            RdpO? Attributes that confer type on variables     DCONWAY
::Memoize          RdpOp Attribute interface to            MARCEL
::TieClasses       RdpOp attribute wrappers for CPAN Tie classes      MARCEL
::Abstract         RdpOp implement abstract methods with attributes   MARCEL
::Overload         RdpOp Attribute that makes overloading easier      MARCEL
::Deprecated       RdpOp Mark deprecated methods                      KASEI
::Signature        bdphp Signatures on methods and subroutines        JDUNCAN
::Import           Rdpn? Alternate symbol exporter                    GARROW
::Options          adpO? Extends Exporter to handle use-line options  YSTH
::PkgAlias         adpf? Load a module into multiple namespaces       JDPORTER
Inline             bdp?p Write Perl subroutines in other languages    INGY
::CPR              adpn? C Perl Run - Embed Perl in C, ala Inline     INGY
::C                bdpnp Write Perl subroutines in C                  INGY
::CPP              bdpO? Easy implementation of C++ extensions        NEILW
::Python           adcO? Easy implementation of Python extensions     NEILW
::Tcl              adcf? Write Perl subroutines in Tcl                RRS
::Java             amhpp Easy implementation of Java extensions       PATL
::ASM              adpO? Write Perl subroutines in Assembler          NEILW
::Struct           adpO? Bind C structures directly to Perl.          NEILW
::Files            RdpO? Multiple virtual files after __END__         DCONWAY
::Guile            amhhp Inline module for Guile Scheme interpreter   SAMTREGAR
::Common           RdpO? Provide commonly requested regular expr.     ABIGAIL
::Shellish         RdpO? Shell-like regular expressions               RBS
::Func             adpf? Replace =~, !~, m//, s/// with functions     NWIGER
::Hole             bdcO? Exec subs in the original package from Safe  SEYN
::Table            RdpO? OO interface to package symbols              GARROW
::Sub              Rmphp Call subroutines using approximate names     DAVECROSS

The Perl Compiler

B                  aucO? The Perl Compiler                            MICB
O                  aucO? Perl Compiler frontends                      MICB
::Fathom           bdpO? Estimate the readability of Perl code        KSTAR
::Graph            bdpr? Perl Compiler backend to diagram OP trees    SMCCAM
::LexInfo          bdcO? Show info about subroutine lexical variables DOUGM
::Size             bdcO? Measure size of Perl OPs and SVs             DOUGM
::TerseSize        bdpO? Info about ops and their (estimated) size    DOUGM

Source Code Filters

::Exec             bdcf? Interface for creation of coprocess Filters  PMQS
::Call             bdcf? Interface for creation of Perl Filters       PMQS
::exec             bdcf? Filters script through an external command   PMQS
::sh               bdcf? Filters script through a shell command       PMQS
::cpp              bdcf? Filters script through C preprocessor        PMQS
::tee              bdcf? Copies to file perl source being compiled    PMQS
::decrypt          bdcf? Template for a perl source decryption filter PMQS
::Simple           RdpO? Simplified source filtering                  DCONWAY
::constant         idpnp constant mod working like real Pre Processor MZSANFORD
::Trigraph         bdpnp Understand ANSI C trigraphs in Perl source.  KASEI
PerlIO             Rucnp On demand loader for PerlIO layers           P5P
::gzip             RdcO? provide a PerlIO layer to gzip/gunzip        NWCLARK

Thread support (note that these are experimental, i.e. pre-alpha)

Thread             cuhO? Manipulate threads in Perl (EXPERIMENTAL)    P5P
::Group            bdph? Wait()-like and grouping functions           DSUGAL
::Pool             bdpOp Worker pools to run Perl code asynchronously ELIZABETH
::Queue            cuph? Thread-safe queues                           P5P
::Semaphore        cuph? Thread-safe semaphores                       P5P
::Signal           cuhh? A thread which runs signal handlers reliably P5P
::Specific         cuhh? Thread-specific keys                         P5P
::RWLock           RdpOp rwlock implementation for perl threads       AFERBER
::IO               i   ? IO routines                                  DSUGAL
::Object           i   ? OO routines                                  DSUGAL

Module Support

::Reload           Rdpf? Reloads files in %INC based on timestamps    JPRIT
::InstalledVersion bdpOp Find version number of installed module      SKUD
::Use              bdpnp Tracks modules loaded by a script            JSMITH
::Signature        cdpfp Module signature file manipulation           AUTRIJUS

Documentation Tools:

::Diff             cdpf? compare two POD files and report diff        IANC
::DocBook          adpO? convert POD to and from DocBook              MBERENDS
::HTML             cdpr? converter to HTML                            KJALB
::HTML2Pod         RdpOp Translate HTML into POD                      SBURKE
::Hlp              RdpO? Convert POD to formatted VMS Help text       PVHP
::Index            cdpr? index generator                              KJALB
::LaTeX            bdpOp Converts pod to latex with Pod::Parser       TJENNESS
::Latex            cdpr? converter to LaTeX                           KJALB
::Lyx              adpO? A pod to LyX format conversion class         RICHARDJ
::MIF              adpO? converter to FrameMaker MIF                  JNH
::Man              cdpr? converter to man page                        KJALB
::PP               adpOa A Pod pre-processor                          RAM
::Parser           bdpO? Base class for parsing pod syntax            BRADAPP
::Pdf              bdpf? Converter to PDF                             AJFRY
::Pod              cdpr? converter to canonical pod                   KJALB
::RTF              cdpr? converter to RTF                             KJALB
::Rtf              RdpO? Converter from POD to Rich Text Format       PVHP
::Sdf              cdpf? converter to SDF                             IANC
::Select           bdpf? Print only selected sections of pod docs     BRADAPP
::Simplify         cdpr? Common pod parsing code                      KJALB
::Texinfo          cdpr? converter to texinfo                         KJALB
::Text             Supf? convert POD data to formatted ASCII text     TOMC
::Usage            bdpf? Print Usage messages based on your own pod   BRADAPP
::XML              RdpO? Generate XML from POD                        MSERGEANT
::Tree             RdpOp Create a static syntax tree for a POD        SWMCD
::Checker          RdpO? Check pod documents for syntax errors        BRADAPP
::POM              RdpOp Pod Object Model                             ABW
::Variables        RdpO? Perl 6 variable syntax for Perl 5            DCONWAY
::Interpolators    bdpnp Use Perl 6 function-interpolation syntax     BRENTDAX
::Parameters       bdpnp Use Perl 6-style named parameters            BRENTDAX
Concurrent         adpOp Concurrent and Remotable Objects in Perl     VIPUL
::Buffy            Rdphp An encoding scheme for Buffy fans            LBROCARD
::Audible          Rdpnp Audio(Morse) Programming with Perl           ITRIVIZKI

3) Development Support

Name               DSLIP Description                                  Info
------------       ----- -------------------------------------------- ----
AutoSplit          Supf? Splits modules into files for AutoLoader     P5P
Bleach             RdpO? For really clean programs                    DCONWAY
Continuus          adpO? Interface to Continuus Code Management tool  HENKE
Coy                Rdpn? Like Carp - only prettier                    DCONWAY
FindBin            adpf? Locate current script bin directory          P5P
Include            adpO? Parse C header files for use in XS           GBARR
Make               adpO? Makefile parsing, and 'make' replacement     NI-S
Perlbug            RdpOp Database driven bug tracking system (mysql)  RFOLEY
Rcs                adcf? Alternate RCS interface (see VCS::RCS)       CFRETER
Smirch             Rdpfa For really dirty programs                    JNAGRA
Usage              bnpr? Type and range checking on subroutine args   JACKS
VCS                ampOp Generic interface to Version Control Systems LBROCARD
Benchmark          Supf? Easy way to time fragments of perl code      P5P
::Timer            RdpO? Perl code benchmarking tool                  ANDREWHO
::DynaGlue         adcr? Methods for generating Perl extension files  DOUGM
::MakeMaker        SupO? Writes Makefiles for extensions              MMML
::Manifest         Supf? Utilities for managing MANIFEST files        MMML
::Embed            Sdpf? Utilities for embedding Perl in C/C++ apps   DOUGM
::F77              RdpO? Facilitate use of FORTRAN from Perl/XS code  KGB
::configPL         adpOp configures .PL files                         PEASE
::Assert           adpf? Stating the obvious to let the computer know MSCHWERN
::CheckArgs        Rdpf? Check subroutine argument types              GARROW
::Datum            adpfa Debugging And Tracing Ultimate Module        SQUIRREL
ClearCase          idcf? Environment for ClearCase revision control   BRADAPP
::C                Rdph? Generic software construction toolset        JWOODYATT
::Core             Rdph? Generic software construction toolset        JWOODYATT
::Stage            Rdph? Generic software construction toolset        JWOODYATT
::CallerItem       RnpO? 'caller()' Object wrapper + useful methods   JACKS
::CoreStack        adpf? generate a stack dump from a core file       ADESC
::Cover            adchp Code coverage metrics for Perl               PJCJ
::Coverage         adpf? Coverage analysis for Perl code              RJRAY
::DProf            Rdcf? Execution profiler                           DMR
::DebugAPI         bdpf? Interface to the Perl debug environment      JHA
::DebugInit        bdpf? Create a .gdbinit or similar file            JASONS
::DumpStack        Rnpf? Dumping of the current function stack        JACKS
::Leak             Rdcf? Find perl objects that are not reclaimed     NI-S
::Modlist          Rdpf? Collect module use information               RJRAY
::PPPort           bdcn? Portability aid for your XS code             PMQS
::Peek             adcf? Peek at internal representation of Perl data ILYAZ
::RegExp           adcO? Access perl internal regex functions         ILYAZ
::SearchINC        Rdpnp loading Perl modules from development dirs   MARCEL
::SmallProf        Rdpf? Line-by-line profiler                        ASHTED
::StackTrace       RdpOp Stacktrace object w/ info form caller()      DROLSKY
::Symdump          RdpO? Perl symbol table access and dumping         ANDK
::TraceFuncs       adpO? Trace funcs by using object destructions     JOEHIL
::TraceLoad        Rdpfp Traces the loading of perl source code       PVERD
::TraceMethods     bdpOp Perl module for tracing module calls         CHROMATIC
::Constants        bdpfp Resolve Constants back to their names        CHROMATIC
::Messenger        bdpfp Let Your Code Talk to You                    KOLIBRIE
Perf::            Performance measurement other than benchmarks
::ARM              adcf? Application Response Measurement             BBACKER
::Curry            Rdpfp Cute module to curry functions               DAVIDH
::Quotelike        bdppp Allow to define quotelike functions          RGARCIA
Test               Sdpf? Utilities for writing test scripts           SBURKE
::Cmd              RdpO? Portable test infrastructure for commands    KNIGHT
::Harness          Suphp Executes perl-style tests                    MSCHWERN
::Unit             bmpOp framework for XP style unit testing          ASPIERS
::Suite            cdpO? Represents a collection of Test::Cases       HENKE
::Case             cdpO? Represent a single test case                 HENKE
::Mail             bdpOp Test framework for email applications        SKUD
::Simple           bmpfp Basic utilities for writing tests            MSCHWERN
::Exception        Rdpfp Functions for testing exception-based code   ADIE
::More             RdpOp More functions for writing tests             MSCHWERN
::Litmus           bdpOo Submit test results to the litmus webtool    ZLIPTON
::Reporter         bdpOp sends test results to  AFOXSON
::Pod              adpOp test POD files for errors and warnings       BDFOY
::Manifest         bdpfp configure which test files to run            BDFOY
::RCS              idpf? Interface layer over RCS (See also Rcs)      RJRAY
::RCE              idcf? Perl layer over RCE C API                    RJRAY
::StarTeam         bdpfp Provides an interface to StarBase's StarTeam JOEPHAYES
::PVCS             i   ? PVCS Version Manager (         BMIDD
Oak                bmpOp Oak Perl Compoment Tree                      DRUOSO
::FaultAutoBT      adhOa Automatic Backtrace Extractor on SIG Faults  STAS

4) Operating System Interfaces, Hardware Drivers

Name               DSLIP Description                                  Info
------------       ----- -------------------------------------------- ----
Env                Supf? Alias environment variables as perl vars     P5P
Errno              cdpf? Constants from errno.h EACCES, ENOENT etc    P5P
Fcntl              Sdcf? Defines fcntl() constants (see File::Lock)   JHI
Ioctl              adcf? ioctl(2) constants                           JPRIT
POSIX              SupO? An interface to most (all?) of POSIX.1       P5P
Shell              Supf? Run shell commands transparently within perl P5P
::Group            adpO? Deal with simultaneous asynchronous calls    DDUMONT
::Process          i   ? class to run sub-processes                   DDUMONT
::Ipfwgen          bdpf? Generate ipfw(8) filters                     MUIR
::Resource         Rdcf? getrusage(), s/getrlimit(), s/getpriority()  JHI
::HostIdent        i   ? s/gethostname(), s/gethostid()               JHI
::Path             adpO? Advanced operations on path variables        DSB
::Modulecmd        Rdphg Interface to modulecmd from Perl             ISAACSON
::Background       RdpO? OS independent background process objects    BZAJAC
::ExitStatus       Rdpf? Interpret and act on wait() status values    ROSCH
::Forkfunc         Rdpf? Simple lwall-style fork wrapper              MUIR
::ProcessTable     bdcO? Unix process table information               DURIST
::SafePipe         bdpf? popen() and `` without calling the shell     ROSCH
::Short            adpO? System calls with timeout option             JHKIM
::Simple           adpO? Fork wrapper with objects                    MSCHILLI
::Spawn            Rdpfp Run external programs                        GARROW
::SyncExec         Rdpf? Spawn processes but report exec() errors     ROSCH
::times            adpf? By-name interface to process times function  TOMC
::Queue            Rdpfp limits number of concurrent forked processes SALVA
GTop               bdcO? Perl interface to libgtop                    DOUGM
Schedule::        See also Schedule:: in chapter 23
::At               Rdpf? OS independent interface to the at command   JOSERODR
::ByClock          RdpOp Return to caller at given seconds/minutes    SCHAFFTER
::Cron             bdpOp cron-like scheduler for perl subroutines     ROLAND
::Load             RdpOp Remote system load, processes, scheduling    WSNYDER
Quota              Rdcfp Disk quota system functions, local & remote  TOMZO
::Source           bdpOp Run programs and inherit environment changes PJCJ
::AlarmCall        Rupf? Timeout on any sub. Allows nested alarms     JACKS
::Hostname         Supf? Implements a portable hostname function      P5P
::Sysconf          bdpf? Defines constants for POSIX::sysconf()       NI-S
::Syslog           Supf? Provides same functionality as BSD syslog    P5P
::CPU              RdpO? Access CPU info. number, etc on Win and UNIX MZSANFORD
::Lastlog          RdcO? Provide a moderately Object Oreiented Interf JSTOWE
::Utmp             RdcO? Object(ish) Interface to UTMP files.         JSTOWE
::Long             adpOa Return the hosts fully qualified name        SCOTT
    Note: The Sys:: namespace is considered harmful as it is giving no
    clue about which system. Placing additional modules into this
    namespace is discouraged.

Platform Specific Modules

::Attribute        Rd+f? Manipulate BeOS BFS MIME file attributes     TSPIN
::Query            Rd+f? Query a BeOS file system                     TSPIN
::SysCalls         cdcf? FreeBSD-specific system calls                GARY
::Ioscan           bdpf? Perl function to handle HPUX ioscan command  DDUMONT
::AIO              adcfp asynchronous I/O using linux/clone           MLEHMANN
::Cpuinfo          RdpO? Object Oriented Interface to /proc/cpuinfo   JSTOWE
::Fuser            RdpO? Determine which processes have a file open   JSTOWE
::Svgalib          RdcO? Object Oriented Perl interface to svgalib    JSTOWE
::Pid              Rdpfp Interface to Linux getpp?id functions        RGARCIA
::AppleEvents      bmcO? AppleEvent manager and AEGizmos              MCPL
::AssistantFrames  RdpOp Easy creation of assistant dialogs           GBAUER
::Components       bmcO? (QuickTime) Component manager                MCPL
::DtfSQL           Rdcf? Perl interface to the dtF/SQL DB engine      TWEGNER
::Files            bmcO? File manager                                 MCPL
::Gestalt          bmcO? Gestalt manager: Environment enquiries       MCPL
::Glue             RmpOp Control apps with AppleScript terminology    CNANDOR
::Macbinary        bdpO? Decodes MacBinary files.                     MIYAGAWA
::Memory           bmcO? Memory manager                               MCPL
::MoreFiles        bmcO? Further file management routines             MCPL
::OSA              bmcO? Open Scripting Architecture                  MCPL
::Processes        bmcO? Process manager                              MCPL
::Resources        bmcO? Resource manager                             MCPL
::Serial           bdpO? Interface to Macintosh serial ports          DIVERDI
::Types            bmcO? (Un-)Packing of Macintosh specific types     MCPL
::Simple           Rmphp Simple access to Mac::AppleEvents            CNANDOR
::Anarchie         RdpO? Control Anarchie 2.01+                       CNANDOR
::Launch           Rdpf? MacPerl module to launch / quit apps         CNANDOR
::MacPGP           RdpO? Control MacPGP 2.6.3                         CNANDOR
::PBar             RdpO? Control Progress Bar 1.0.1                   CNANDOR
::OT_PPP           RdpO? Control Open Transport PPP / Remote Access   CNANDOR
::Unixish          Mdpfp Unixish-compatability in filespecs           SBURKE
::Simple           Rmphp Simple access to Mac::OSA                    CNANDOR
::Attrib           bdcf? Get/set DOS file attributes in OS/2 or Win32 CJM
::Descript         bdpO? Manage 4DOS style DESCRIPT.ION files         CJM
::SysCalls         adcf? MSDOS interface (interrupts, port I/O)       DMO
::VBFile           bdpf? Read MVS VB (variable-length) files          GROMMEL
::ExtAttr          RdcO? (Tied) access to extended attributes         ILYAZ
::FTP              bncf? Access to ftplib interface                   ILYAZ
::PrfDB            RdcO? (Tied) access to .INI-style databases        ILYAZ
::REXX             RdcO? Access to REXX DLLs and REXX runtime         ILYAZ
::UPM              bncf? User Profile Management                      ILYAZ
Riscos             i   ? Namespace for Risc-OS (Acorn         RISCOSML
::SysCalls         cdcf? SGI-specific system calls                    AMOSS
::GL               adcr? SGI's Iris GL library                        AMOSS
::FM               adcr? SGI's Font Management library                AMOSS
::FAM              RdcO? Interface to SGI/Irix File Access Monitor    JGLICK
::ACL              Rdchp Provides access to ACLs in Solaris           IROBERTS
::Kmem             idcf? Read values from the running kernel          ABURLISON
::Kstat            adcO? Access kernel performance statistics         ABURLISON
::MIB              idcO? Access STREAMS network statistics            ABURLISON
::MapDev           bdpf? Maps sdNN disk names to cNtNdN disk names    ABURLISON
::NDD              idcO? Access network device statistics             ABURLISON
::Procfs           adhh? Access to the Solaris /proc filesystem       JNOLAN
::InstallDB        bdp?? Searches for Solaris package/system info     CHRISJ
::Package          bdpO? Access a Solaris package pkginfo file        CHRISJ
::Contents         bdp?? Access a Solaris contents file               CHRISJ
::ConfigFile       adpO? Abstract interfaces to Unix config files     SSNODGRA
::Processors       RdcOp Interface to per-processor information       WSNYDER
::Syslog           Rdcfa Interface to syslog functions in a C-library MHARNISCH
::UserAdmin        Rdpf? Interface to Unix Account Information        JZAWODNY
::Login            bdph? Customizable Unix login prompt / validation  NWIGER
::Device           Rdcr? Access info about any device on a VMS system DSUGAL
::Filespec         Sdcf? VMS and Unix file name syntax                CBAIL
::ICC              bdcr? Interface to the ICC facilities in VMS 7.2+  DSUGAL
::Lock             RncO? Object interface to $ENQ (VMS lock mgr)      BHUGHES
::Misc             Rdcr? Miscellaneous VMS utility routines           DSUGAL
::Monitor          Rdcr? Access VMS system performance info           DSUGAL
::Persona          Rdcf? Interface to the VMS Persona services        DSUGAL
::Priv             Rdcf? Access VMS Privileges for processes          DSUGAL
::Process          Rdcf? Process management on VMS                    DSUGAL
::Queue            bdcf? Manage queues and entries                    DSUGAL
::System           Rdcf? VMS-specific system calls                    DSUGAL
::User             bdcr? Read access to system UAF data               DSUGAL
::Mail             cdcO? Perl module for accessing callable VMS mail  DNORTH
::SysCalls         i   ? VMS-specific system calls                    CBAIL
::Root             RdpO? Evade VMS's 8 level directory restrictions   CLANE
::SafeName         Rdpf? Transform filenames to "VMS safe" form       CLANE

Portable Digital Assistants

::Pilot            amcO? Interface to pilot-link library              KJALB
::PilotDesktop     i   ? Managing Pilot Desktop databases software    JWIEGLEY

Hardware related modules

::Simulator        adpf? Simulate different pieces of hardware        GSLONDON
::SerialPort       bdpO? POSIX clone of Win32::SerialPort             COOK
::SVGA             c   ? SVGA Graphic card driver                     SCOTTVR
::ParallelPort     adpOa Low Level access to Parallel Port            SCOTT
::OCLM             bd??? Perl interface to the 3com OCLM ISDN TA      MERLIN
AudioCD            bdpO? Extension for controlling Audio CDs          SDERLE
::Mac              bdcO? Extension for controlling Audio CDs on MacOS AJFRY

5) Networking, Device Control (modems) and InterProcess Communication

Name               DSLIP Description                                  Info
------------       ----- -------------------------------------------- ----
Socket             Smcf? Defines socket-related constants             GNAT
Socket6            adcf? getaddrinfo/getnameinfo support module       UMEMOTO
Ptty               adcf? Pseudo terminal interface functions          NI-S
::PassAccessRights adcf? Pass file descriptor via Unix domain socket  SAMPO
::ACAP             adpO? Interface to ACAP Protocol (Internet-Draft)  KJOHNSON
::AIM              adpO? AOL Instant Messenger TOC protocol           ARYEH
::AOLIM            RdpO? AOL Instant Messenger OO Interface (TOC)     RWAHBY
::Bind             adpOp Interface to bind daemon related files       BBB
::CDDB             cdpr? Interface to the CDDB (CD Database)          DSTALDER
::Cmd              cdpO? For command based protocols (FTP, SMTP etc)  GBARR
::DHCPClient       bdpOp Interface to DHCP as a client                JWALGENB
::DLookup          adpO? Lookup domains on Internic and 2-letter TLDs DJASMINE
::DNS              RmpOp Interface to the DNS resolver                CREIN
::DNSServer        cnpOa Secure and Extensible Name Server            BBB
::Daemon           adpO? Abstract base class for portable servers     JWIED
::Dnet             cdcO? DECnet-specific socket usage                 SPIDB
::Domain           adpf? Try to determine TCP domain name of system   GBARR
::FTP              adpf? Interface to File Transfer Protocol          GBARR
::Gen              RdcOp Generic support for socket usage             SPIDB
::Gnutella         bdpO? Gnutella network (v0.4) interface            IWADE
::Goofey           RdpO? Communicate with a Goofey server             GOSSAMER
::HTTPTunnel       adpO? Tunnel through HTTP proxies with CONNECT     RWAHBY
::Hesiod           bdchp Interface to Hesiod library API              PAYERLE
::Hotline          RdpO? Interface to the Hotline protocol            JSIRACUSA
::ICAP             adpO? Interface to ICAP Protocol (Internet-Draft)  KJOHNSON
::ICB              bdpO? ICB style chat server interface              JMV
::ICQ              bmpO? Client interface to ICQ messaging            JMUHLICH
::ICal             ampOp RFC2445 (iCalendar) protocol tools           SRL
::IMAP             adpO? Interface to IMAP Protocol (RFC2060)         KJOHNSON
::IMIP             impO? RFC2447 tools for event scheduling           SRL
::IRC              cdpO? Internet Relay Chat interface                JEEK
::ITIP             cmpO? RFC2446 tools for scheduling events          SRL
::Ident            RdpO? Performs ident (rfc1413) lookups             JPC
::Inet             RdcOp Internet (IP) socket usage                   SPIDB
::Interface        adcO? ifconfig(1) implementation                   SRZ
::Jabber           RdpOl Access to the Jabber protocol                REATMON
::LDAP             ampOp Interface to LDAP Protocol (RFC1777)         PLDAP
::LDAPapi          Rdcf? Interface to UMICH and Netscape LDAP C API   CDONLEY
::LMTP             RdpOp LMTP Protocol - RFC2033                      LHOWARD
::MsgLink          cdpO? Abstraction of "user" part for message link  RAM
::NIS              adcO? Interface to Sun's NIS                       ESM
::NISPlus          adcO? Interface to Sun's NIS+                      RIK
::NNTP             adpO? Client interface to NNTP protocol            GBARR
::Netmask          RdpO? Understand and manipulate network blocks     MUIR
::Netrc            adpO? Support for .netrc files                     GBARR
::PH               RdpO? CCSO Nameserver Client class                 GBARR
::POP3             adpO? Client interface to POP3 protocol            GBARR
::Pager            RdpO? Send Numeric/AlphaNumeric Pages to any pager ROOTLEVEL
::ParseWhois       RmpO? Get+Parse "whois" domain data                ABEROHAM
::Patricia         RdcO? Patricia Trie perl module for fast IP addres PLONKA
::Pcap             adcr? An interface for LBL's packet capture lib    PLISTER
::Peep             RdpO? Clients for Peep: The Network Auralizer      STARKY
::Ping             SupOp TCP, UDP, or ICMP ping                       BBB
::Printer          RdpO? Direct to lpd printing                       CFUHRMAN
::SCP              Rdphp Perl extension for secure copy protocol      IVAN
::SFTP             bdpOp Secure File Transfer Protocol client         BTROTT
::SMPP             cdpO? Protocol for sending SMS (to GSM or CDMA).   SAMPO
::SMS              RdpOp Send SMS wireless text-messages.             ROOTLEVEL
::SMTP             adpf? Interface to Simple Mail Transfer Protocol   GBARR
::SNMP             MdpOp Object oriented interface to SNMP            DTOWN
::SNPP             cdpO? Client interface to SNPP protocol            DREDD
::SOCKS            cdcf? TCP/IP access through firewalls using SOCKS  SCOOPER
::SSH              Rdphp Perl extension for secure shell              IVAN
::SSL              RdcO? Glue that enables LWP to access https URIs   CHAMAS
::SSLeay           bmhf? Secure Socket Layer (based on OpenSSL)       SAMPO
::Server           bdpOp Extensible (class) oriented internet server  RHANDOM
::Syslog           RdpOp Forwarded syslog protocol                    LHOWARD
::TCP              RdcOp TCP-specific socket usage                    SPIDB
::TFTP             cdpf? Interface to Trivial File Transfer Protocol  GSM
::Telnet           RdpO? Interact with TELNET port or other TCP ports JROGERS
::Time             adpf? Obtain time from remote machines             GBARR
::Traceroute       bdpOo Trace routes in IPv4, v6                     HAG
::UDP              RdcOp UDP-specific socket usage                    SPIDB
::VNC              i???? Interface VNC remote frame buffer protocol   BRONG
::Whois            RdpO? Get+parse "whois" domain data from InterNIC  DHUDES
::XWhois           RdpO? Whois Client Interface for Perl5.            VIPUL
::Z3950            RmcO? OO interface (ZOOM) to Yaz Z39.50 toolkit    MIRK
::hostent          adpf? A by-name interface for hosts functions      TOMC
::netent           adpf? A by-name interface for networks functions   TOMC
::protoent         adpf? A by-name interface for protocols functions  TOMC
::servent          adpf? A by-name interface for services functions   TOMC
::xAP              adpO? Interface to IMAP,ACAP,ICAP substrate        KJOHNSON
::OSCAR            bmpOp AOL Instant Messenger OSCAR protocol         MATTHEWG
::CIDR             Rdpfp Manipulate netblock lists in CIDR notation   MRSAM
::CDDBScan         bdpOp String search interface to CDDB datbase      DSHULTZ
::FTPServer        RdcO? Secure, extensible, configurable FTP server  RWMJ
::Traceroute6      adphb Interface to IPv6 traceroute                 MOHACSI
::QMQP             adpOp Interface to Quick Mail Queueing Protocol    KOBAYASI
::ICQV5            Rnpfg Module to send and receive ICQ messages.     SNEMAROV
::ICQV5CD          Rnpfg Crypt/decrypt ICQ protocol V5 packets        SNEMAROV
::ICQ2000          inpfg allows send and receive ICQ messages.        SNEMAROV
::FreeDB           bdhOp OOP interface to the FreeDB database         DSHULTZ
::Google           bdpOp Simple OOP-ish interface to the Google API   ASCOPE
::SSL              RdpO? SSL extension for Net::Daemon                MKUL
::Watch            bdpOp A class for monitoring a remote DHCPD server EJDRS
::SEC              RdpOd DNSSEC extension to Net::DNS                 OLAF
::Simple           bdpO? Only implements the basic IMAP features      JPAF
::External         adpf? Cross-platform interface to "ping" utilities COLINM
::Genie            RdpOp Send SMS messages using the Genie gateway    AWRIGLEY
::Web              adpOp generic module for sending SMS via web       AWRIGLEY
::Interfaces       RdpOp Obtain IfTable entries via SNMP              JSTOWE
::Perl             bdpOp Perl client Interface to SSH                 BTROTT
::Cisco            RmpOp Automate telnet sessions w/ routers&switches JOSHUA
::RIPE             MmpOg class implementing a RIPE whois client       PAULG
::IP               RdpOp Manipulation and operations on IP addresses  LUISMUNOZ
::Find             adpfp Find IP addresses in plain text              MIYAGAWA
::ZoneParse        RdpOp Parse and manipulate DNS Zone files          SIMONFLK
::Cache            adpO? Shared-memory object cache                   DCLINTON
::ChildSafe        RdcO? Control child process w/o risk of deadlock   DSB
::Globalspace      cnpO? Multi-process shared hash and shared events  JACKS
::LDT              RdpOa Implements a length based IPC protocol       JSTENZEL
::Locker           RdpOp Shared semaphore locks across a network      WSNYDER
::Mmap             i   ? Interface to Unix's mmap() shared memory     MICB
::Open2            Supf? Open a process for both reading and writing  P5P
::Open3            Supf? Like IPC::Open2 but with error handling      P5P
::Run              bdph? Child procs w/ piping, redir and psuedo-ttys RBS
::Session          bnpO? remote shell session mgr; wraps open3()      STEVEGT
::Shareable        bdpr? Tie a variable to shared memory              BSUGARS
::SharedCache      Rmpr? Manage a cache in SysV IPC shared memory     SAMTREGAR
::Signal           Rdpf? Translate signal names to/from numbers       ROSCH
::SysV             Sucr? shared memory, semaphores, messages etc      P5P
::XPA              adch? Interface to SAO XPA messaging system        DJERIUS
::Client           adhfo Recall replication library client interface  AGUL
::Server           adhfo Recall replication library server interface  AGUL
::DBServer         adpOp Database replication server using Recall     AGUL
RPC::             Remote Procedure Calls (see also DCE::RPC)
::PlServer         RdpO? Interface for building Perl Servers          JWIED
::PlClient         RdpO? Interface for building pServer Clients       JWIED
::ONC              adcO? ONC RPC interface (works with perlrpcgen)    JAKE
::Simple           adpO? Simple OO async remote procedure calls       DDUMONT
DCE::             Distributed Computing Environment (OSF)
::ACL              bdcO? Interface to Access Control List protocol    PHENSON
::DFS              bdcO? DCE Distributed File System interface        PHENSON
::Login            bdcO? Interface to login functions                 PHENSON
::RPC              c   ? Remote Procedure Calls                       PHENSON
::Registry         bdcO? DCE registry functions                       PHENSON
::Status           bdpr? Make sense of DCE status codes               PHENSON
::UUID             bdcf? Misc uuid functions                          PHENSON
::ARP              adpO?  Address Resolution Protocol                 TIMPOTTER
::Ethernet         adpO?  Ethernet framed data                        TIMPOTTER
::IGMP             adpO?  Internet Group Management Protocol          TIMPOTTER
::IP               adpO?  Internet Protocol                           TIMPOTTER
::TCP              adpO?  Transmission Control Protocol               TIMPOTTER
::UDP              adpO?  User Datagram Protocol                      TIMPOTTER
Proxy              i   ? Transport-independent remote processing      MICB
::Tk               ?   ? Tk transport class for Proxy (part of Tk)    MICB
Fwctl              bmpO? Interface to Linux packet filtering firewall FRAJULAC
LSF                cdcOp Interface to the Load Sharing Facility API   DXIAO
TFTP               bdpO? Interface to TFTP (rfc1350)                  GSM
ToolTalk           adcr? Interface to the ToolTalk messaging service  MARCP
SOAP               cmpO? SOAP/Perl language mapping                   KBROWN
IPChains           RdcO? Create and Manipulate ipchains               JESSICAQ
::PortFW           bdpO? Interface to ipmasqadm portfw command        FRAJULAC
SNMP               RdcO? Interface to the UCD SNMP toolkit            GSM
::Monitor          adpO? Accounting and graphical display             JWIED
::Util             RdpO? Perform SNMP set,get,walk,next,walk_hash,... WMARQ
::NPAdmin          adpO? Perl API to query printers via SNMP.         BOZZIO
::BridgeQuery      bdpfp Query bridge/switch for forwarding database  JSHEARER
::Client           RdpO? Network monitoring client                    TROCKIJ
::SNMP             RdpO? Network monitoring suite                     TROCKIJ
::ForkManager      RdpOp A simple parallel processing fork manager    DLUX
::Pvm              bdcf? Interface to the PVM messaging service       DLECONTE
::IOP::IOR         adpO? Decode, munge, and re-encode CORBA IORs      PHILIPA
::IDLtree          Rdpf? IDL to symbol tree translator                OMKELLOGG
::VBox             RdpOp Perl module for creation of voiceboxes       MLEHMANN
::Vgetty           bdpO? Interface to voice modems using vgetty       YENYA
::CM10             RmpO? Control unit for X10 modules                 BBIRTH
::CM17             RmpO? inexpensive RF transmit-only X10             BBIRTH
::PortMaster       RdpO? Interface to Livingston PortMaster           STIGMATA
::AS5200           RdpO? Interface to Cisco AS5200 dialup server      STIGMATA
::HiPerARC         RdpO? Interface to 3Com TotalControl HiPerARC      STIGMATA
::IPQueue          RdcOg IPTables userspace packet queuing            JMORRIS

6) Data Types and Data Type Utilities (see also Database Interfaces)

Name               DSLIP Description                                  Info
------------       ----- -------------------------------------------- ----
::Amoeba           Rdpr? Multidimensional Function Minimisation       JARW
::Approx           adpO? Approximate x,y-values by a function         ULPFR
::BaseCalc         RdpOp Convert numbers between various bases        KWILLIAMS
::BigFloat         SupO? Arbitrary size floating point math package   TELS
::BigInt           SupO? Arbitrary size integer math package          TELS
::BigInteger       adc ? Arbitrary size integer as XS extension       GARY
::BigRat           RdpOp Arbitrary size rational numbers (fractions)  TELS
::Brent            Rdpr? One-dimensional Function Minimisation        JARW
::CDF              bdch? Cumulative Distribution Functions            CALLAHAN
::Cephes           adcf? Interface to St. Moshier's Cephes library    RKOBES
::Complex          SdpOp Complex number data type                     RAM
::Derivative       Rdpr? 1st and 2nd order differentiation of data    JARW
::Expr             adpO? Parses agebraic expressions                  HAKANARDO
::Fortran          Rdpf? Implements Fortran log10 & sign functions    JARW
::Fraction         bdpO? Fraction Manipulation                        KEVINA
::Geometry         adpf? 2D and 3D algorithms                         GMCCAR
::Interpolate      Rdpr? Polynomial interpolation of data             MATKIN
::LinearProg       idp ? Linear programming utilities                 JONO
::Logic            RdpO? Provides pure 2, 3 or multi-value logic      SUMMER
::Matrix           adpO? Matrix data type (transpose, multiply etc)   ULPFR
::MatrixBool       RdhOp Matrix of booleans (Boolean Algebra)         STBEY
::MatrixCplx       idpOp Matrix data type for Complex Numbers         STBEY
::Pari             adcf? Interface to the powerful PARI library       ILYAZ
::Polynomial       RdpO? Polynomials as objects                       MATKIN
::Round            bdpfp Perl extension for rounding numbers          GROMMEL
::SigFigs          Rdpfp Math using scientific significant figures    SBECK
::Spline           RdpO? Cubic Spline Interpolation of data           JARW
::Trig             bdpf? tan asin acos sinh cosh tanh sech cosech     JARW
::VecStat          Rdpr? Some basic numeric stats on vectors          ASPINELLI
::ematica          adcO? Interface to the powerful Mathematica system ULPFR
::Libm             RdcO? Perl extension for the C math library, libm  DSLEWART
::FFT              adcO? Perl extension for Fast Fourier Transforms   RKOBES
::BooleanEval      bdpO? Parsing and evaluating Boolean expressions   MIKO
::BigIntFast       RdhOp Efficient big integer arithmetic (in C)      STBEY
::QuadTree         cdpO? Quad Edge data structure for 2D manifolds    FRED
::Fleximal         adpO? Arithmetic with any base representation      TILLY
::Project          RdpOp Compute intersection with upright line       MILSO
::VectorReal       RdpOp Handling 3D Vector Mathematics               ANTHONY
::RPN              Rdpf? Reverse Polish Notation Expression Evaluator OWEN
::SimpleInterest   Rnpfp Functions for Simple Interest calculations   BYOURTH
::Random           Rdcfd Random Number Generators                     GROMMEL
::Prime            i   ? Prime number testing                         GARY
::RandomPrime      i   ? Generates random primes of x bits            GARY
::TrulyRandom      i   ? based on interrupt timing discrepancies      GARY
::Fourier          i   ? Fast Fourier Transforms                      AQUMSIEH
::Integral         i   ? Integration of data                          AQUMSIEH
::Bezier           RdpOp Solution of Bezier curves                    ABW
::Convert          adpfp convert cubic and quadratic bezier curve     YSAS
::BitVect          Rdphp Use Bit::Vector for Math::BigInt routines    TELS
::Pari             Rdphp Use Math::Pari for Math::BigInt routines     TELS
::EMA              MdpOg An Exponential Moving Average Calculator     JETTERO
::BlackScholes     Rdpfp Black-Scholes option price model functions   ANDERS
::Units            bdpfp Unit-aware calculator with readable output   SFINK
::MatrixReal       RdpOp Manipulate NxN matrices                      LETO
::Ext1             RdpO? Convenience extensions for Math::MatrixReal  MSOUTH
::Solve            Rdpf? Solve polynomials up to degree 4             JGAMBLE
::MT               Rdcha The Mersenne Twister PRNG                    AMS
::ChiSquare        Rdpf? Chi Square test - how random is your data?   JONO
::ConwayLife       RdpO? Simulates life using Conway's algorithm      DANB
::Descriptive      RdpO? Descriptive statistical methods              COLINK
::LTU              RdpO? Implements Linear Threshold Units            TOMFA
::MaxEntropy       Rdpf? Maximum Entropy Modeling                     TERDOEST
::OLS              bdpO? ordinary least squares (curve fitting)       SMORTON
::ROC              bdpf? ROC curves with nonparametric conf. bounds   HAKESTLER
::Distributions    RdpO? Perl module for calculating critical values  MIKEK
::Diff             Rdpfp Diff (also Longest Common Subsequence)       NEDKONZ
::Permute          bdcO? Handy and fast permutation with OO interface EDPRATOMO
::SISort           Rdcrp Select And Insert sorting algorithm          HRAFNKELL
::LUHN             Rdpf? Calculate mod 10 Double Add Double checksum  TAYERS
::TransitiveClosure RdpO? Calculates the transitive closure           ABIGAIL
::Shuffle          Rdph? Knuth's shuffle algorithm                    ABIGAIL
::Sample           RDph? Knuth's sample algorithm                     ABIGAIL
PDL                amcf? Perl Data Language - numeric analysis env    PERLDL
::Audio            bdchp Sound synthesis and editing with PDL         MLEHMANN
::Meschach         amcf? Links PDL to meschach matrix library         EGROSS
::NetCDF           RdcOp Reads/Writes NetCDF files from/to PDL objs   DHUNT
::Options          Rdphp Provides hash options handling for PDL       TJENNESS
::PP               amcf? Automatically generate C code for PDL        PERLDL
::Slatec           amof? Interface to slatec (linpack+eispack) lib.   PERLDL
::NiceSlice        bmpfp a nicer slicing syntax for PDL               CSOE
::HDF5             bdcOp PDL Interface to the HDF5 Data Format        CERNEY
::Superpositions   Rdpf? QM-like superpositions in Perl               LEMBARK
::Entanglement     Rdph? QM entanglement of variables in perl         AJGOUGH
::Usrn             Rdp?p Square root of not.                          KASEI
::Compare          RdpOp Class to compare two arrays                  DAVECROSS
::Heap             cdpf? Manipulate array elements as a heap          JMM
::IntSpan          RdpO? Handling arrays using IntSpan techniques     TEVERETT
::PrintCols        adpf? Print elements in vertically sorted columns  AKSTE
::Substr           idp ? Implement array using substr()               LWALL
::Vec              idp ? Implement array using vec()                  LWALL
::Virtual          idp ? Implement array using a file                 LWALL
::Reform           RdpO? Convert an array into N-sized array of array TBONE
::NoVivify         Rdcf? Provide non-autovivifying hash functions     BPOWERS
Heap               bdpO? Define Heap interface                        JMM
::Binary           bdpO? Implement Binary Heap                        JMM
::Binomial         bdpO? Implement Binomial Heap                      JMM
::Fibonacci        bdpO? Implement Fibonacci Heap                     JMM
::Elem             bdpO? Heap Element interface, ISA                  JMM
::Num              bdpO? Numeric heap element container               JMM
::NumRev           bdpO? Numeric element reversed order               JMM
::Str              bdpO? String heap element container                JMM
::StrRev           bdpO? String element reversed order                JMM
::Ref              bdpO? Obj ref heap element container               JMM
::RefRev           bdpO? Obj ref element reversed order               JMM
::Util             bdcf? Scalar utilities (dualvar reftype etc)       GBARR
::Properties       RdpOp run-time properties on scalar variables      MARCEL
::Util             bdcf? List utilities (eg min, max, reduce)         GBARR
::Intersperse      Rdpf? Intersperse / unsort / disperse a list       TAYERS
::Vector           RdcOp Fast virtual arbitrary-size-machineword CPU  STBEY
::Bag              RdpO? Bag (multiset) class                         JHI
::IntRange         RdhOp Set of integers (arbitrary intervals, fast)  STBEY
::IntSpan          RdpOp Set of integers newsrc style '1,5-9,11' etc  SWMCD
::NestedGroups     RdpO? Grouped data eg ACL's, city/state/country    ABARCLAY
::Object           bdcO? Set of Objects (smalltalkish: IdentitySet)   JLLEROY
::Scalar           adpO? Set of scalars (inc references)              JHI
::Window           RdpOp Manages an interval on the integer line      SWMCD
::CheckList        adph? Maintain a list of "to-do" items             MIKO
::Crontab          RdpOa Expand crontab(5)-style integer lists        AMS
::Infinite         bdpOp Infinite Set Theory module, with Date, Time  FGLOCK
::CrossProduct     RdpOp interact with the cartesian product of sets  BDFOY
Graph              RdpO? Data structure and ops for directed graphs   JHI
::Kruskal          Rdpfp Kruskal Algorithm for Minimal Spanning Trees STBEY
::Reader           RdpO? Base class for graph file format reader      NEILB
::Writer           RdpO? Base class for graph file format writer      NEILB
::XML              RdpO? Read a Graph from simple XML format          NEILB
::XML              RdpO? Write a Graph in a simple XML format         NEILB
::Dot              RdpO? Write a Graph in file format used by Dot     NEILB
::VCG              RdpO? Write a Graph in file format used by VCG     NEILB
::daVinci          cdpO? Write a Graph in file format used by daVinci NEILB
::Markov           bdpO? Build/evaluate Markov models for decisions   ALANSZ
::ACL              adpOp Manage and Build Access Control Lists        BBEAUSEJ
::Calc             Rdhhp Gregorian calendar date calculations         STBEY
::Convert          cdpO? Conversion between Gregorian, Hebrew, more?  MORTY
::Format           Rdpf? Date formatter ala strftime                  GBARR
::Interval         idpO? Lightweight normalised interval data type    KTORP
::Language         adpO? Multi-language date support                  GBARR
::Manip            Rdpfp Complete date/time manipulation package      SBECK
::Parse            Rdpf? ASCII Date parser using regexp's             GBARR
::Time             idpO? Lightweight normalised datetime data type    TOBIX
::ISO              Rdpfp Calculate dates in the ISO calendar          RBOW
::Discordian       Rdpfp Calculate dates in the Discordian calendar   RBOW
::DayOfWeek        Rdpfp Calculate day of week for Gregorian dates    RBOW
::Easter           Rdpfp Calculate the date of Easter                 RBOW
::ICal             bdpOp Class for ICal date objects                  RBOW
::Handler          RdpOp Simple Object oriented Date Handling         BBEAUSEJ
::SundayLetter     cdpfp Calculates the Sunday Letters for a given ye RBOW
::Doomsday         cdpfp Determine doomsday for a given year          RBOW
::Simple           RdpOp A simple date object                         KASEI
::Bahai            impOp Calculate dates in the Bahai calendar        RBOW
::Persian          impOp Calculate dates in the Persian calendar      RBOW
::Japanese         impOp Calculate dates in the Japanese calendar     RBOW
::Hindu            impOp Calculations in the Hindu calendar           RBOW
::Passover         impfp Calculate date of Passover or Rosh Hashanah  RBOW
::Chinese          impOp Calculations in the Chinese calendar         RBOW
::Ethiopic         impOp Calculations in the Ethiopic calendar        RBOW
::Egyptian         impOp Calculations in the Egyptian calendar        RBOW
::Gregorian        bdpOp Gregorian calendar                           MHASCH
::Roman            RdpOa Manipulating Roman-style dates               HOBBIT
::French_Rev       adpOp From/to French Revolutionary Calendar        JFORGET
::Era              adpOp Year conversion for Japanese Era             MIYAGAWA
::Shire            RdpOp J.R.R. Tolkien's hobbit calendar             TBRAUN
::Avail            Rdpf? Calculate min. remaining in time interval    PSANTORO
::CTime            Rdpf? Format Times ala ctime(3) with many formats  MUIR
::DaysInMonth      Rdpf? Returns the number of days in a month        MUIR
::HiRes            Rdcf? High resolution time, sleep, and alarm       JHI
::JulianDay        Rdpf? Converts y/m/d into seconds                  MUIR
::Local            Supf? Implements timelocal() and timegm()          P5P
::Object           adpO? Object Oriented time objects                 MSERGEANT
::ParseDate        Rdpf? Parses many forms of dates and times         MUIR
::Period           Rdpf? Code to deal with time periods               PRYAN
::Timezone         Rdpf? Figures out timezone offsets                 MUIR
::Zone             Rdpf? Timezone info and translation routines       GBARR
::gmtime           Supf? A by-name interface for gmtime               TOMC
::localtime        Supf? A by-name interface for localtime            TOMC
::Seconds          RdcO? API to convert seconds to other date values  MSERGEANT
::Stopwatch        Rdprp Tied variables that count seconds            ILTZU
::Unix             RdpO? Force time() to return secs since UNIX epoch NWIGER
::TAI64            bdcfp Time manipulation in the TAI64* formats      SPOON
::MySQL            RdpOp MySQL-specific functions for Time::Piece     DROLSKY
::CSA              adcO? interface with calenders such as Sun and CDE KJALB
::Hebrew           cdpO? Hebrew calendar conversion/manipulation      YSTH
::RCM              i   ? Russell Calendar Manager                     HTCHAPMAN
::AliasHash        Rdprp Hash with key aliases                        ACALPINI
::Array            Supr? Base class for implementing tied arrays      P5P
::CPHash           bdpO? Case preserving but case insensitive hash    CJM
::Cache            Mdprp In memory size limited LRU cache             CHAMAS
::CharArray        Rdprp Manipulate strings as arrays of characters   ILTZU
::Cycle            RdpO? Cycle through a list of values via a scalar. BDFOY
::DBI              RdpO? Tie hash to a DBI handle                     LDS
::DB_FileLock      Rdpr? Locking access to Berkeley DB 1.x.           JMV
::DB_Lock          Rdprp Tie DB_File with automatic locking           KWILLIAMS
::Dir              adpr? Tie hash for reading directories             GBARR
::Discovery        Rdpr? Discover data by caching sub results         SIMON
::DxHash           Rdprp Keeps insertion order; allows duplicate keys KRUSCOE
::File             Rdprp Tie array to lines of a file                 MJD
::FileLRUCache     bdph? File based persistent LRU cache              SNOWHARE
::Handle           RdpOp Base class for implementing tied filehandles STBEY
::Hash             Supr? Base class for implementing tied hashes      P5P
::HashDefaults     adpr? Let a hash have default values               JDPORTER
::IxHash           RdpO? Indexed hash (ordered array/hash composite)  GSAR
::LDAP             bdpr? Ties LDAP database to Perl hash              TAIY
::LLHash           Rdprp Fast ordered hashes via linked lists         KWILLIAMS
::ListKeyedHash    Rdpr? Use lists to key multi-level hashes          SNOWHARE
::Mem              adcO? Bind perl variables to memory addresses      PMQS
::MmapArray        bdcr? Ties a file to an array                      ANDREWF
::Multidim         adpr? "tie"-like multidimensional data structures  JDPORTER
::OffsetArray      adpr? Tie one array to another, with index offset  JDPORTER
::Persistent       Rdprp Persistent data structures via tie made easy RGIERSIG
::RDBM             RdpO? Tie hashes to relational databases           LDS
::RangeHash        Rdpha Hashes with 'low,high' ranges as keys        RRWO
::RegexpHash       adpha Use regular expressions as hash keys         RRWO
::RndHash          bdpO? choose a random key of a hash in O(1) time   DFAN
::Scalar           Supr? Base class for implementing tied scalars     P5P
::SecureHash       RdpO? Enforced encapsulation of Perl objects       DCONWAY
::SentientHash     bdpr? Tracks changes to nested data structures     ANDREWF
::ShadowHash       adpOp Merge multiple data sources into a hash      RRA
::SortHash         Rdpr? Provides persistent sorting for hashes       CTWETEN
::StrictHash       RdpO? A hash with strict-like semantics            KVAIL
::SubstrHash       SdpO? Very compact hash stored in a string         LWALL
::TextDir          Rdprp ties a hash to a directory of textfiles      KWILLIAMS
::WarnGlobal       adpr? Ties variables to functions, warns on use    STEPHEN
::Watch            bdpO? Watch variables, run code when read/written  LUSOL
::GHash            adcfp A smaller hash; interface to Gnome glib hash LBROCARD
::TransactHash     RupOg Allows edits on a hash without disturbing it MIKEDLR
::Concurrent       bdprp Retie a hash when reading/writing.           GWYN
::ShiftSplice      i   ? Defines shift et al in terms of splice       LWALL
::Quick            i   ? Simple way to create ties                    P5P
::Toggle           Rdprp a scalar flip-flops between two values       BDFOY
::Timeout          adpr? Scalar variables that time out               MARCEL
::LRU              adpr? A Least-Recently Used cache                  MSCHWERN
::Regex            Rdprp Look up values in hashes using regexes       DAVECROSS
::Stack            bdpra Maintains an array of hashes like a stack    MNEYLON
::Accessor         bdpO? Automated accessor generation                MSCHWERN
::BlackHole        RdpOp treat unhandled method calls as no-op        SBURKE
::Classless        MdpOp Framework for classless OOP                  SBURKE
::Contract         RdpO? Design-by-Contract OO in Perl.               GGOEBEL
::DBI              adpOp Simple SQL-based object persistance          TMTM
::Delegate         bdpO? Easy-to-use object delegation                KSTAR
::Eroot            RdpO? Eternal Root - Object persistence            DMR
::Fields           bdph? Inspect the fields of a class                MSCHWERN
::ISA              Mdpfp Report the search path thru an ISA tree      SBURKE
::MethodMaker      MdpOp Create generic class methods                 FLUFFY
::Multimethods     Rdpf? A multiple dispatch mechanism for Perl       DCONWAY
::Mutator          bdpO? Dynamic polymorphism implemented in Perl     GMCCAR
::NamedParms       MdpO? A named parameter accessor base class        SNOWHARE
::ObjectTemplate   bdpOp Optimized template builder base class        JASONS
::ParamParser      RdpOp Provides complex parameter list parsing      DUNCAND
::ParmList         MdpO? A named parameter list processor             SNOWHARE
::PublicInternal   adpO? Keep separate hashes of public/internal data MIKO
::Singleton        bdpO? Implementation of a "Singleton" class        ABW
::StructTemplate   adpO? Facilitates creation of public class-data    HEIKOWU
::TOM              RmpO? Transportable Object Model for perl          JDUNCAN
::Template         Rdpr? Struct/member template builder               DMR
::Translucent      RdpO? Translucent (ala perltootc) method creation  GED
::Tree             MdpO? C++ class hierarchies & disk directories     RSAVAGE
::WhiteHole        RdpO? Treat unhandled method calls as errors       MSCHWERN
::Handler          bdpO? Make Apache-like pseudoclass event handlers  NWIGER
::Loader           bdpO? Load modules & construct objects on demand.  VIPUL
::Date             RdhOp a full-featured date and time class for perl DLUX
::ArrayObjects     Rdphp Utility class for array based objects        RBERJON
::MethodMapper     RdpO? Abstract Class wrapper for AutoLoader        LENZO
::MakeMethods      bdpOp Generate common types of methods             EVO
::Flyweight        adpOp implement the flyweight pattern in OO perl   DKUBB
::Prototyped       bdpOp Fast prototype-based OO programming in Perl  TEVERETT
::Holon            RdpO? Declare hierarchical classes with one line   GSLONDON
::PseudoHash       bmprp Emulates Pseudo-Hash behaviour via overload  AUTRIJUS
::Tangram          bdpOa Automated class accessors, Tangram friendly  SAMV
::Facade           bdpOp Interface to one or more delegates           ABW
::mysql            RdpOp Extensions to Class::DBI for MySQL           TMTM
::DB               bdpOp Template base class for database objects     JASONS
::Info             Rnpf? General info about objects (is-a, ...)       JACKS
::Transaction      bdpO? Transactions on serialized HASH files        MUIR
::Later            MdpOp Delay construction of real data until used   MARKOV
POE::             Perl Object Environment
::Kernel           RdpO? An event queue that dispatches events        RCAPUTO
::Session          RdpO? state machine running on POE::Kernel events  RCAPUTO
::RSS              bdp?? Event based RSS interface                    MSTEVENS
::SubWrapper       bdp?? Event based Module interface                 MSTEVENS
::UserBase         RdpO? A component to manage user authentication    JGOFF
::Pcap             adhOp POE Interface to Net::Pcap                   FLETCH
::MPG123           RdpOb POE Component for accessing and working wit  MCASHNER
::UserAgent        bdpOp LWP and LWP::Parallel based POE web client   RCAPUTO
::FTP              adpOp POE FTP client                               MCHING
::Onjoin           RdpO? Provides IRC moved message & onjoin services AFOXSON
::SearchEngine     bdpO? Search Engine for IRC                        AFOXSON
::HTTP             bdphp POE Web componenet                           ABERGMAN
MOP                bdp ? Meta Object Protocol (Tool collection)       ORTALO
Ref                RdpO? Print, compare, and copy perl structures     MUIR
SOOP               RdpO? Safe Object Oriented Programming             GARROW
::Fields           bdpf? sort text lines by alpha or numeric fields   JNH
::PolySort         bdpO? general rules-based sorting of lists         DMACKS
::Versions         Rdpf? sorting of revision (and similar) numbers    EDAVIS

Data Type Marshaling (converting to/from strings) and Persistent Storage

Clone              idch? Recursive copy of nested objects             RDF
FreezeThaw         bdpf? Convert arbitrary objects to/from strings    ILYAZ
::Object           adpO? Store Object definitions with Data::Dumper   VIPUL
Storable           Smcrp Persistent data structure mechanism          AMS
::Dispatch         cdpO? Convert arbitrary objects to/from strings    MUIR
::Packed           cdpO? Run-length coded version of Marshal module   MUIR
::Eval             cdpO? Undo serialization with eval                 MUIR
Tangram            RmpO? Object persistence in relational databases   JLLEROY
::Base             bdpO? Persistent base classes (& DBM/File classes) DWINTERS
::DBI              bdpO? Persistent abstract class for DBI databases  DWINTERS
::MySQL            bdpO? Persistent class for MySQL databases         DWINTERS
::Oracle           bdpO? Persistent class for Oracle databases        DWINTERS
::Sybase           bdpO? Persistent class for Sybase databases        DWINTERS
::mSQL             bdpO? Persistent class for mSQL databases          DWINTERS
::LDAP             bdpO? Persistent class for LDAP directories        DWINTERS
::Check            cdpO? Checks values for various data formats       KENHOLM
::DRef             adph? Nested data access using delimited strings   EVO
::Dumper           RdpO? Convert data structure into perl code        GSAR
::Flow             RdpO? Acquire data based on recipes                ILYAZ
::Locations        RdhOp Insert data into other data w/o temp files   STBEY
::Reporter         RdcO? Ascii Report Generator                       RVAZ
::Walker           RdpO? Navigate through Perl data structures        JNOLAN
::Random           adpfp Generate random sets of data                 ADEO
::JavaScript       Rdpr? Dumps structures into JavaScript code        SCHOP
::MultiValuedHash  RdpOp Hash whose keys have multiple ordered values DUNCAND
::Iterator         RupO? Simple iteration over complex data strucures HCAMP
::Buffer           bdpOp Read/write buffer class                      BTROTT
::Lazy             Rdprp provides "lazy" scalars, arrays and hashes   JENDA
::Denter           RdpO? An alternative to Data::Dumper and Storable. INGY
::Compare          RdpO? Compare perl data structures                 FTASSIN
::HexDump          RdpO? Hexadecial Dumper                            FTASSIN
::Hexdumper        Rdpfa Display binary data in multiple formats      DCANTRELL
::Stash            bdpf? Data structures in simple text format        HRANICKY
::BinStruct        bdpO? OO access to binary data structures          DJHD
::MaskPrint        bdpOp Allows for exact formatting of data          ILYAVERL
::Serializer       RdpOp Generic interface to serializer modules      NEELY
::Dumper           bdpOp Automate dumping of data to XML, XSL and CSV GWYN
::Base             cdpO? Defines a basic binary search tree           MSCHWERN
::Fat              Rdcf? Embeddable F-Tree algorithm suite            JPRIT
::Smart            cdpO? Splay tree, fastest for commonly accessed ke MSCHWERN
::Ternary          bdpOp Perl implementation of ternary search trees  MROGASKI
::Ternary_XS       adcOp XS implementation of ternary search trees    LBROCARD
::Trie             bdpO? An implementation of the Trie data structure AVIF
::Nary             RdpO? Perl implementation of N-ary search trees    FSORIANO
::DAG_Node         MdpOp base class for trees                         SBURKE
::M                ad+Od M-trees provide efficient metric searches    MLEHMANN
::Command          MdpO? Discrete Finite Automata command processor   RSAVAGE
::Kleene           Rdpfp Kleene's Algorithm for DFA                   STBEY
::Simple           cdpO? An "augmented transition network"            RANDYM
::DN               adpOp Handle X.500 DNs (Distinguished Names)       RJOOP
::RDN              adpOp handle X.500 Relative Distinguished Names    RJOOP
::Parser           MdpO? X500 Distinguished Name parser               RSAVAGE
Boulder            MdpO? Generalized tag/value data objects           LDS
Thesaurus          RdpOp Create associations between related things   DROLSKY
BabelObjects       cdpf? Web Service Framework                        KERMAGO
YAML               adphp YAML Ain't Markup Language (tm)              INGY
GDS2               bdpOa manipulate GDS2 stream format files          SCHUMACK
ADT                cdhhp Abstract Data Type top level                 ABERGMAN
::Priority         cnphp Abstract Data Type Priority Queue            ABERGMAN

7) Database Interfaces (see also Data Types)

Name               DSLIP Description                                  Info
------------       ----- -------------------------------------------- ----
DBI                MmcOp Generic Database Interface (see DBD modules) DBIML
::Format           bmpO? Defined display formats for data from DBI    TLOWERY

DBIx -- Extensions to the DBI

::Abstract         RmpO? Wrapper for DBI that generates SQL           TURNERA
::AnyDBD           bdpO? Module to make cross db applications easier  MSERGEANT
::CGITables        adpO? Easy DB access from a CGI                    TOBIX
::Copy             adpO? Copying databases                            TOBIX
::FullTextSearch   bmpOp Index documents with MySQL as storage        TJMATHER
::glueHTML         bdpO? CGI interface to DBI databases               JFURNESS
::HTMLView         cdpO? Creating web userinterfaces to DBI dbs       HAKANARDO
::OracleSequence   adpOp OO access to Oracle sequences via DBD-Oracle BLABES
::Password         MdpO? Abstration layer for database passwords      KROW
::Recordset        bmpO? DB-Abtractionlayer / Access via Arrays/Hashs GRICHTER
::Table            bdpO? OO access to DBI database tables             DLOWE
::TableAdapter     adpOa A object-relational table adapter class      GED
::Tree             adpO? Expand self-referential table into a tree    BJEPS
::XML_RDB          ????? Creates XML from DBI datasources             MSERGEANT
::DBSchema         bmpOp Database-independent schema objects          IVAN
::XMLMEssage       bdpOp Exchange of XML messages between DBI sources ANDREIN
::Browse           bdpOg A class to browse related tables via CGI/Web EJDRS
::XHTML_Table      RdpOp SQL query result set to XHTML table          JEFFA
::SchemaView       adpf? Retrieving and drawing of DB schema (Tk)     MILSO
::SystemCatalog    RdpO? Accessing system catalog in common databases MILSO
::dbMan            bmpOp Tk/cmdline database manipulating tool        MILSO
::Sequence         MdpOp Database independent ID generation           BBEAUSEJ
::TextIndex        bdpOp Creates fulltext indexes of SQL text columns DKOCH
::FetchLoop        RdpOg Fetch with change detection and aggregates   BITS
::Field            Rdpfp Create a lookup hash from a database table   MARCEL
::ASAny            adcO? Adaptive Server Anywhere Driver for DBI      SMIRNIOS
::Altera           bdpO? Altera SQL Server for DBI - pure Perl code   DSOUFLIS
::CSV              adcO? SQL engine and DBI driver for CSV files      JZUCKER
::DB2              adcO? DB2 Driver for DBI                           MHM
::Empress          adcO? Empress RDBMS Driver                         SWILLIAM
::FreeTDS          adcO? DBI driver for MS SQLServer and Sybase       SPANNRING
::SearchServer     cdcO? PCDOCS/Fulcrum SearchServer Driver for DB    SHARI
::Illustra         bmcO? Illustra Driver for DBI                      PMH
::Informix         amcO? Informix Driver for DBI                      JOHNL
::Informix4        adcO? DBI driver for Informix SE 4.10              GTHYNI
::Ingres           bmcO? Ingres Driver for DBI                        HTOUG
::Multiplex        RmpO? Spreading database load across servers       TKISHEL
::ODBC             amcO? ODBC Driver for DBI                          DBIML
::Oracle           MmcO? Oracle Driver for DBI                        DBIML
::QBase            amcO? QBase Driver for DBI                         BENLI
::RAM              bmpO? a DBI driver for files and data structures   JZUCKER
::SQLrelay         bdpO? SQLrelay driver for DBI                      DMOW
::Solid            amcO? Solid Driver for DBI                         TWENRICH
::Sqlflex          RdcO? SQLFLEX driver for DBI                       INFOFLEX
::Sybase           bmcO? Sybase Driver for DBI                        MEWP
::Unify            bdcO? Unify driver for DBI                         HMBRAND
::XBase            RmpO? XBase driver for DBI                         JANPAZ
::mSQL             RmcO? Msql Driver for DBI                          JWIED
::mysql            RmcO? Mysql Driver for DBI                         JWIED
::pNET             amcO? DBD proxy driver                             JWIED
::InterBase        bmcO? DBI driver for InterBase RDBMS server        EDPRATOMO
::RDB              Rdof? DBI driver for Oracle RDB (OpenVMS only)     ASTILLER
::DtfSQLmac        RdpO? dtF/SQL (Mac OS edition) driver for DBI      TWEGNER
::ADO              bmpO? Database interface modules of MS ADO for DBI TLOWERY
::Excel            adpO? Excel database driver for the DBI module     KWITKNR
::Recall           adpOp Transparent database replication layer       AGUL
::Sprite           RdpO? Sprite driver                                TURNERJW
::PrimeBase        bmc?p A primeBase database interface               PRIMEBASE
::mysqlPP          bdpOp Pure Perl MySQL driver for the DBI           OYAMA
::PgPP             bdpOp Pure Perl PostgreSQL driver for the DBI      OYAMA
Oraperl            Rmpf? Oraperl emulation interface for DBD::Oracle  DBIML
Ingperl            bmpf? Ingperl emulation interface for DBD::Ingres  HTOUG
::Oracle           RdpO? Reverse engineers object DDL; also defrags   RVSUTHERL
::DBlib            Md+O? Access MS SQL Server through DB-Library.     SOMMAR
::Sqllib           MdpO? High-level interface using MSSQL::DBlib.     SOMMAR
::OCI              bmcr? Raw interface to the Oracle OCI API          TIMB
::Async            cdpO? interact with a Sybase asynchronously        WORENKD
::BCP              RdcOp Sybase BCP interface                         MEWP
::DBlib            RdcO? Sybase DBlibrary interface                   MEWP
::Simple           bdpOp Simplified db access using Sybase::CTlib     MEWP
::Sybperl          Rdpf? sybperl 1.0xx compatibility module           MEWP
::CTlib            RdcO? Sybase CTlibrary interface                   MEWP
::Xfer             RdpO? Transfer data between sybase servers         SPRAGST
Ace                RdpOp Interface to ACEDB (Popular Genome DB)       LDS
BBDB               Rdph? Insiduous big brother database               LAXEN
DTREE              cdcf? Interface to Faircom DTREE multikey ISAM db  JWAT
Datascope          Rdcf? Interface to Datascope RDBMS                 DANMQ
Fame               MdcOp Interface to FAME database and language      TRIAS
LotusNotes         i   ? Interface to Lotus Notes C/C++ API           MBRECH
Msql               RmcO? Mini-SQL database interface                  JWIED
Mysql              RmcO? mysql database interface                     JWIED
NetCDF             bmcr? Interface to netCDF API for scientific data  SEMM
ObjStore           Rm+O? ObjectStore OODBMS Interface                 JPRIT
Pg                 Rdcf? PostgreSQL SQL database interface            MERGL
PgSQL              adpO? "Pure perl" interface to PostgreSQL          GTHYNI
Pogo               ad+O? Interface for GOODS object database          SEYN
Postgres           RncO? PostgreSQL interface with Perl5 coding style DAVEHOLL
Sprite             RdpO? Limited SQL interface to flat file databases SHGUN
VDBM               cdph? Client/server-layers on top of DBM files     RAM
WAIT               adhO? A rewrite of the freeWAIS-sf engine in Perl  ULPFR
Wais               Rdcf? Interface to the freeWAIS-sf libraries       ULPFR
XBase              RdpO? Read/write interface to XBase files          JANPAZ
Xbase              bdpf? Read Xbase files with simple IDX indexes     PRATP
::TableInfo        RdpOp Access to MySQL table's meta data            SHERZODR

Tied Hash File Interfaces:

AnyDBM_File        Sup ? Uses first available *_File module above     P5P
BerkeleyDB         RdcO? Interface to Berkeley DB version 2, 3 or 4   PMQS
CDB_File           adc ? Tie to CDB (Bernstein's constant DB) files   TIMPX
DBZ_File           adc ? Tie to dbz files (mainly for news history)   IANPX
DWH_File           adpO? DBM storage of complex data and objects      SUMUS
DB_File            Suc ? Tie to DB files                              PMQS
GDBM_File          Suc ? Tie to GDBM files                            P5P
NDBM_File          Suc ? Tie to NDBM files                            P5P
ODBM_File          Suc ? Tie to ODBM files                            P5P
SDBM_File          Suc ? Tie to SDBM files                            P5P
::BiIndex          aupOl Two directional index based on CDB File      MIKEDLR
::Generator        iupOg CDB_File::Generator                          MIKEDLR
::Generator        aupOl Creates for CDB_File::BiIndexes              MIKEDLR
::Lock             RdpO? DB_File wrapper with flock-based locking     DHARRIS
::DB_Database      RdpOn DB_File to MultiField Table with Index       RANN
MLDBM              RdpO? Transparently store multi-level data in DBM  GSAR
::Sync             Rdprp MLDBM wrapper to serialize concurrent access CHAMAS
::DBass            adpf? DBM with hashes, locking and XML records     SPIDERBOY
::TagFile          RdpOp Tie class for a simple ASCII database        JOSERODR
::Parse            i   ? Generic text database parsing                MICB
::Ctree            Rdcrp Faircom's CTREE+ database interface          REDEN
::dmObject         cdpO? Object-based interface to Documentum EDMS    JGARRISON
::Attribute        adpO? Relational attribute class                   PSHARPE
::DataModel        adpO? Relational data model/schema class           PSHARPE
::DataType         adpO? Attribute data type class                    PSHARPE
::ForeignKey       adpO? Relational foreign key class                 PSHARPE
::Key              adpO? Relational key class                         PSHARPE
::Persistent       adpO? Persistent object class                      PSHARPE
::PrimaryKey       adpO? Relational primary key class                 PSHARPE
::Table            adpO? Relational table/entity class                PSHARPE
::Util             adhO? Utility functions/methods                    PSHARPE
::SAVE             bdpO? Read-write access to BTRIEVE SAVE files      DLANE
MARC               bmpO? MAchine Readable Catalog (library bib. data) PERL4LIB
::XML              ampO? MAchine Readable Catalog / XML Extension     PERL4LIB
::Record           RmpOp MARC manipulation (library bibliographic)    PETDANCE
::Base             bdpO? Base metadata functionality                  DJBECKETT
::IAFA             bdpO? IAFA templates metadata                      DJBECKETT
::SOIF             bdpO? Harvest SOIF metadata                        DJBECKETT
::PropertySet      aupO? Property Set interface                       MSCHWARTZ
::Storage          aupO? Structured Storage / OLE document interface  MSCHWARTZ
::Storage_Lite     adpO? Simple Class for OLE document interface      KWITKNR
::CLI              RdpO? API for Spectrum Enterprise Mgr. CLI         PLONKA
::WriteExcel       RupO? Write cross-platform Excel binary file.      JMCNAMARA
::ParseExcel       RdpO? Get information from Excel file              KWITKNR
::Excel            i   ? Interface to Excel spreadsheets              RRAWLINGS
::Lotus            i   ? Interface to Lotus 1-2-3 spreadsheets        RRAWLINGS
Alzabo             RdpOp A data modelling tool and RDBMS-OO mapper    DROLSKY
Gemstone           RdpO? Interface to a GemStone object database      YOUD
FameHLI            bdcfg Ports Fame's C-API to Perl                   DAVEO
::DB               ????? ?                                            BEN
::SQL              Mdchp easy yet fast and powerful dbi sql wrapper   MLEHMANN
CDDB               RdpOp high-level interface to cddb/freedb protocol RCAPUTO
::ThinkDB          cdpOa Manipulate ThinkDB TinyBytes for PalmOS      EARNESON
Relations          adphp Database, CGI, and Graph Interfunctionality  GAFFER
Stanza             i   ? Text format database used by OSF and IBM     JHI

8) User Interfaces (Character and Graphical)

Name               DSLIP Description                                  Info
------------       ----- -------------------------------------------- ----
::ANSIColor        Sdpfp Color output using ANSI escape sequences     RRA
::ANSIScreen       bdpf? Terminal control using ANSI escape sequences AUTRIJUS
::Cap              Supf? Basic termcap: Tgetent, Tputs, Tgoto         TSANDERS
::Complete         Supf? Tab word completion using stty raw           WTOMPSON
::Control          idpf? Basic curses-type screen controls (gotxy)    KJALB
::Gnuplot          adcf? Draw vector graphics on terminals etc        ILYAZ
::Info             adpf? Terminfo interface (currently just Tput)     KJALB
::ProgressBar      RdpOp Progress bar in just ASCII / using Term      FLUFFY
::Prompt           adpf? Prompt a user                                ALLENS
::Query            Rdpf? Intelligent user prompt/response driver      AKSTE
::ReadKey          Rdcf? Read keystrokes and change terminal modes    KJALB
::ReadLine         Sdcf? Common interface for various implementations ILYAZ
::Screen           RdpOp Basic screen + input class (uses Term::Cap)  JSTOWE
::Size             adcf? Simple way to get terminal size              TIMPX
::TUI              bdpfp User interface based on Term::ReadLine       SBECK
::VT102            bdpOa Emulates a colour VT102 terminal in memory   AJWOOD
::Interact         bdpOp Get Data Interactively From User             PRL
::Perl             RdpO? GNU Readline history and completion in Perl  ILYAZ
::Gnu              RdcOp GNU Readline XS library wrapper              HAYASHI

Major Character User Interface Modules:

Cdk                RdcO? Collection of Curses widgets                 GLOVER
Curses             Rdcfp Character screen handling and windowing      WPS
Dialog             bdch? interface library to libdialog               UNCLE
PV                 bdpOp Text-mode user interface widgets             AGUL
PerlMenu           Mdpf? Curses-based menu and template system        SKUNZ
::Forms            adpO? Form management for Curses::Widgets          CORLISS
::Widgets          RmpOg Assorted widgets for rapid interface design  CORLISS
Emacs              adpf? Support for Perl embedded in GNU Emacs       JTOBEY
::Lisp             bdch? Perl-to-Emacs-Lisp glue                      JTOBEY

Tk X Windows User Interface Modules

Tk                 bmcO? Object oriented version of Tk v4             TKML
::TextANSIColor    bdpOp use ANSI color codes in Text widget          TJENNESS
::Autoscroll       adpfp Alternative way to scroll                    SREZIC
::Axis             RmpO? Canvas with Axes                             TKML
::CheckBox         RdpO? A radio button widget that uses a checkmark  DKWILSON
::ChildNotification RdpO? Alert widget when child is created          DKWILSON
::Clock            RdpO? Canvas based Clock widget                    HMBRAND
::Cloth            RdpO? Object interface to Tk::Canvas and items     ACH
::Columns          RdpO? Multi column lists w/ resizable borders      DKWILSON
::ComboEntry       RdpO? Drop down list + entry widget                DKWILSON
::ContextHelp      adpOp A context-sensitive help system              SREZIC
::Dial             RmpO? An alternative to the Scale widget           TKML
::Date             bdpOp A date/time widget                           SREZIC
::Enscript         cdpfp Create postscript from text files using Tk   SREZIC
::FcyEntry         adpO? Entry with bg color depending on -state      ACH
::FileDialog       RdpO? A highly configurable file selection widget  BPOWERS
::FileEntry        adpO? Primitive clone of Tix FileEntry widget      ACH
::FireButton       RdpO? Keeps invoking callback when pressed         ACH
::FlatCheckbox     adpOp A checkbox suitable for flat reliefs         SREZIC
::FontDialog       bdpOp A font dialog widget for perl/Tk             SREZIC
::Getopt           adpOp Configuration interface to Getopt::Long      SREZIC
::HistEntry        adpOp An entry widget with history capability      SREZIC
::HTML             bdpO? View HTML in a Tk Text widget                NI-S
::IconCanvas       RdpO? Canvas with movable iconic interface         DKWILSON
::JPEG             RdcO? JPEG loader for Tk::Photo                    NI-S
::LockDisplay      RdpO? Screen saver/lock widget with animation      LUSOL
::Login            cdpO? A Login widget (name, passwd, et al)         BPOWERS
::Menustrip        RdpO? Another MenuBar                              DKWILSON
::More             adpO? A more (or less) like text widget            ACH
::Multi            bdpO? Manages several Text or Canvas widgets       DDUMONT
::NumEntry         RdpO? Numerical entry widget with up/down buttons  ACH
::ObjScanner       RdpO? Tk data or object scanner                    DDUMONT
::Olwm             RmpO? Interface to OpenLook toplevels properties   TKML
::Pane             RdpO? A Frame that can be scrolled                 TKML
::PNG              RdcO? PNG loader for Tk::Photo                     NI-S
::Pod              ?mpO? POD browser toplevel widget                  TKML
::ProgressBar      RdpO? Status/progress bar                          TKML
::ProgressMeter    cdpO? Simple thermometer-style widget w/callbacks  BPOWERS
::RotCanvas        RdpO? Canvas with arbitrary rotation support       AQUMSIEH
::SplitFrame       RdpO? A sliding separator for two child widgets    DKWILSON
::TabFrame         RdpO? A tabbed frame geometry manager              DKWILSON
::TabbedForm       RdpO? Ext. TabFrame, allowing managed subwidgets   DKWILSON
::TableEdit        RdpO? Simplified interface to a flat file database DKWILSON
::TableMatrix      bdcO? Display data in Table/Spreadsheet format     CERNEY
::TiedListbox      RmpO? Gang together Listboxes                      TKML
::TFrame           RdpO? A Frame with a title                         ACH
::TIFF             adpOp TIFF loader for Tk::Photo                    SREZIC
::Tree             RdpO? Create and manipulate Tree widgets           CTDEAN
::TreeGraph        RdpO? Widget to draw a tree in a Canvas            DDUMONT
::WaitBox          RdpO? A Wait dialog, of the "Please Wait" variety  BPOWERS
::XMLViewer        adpOp Tk widget to display XML                     SREZIC
::ObjEditor        bdpO? Tk widget to edit data or objects            DDUMONT
::ObjEditorDialog  bdpO? Tk popup dialog to edit data or objects      DDUMONT
::Pgplot           bdcfp Pgplot widget for Tk                         CPHIL
::PathEntry        adpOp Entry for selecting paths with completion    SREZIC
::JComboBox        bdpOp another combo box (similar to the java comp) RCS
::Workspace        RdpO? Persistent Text/Shell/Command Widgets        RKIES
::DateEntry        RdpO? Drop down calendar for selecting dates       SREZIC
::MListbox         RdpO? Multicolumn Listbox.                         RCS

Modules in the realm of Tk but with a separate namespace

::ToTk             RdpOp Interface class between Log::Dispatch and Tk DDUMONT
::TkText           RdpOp Text widget to log Log::Dispatch messages    DDUMONT
::Body             adpO? Base class for persistent data               DDUMONT
::Log              bdpO? Logging facility based on Tk                 DDUMONT
::Any              adpO? Base class for an optionnal GUI              DDUMONT
::History          bdpO? VCS (RCS HMS) history viewer based on Canvas DDUMONT
::File             adpO? VCS (RCS HMS) file manager                   DDUMONT
Orac               RdpO? DBA GUI tool for Oracle, Informix and Sybase ANDYDUNC
PPresenter         MdpOp Create presentations with Tk in Perl or XML  MARKOV

Other Major X Windows User Interface Modules:

Gtk                bdcO? binding of the Gtk library used by GIMP      KJALB
::Dialog           adph? Simple interface to create dialogs in Gtk    ALISTAIRC
Fresco             cd+O? Interface to Fresco (post X11R6 version)     BPETH
Glade              bdphp Glade/Gtk+/Gnome UI source code generator    DMUSGR
Gnome              bdcO? Bindings to the Gnome Desktop Toolkit        KJALB
Qt                 ad+O? Interface to the Qt toolkit                  AWIN
Sx                 Rdcf? Simple Athena widget interface               FMC
::Auth             adpO? Read and handle X11 '.Xauthority' files      SMCCAM
::Fvwm             RdcO? interface to the FVWM window manager API     RJRAY
::Keysyms          adpf? X11 key symbols (translation of keysymdef.h) SMCCAM
::Lib              bdcO? X11 library interface                        KENFOX
::Motif            bdcO? Motif widget set interface                   KENFOX
::Protocol         adpO? Raw interface to X Window System servers     SMCCAM
::Toolkit          bdcO? X11 Toolkit library interface                KENFOX
::Wcl              bdcO? Interface to the Widget Creation Library     JHPB
::XEvent           bdcO? provides perl OO acess to XEvent structures  MARTINB
::XFontStruct      bdcO? provides perl OO access to XFontStruct       MARTINB
::XRT              adcO? XRT widget set (commercial) interface        KENFOX
::Xbae             adcO? Xbae matrix (spreadsheet like) interface     KENFOX
::Xforms           bdcO? provides the binding to the xforms library   MARTINB
::Xpm              adcf? X Pixmap library interface                   KENFOX

Abstract Graphical User Interfaces modules

::Guido            i   ? bd+O Communicate with objects in a GUI       TBRADFUTE
Cmenu              bdpfg Curses-based menu and data entry functions   DREWF
Prima              Rmchb A perl GUI toolkit                           KARASIK

9) Interfaces to or Emulations of Other Programming Languages

Name               DSLIP Description                                  Info
------------       ----- -------------------------------------------- ----
Clips              adpO? Interface to the Expert System Clips         MSULLIVAN
Java               RdhOl A Perl front-end for JVM communication       METZZO
Rc                 cdcO? Perl interface for the Rc shell              JPRIT
SICStus            adcO? Interface to SICStus Prolog Runtime          CBAIL
::Classfile        RdpO? Parse JVM Classfiles                         LBROCARD
::Basic            adpO? Implementation of BASIC                      AKARGER
::ML               cdpf? Implementation of ML                         DSPARLING
::PGForth          i   ? Peter Gallasch's Forth implementation        PETERGAL
::Prolog           anpO? An implementation of Prolog                  JACKS
::Style            cdcOa Interpreter/Compiler for the Style Language  EKMETT
::VBParser         adp?g Visual Basic 6 source parser                 FRETT
::DATR2XML         RdpOp Convert DATR to XML and back, wth XSLT & DTD LGODDARD
Blatte             bdph? Utilities for Blatte language interpreters   BOBG
::Builtins         bdph? Blatte language standard intrinsics          BOBG
::Compiler         bdph? Convenient interface for compiling Blatte    BOBG
::Parser           bdph? Blatte language parser                       BOBG
::Syntax           bdph? Internal Blatte parse-tree objects           BOBG
::Ws               bdph? Internal Blatte whitespace handler           BOBG
::HTML             bdph? Intrinsics for writing HTML in Blatte        BOBG
::DynaLib          bdcO? Allows direct calls to dynamic libraries     JTOBEY
::Scan             RdpO? Heuristic parse of C files                   ILYAZ
::Include          RdpOp Operate C/C++ structs like perl deep struct  AMICHAUER
FFI                cdcf? Low-level Foreign Function Interface         PMOORE
::Library          cdcO? Access to functions in shared libraries      PMOORE
::Typelib          idcO? FFI taking definitions from a type library   PMOORE
::COM              idcO? Access to COM using VTBL interface           PMOORE
::NameList         adpf? Interface to FORTRAN NameList data           SGEL
Python             bmcf? Interface Python API (for embedded python)   GAAS
::Object           bmcO? Wrapper for python objects                   GAAS
::Err              bmcO? Wrapper for python exceptions                GAAS
::Env              adpO? Simple sh and csh script generator           SVENH
::Lingo            i???? Collection of modules for Lingo processing   MARTIN
::Netlist          adpOp Build and lint netlist structures, AUTOs     WSNYDER
::Parser           adpOp Parse SystemC files                          WSNYDER
::Vregs            adpOp Build Registers, Classes, Enums from HTML    WSNYDER
Tcl                RdcO? Complete access to Tcl                       MICB
::Tk               RdcO? Complete access to Tk *via Tcl*              MICB
::Pli              Rdchp Access to simulator functions                WSNYDER
::Language         Rdpfp Language support, number parsing, etc        WSNYDER
::Parser           RdpOp Language parsing                             WSNYDER
::SigParser        RdpOp Signal and module extraction                 WSNYDER
Guile              adhhp Perl interface to the Guile interpreter.     SAMTREGAR
JavaScript         bmcOp Allowes JavaScript execution withing Perl    CLAESJAC

10) File Names, File Systems and File Locking (see also File Handles)

Name               DSLIP Description                                  Info
------------       ----- -------------------------------------------- ----
Cwd                Supf? Current working directory functions          P5P
::Attrib           idpO? Get/set file attributes (stat)               TYEMQ
::BSDGlob          bdcf? Secure, csh-compatible filename globbing     GBACON
::Backup           bdpfp Easy file backup & rotation automation       KWILLIAMS
::Basename         Supf? Return basename of a filename                P5P
::Cache            adpO? Share data between processes via filesystem  DCLINTON
::CheckTree        Supf? Check file/dir tree against a specification  P5P
::Compare          Supf? Compare file contents quickly                P5P
::Copy             adpf? Copying files or filehandles                 ASHER
::CounterFile      RdpO? Persistent counter class                     GAAS
::Find             Supf? Call func for every item in a directory tree P5P
::Flock            Mdph? flock() wrapper.  Auto-create locks          MUIR
::Glob             adpf? Filename globing (ksh style)                 TYEMQ
::LckPwdF          adcf? Lock and unlock the passwd file              ALLENS
::Listing          Rdpf? Parse directory listings                     GAAS
::Lock             adcf? File locking using flock() and lockf()       JHI
::MultiTail        adpO? Tail multiple files                          SGMIANO
::Path             Supf? File path and name utilities                 P5P
::Remote           Rdph? Read/write/edit remote files transparently   NWIGER
::Rsync            bdpOp Copy efficiently over the net and locally    LEAKIN
::Signature        cdpf? Heuristics for file recognition              JHI
::Slurp            Mdpf? Read/write/append files quickly              MUIR
::Sort             Rdpfp Sort a file or merge sort multiple files     CNANDOR
::Spec             bdpO? Handling files and directories portably      KJALB
::Sync             bdcf? POSIX/*nix fsync() and sync()                CEVANS
::Tail             bdpO? A more efficient tail -f                     MGRABNAR
::Temp             Rdpfp Create temporary files safely                TJENNESS
::chmod            Mdpf? Allows for symbolic chmod notation           PINYAN
::lockf            bdcf? Interface to lockf system call               PHENSON
::stat             Supf? A by-name interface for the stat function    TOMC
::BasicFlock       Rdpf? Simple flock() wrapper                       MUIR
::Searcher         bdpO? Search filetree do search/replace regexes    ASTUBBS
::VirtualPath      RdpOp Portable abstraction of a file/dir/url path  DUNCAND
::NFSLock          bdpOp NFS compatible (safe) locking utility        BBB
::CacheDir         bdpOp auto ttl-based file cleanup without a cron   EARL
::Repl             bdpOp file/dir structure replication               DROBERTS
::Touch            Rdphp Update timestamps, create nonexistent files  NWETTERS
::Data             RdpO? Prepend, insert, append data into files      RFOLEY
::Which            bdpfp Portable implementation of `which'           PEREINAR
::ManualFlock      RdpOp Manual file locking; flock not required      WCATLAN
::Interactive      bdpO? Interactive search do search/replace regexes ASTUBBS
::Similars         Mdpfp pick out suspicious duplicate files          SUNTONG
::Purge            Rdpf? Delete files in directory based on timestamp JV
::AFS              cdcO? AFS Distributed File System interface        NOG
::Df               Rdpr? Disk free based on Filesys::Statvfs          IGUTHRIE
::DiskFree         adpO? OS independant parser of the df command      ABARCLAY
::Ext2             Rdpfp Interface to e2fs filesystem attributes      JPIERCE
::SamFS            bdcfa Interface to SamFS API                       LUPE
::Statvfs          Rdcf? Interface to the statvfs() system call       IGUTHRIE
::dfent            adpf? By-name interface                            TOMC
::mntent           adpf? By-name interface                            TOMC
::statfs           adpf? By-name interface                            TOMC
::DiskSpace        RdpO? Perl df (requires h2ph)                      FTASSIN
::SmbClientParser  RdpOp Perl interface to reach Samba ressources     ALIAN
LockFile::        Application-level locking facilities
::Lock             adpOa Lock handles created by LockFile::* schemes  JV
::Manager          adpOa Records locks created by LockFile::*         JV
::Scheme           adpOa Abstract superclass for locking modules      JV
::Simple           adpra Simple file locking mechanism                JV
::lsMode           Rdpf? Translate mode 0644 to -rw-r--r--            MJD
::Rule             Rdphp Alternative interface to File::Find          RCLAMP

11) String Processing, Language Text Processing, Parsing and Searching

Name               DSLIP Description                                  Info
------------       ----- -------------------------------------------- ----
::Approx           Rdpf? Approximate string matching and substitution JHI
::BitCount         adpf? Count number of "1" bits in strings          WINKO
::CRC              Rdcf? Cyclic redundency check generation           MUIR
::CRC32            R?c?? ZMODEM-like CRC32 generation of strings as w SOENKE
::DiffLine         bdcf? line # & position of first diff              ALLEN
::Edit             adpf? Assorted handy string editing functions      TOMC
::Parity           adpf? Parity (odd/even/mark/space) handling        WINKO
::RexxParse        Rdph? Perl implementation of REXX 'parse' command  BLCKSMTH
::Scanf            Rdpf? Implementation of C sscanf function          JHI
::ShellQuote       Rdpf? Quote string for safe passage through shells ROSCH
::Strip            Rdcf? xs Module to remove white-space from strings BPOWERS
::Random           RdpO? Perl module to generate random strings based STEVE
::Similarity       MdcOg Calculate the similarity of two strings      MLEHMANN
::Buffer           bdpOp A simple string buffer class.                MCKAY
::Multibyte        RdpOp manipulate multibyte character strings       SADAHIRO
::StringMaths      adpf? Do maths with letters and strings            SKINGTON
::Werder           RdpOg Meaningless gibberish generator              CXREG

Language text related modules

::Abbrev           Supf? Builds hash of all possible abbreviations    P5P
::Bastardize       cdpO? corrupts text in various ways                AYRNIEU
::Bib              RdpO? Module moved to Text::Refer                  ERYQ
::BibTeX           adcO? Parse BibTeX files                           GWARD
::CSV              adpO? Manipulate comma-separated value strings     ALANCITT
::CSV_XS           adcO? Fast 8bit clean version of Text::CSV         JWIED
::DelimMatch       RdpO? Match (possibly nested) delimited strings    NWALSH
::FillIn           RdpOp Fill-in text templates                       KWILLIAMS
::Format           RdpO? Advanced paragraph formatting                GABOR
::Graphics         RdpO? Graphics rendering toolkit with text output  SFARRELL
::Iconv            RdcO? Interface to iconv codeset conversion        MPIOTR
::Invert           cdpO? Create/query inv. index of text entities     NNEUL
::Macros           adpO? template macro expander (OO)                 JDPORTER
::Metaphone        bdcf? A modern soundex. Phonetic encoding of words MSCHWERN
::MetaText         bdpO? Text processing/markup meta-language         ABW
::Morse            cdpf? convert text to/from Morse code              JONO
::ParseWords       Supf? Parse strings containing shell-style quoting HALPOM
::Refer            RdpO? Parse refer(1)-style bibliography files      ERYQ
::SimpleTemplate   adpO? Template for dynamic text generation         TAIY
::Soundex          Sdhf? Convert a string to a soundex value          MARKM
::Tabs             Sdpf? Expand and contract tabs ala expand(1)       MUIR
::TeX              cdpO? TeX typesetting language input parser        ILYAZ
::Templar          bdpOa An object-oriented text templating system    GED
::Template         MdpO? Expand template text with embedded perl      MJD
::TreeFile         bdpO? Reads tree of strings into a data structure  JNK
::Vpp              RdpO? Versatile text pre-processor                 DDUMONT
::Wrap             Sdpf? Wraps lines to make simple paragraphs        MUIR
::iPerl            adpf? Bring text-docs to life via embedded Perl    PFEIFFER
::DoubleMetaphone  adcf? Convert string to phonetic encoding          MAURICE
::FastTemplate     bdpOg Perl subs from line-oriented templates       BOZZIO
::Substitute       adpf? Runtime backslash sequence substitution      ILTZU
::xSV              bdpO? Read CSV files, handling embedded returns    TILLY
::Header           bdpf? Content-independent RFC 822 header functions NWIGER
::BarGraph         RdpO? Generate text bar graph from data in a hash  KBAUCOM
::EtText           RmpO? editable-text format for HTML output         JMASON
::Quickwrap        cdcf? Width limiting fast text wrapper             IVANPAN
::Scan             bdcOp Fast text search for large number of keys    IWOODHEAD
::MicroMason       Rdpfp Simplified HTML::Mason Templating            EVO
::ScriptTemplate   RdpO? Lightweight full-featured template processor TAIY
::Hyphenate        a   ? Like Text::Wrap with ability to hyphenate    MJD

Other Text:: modules (these should be under String:: but pre-date it)

::Balanced         Mdpf? Extract balanced-delimiter substrings        DCONWAY
::Banner           adpf? Resembles UNIX banner command                LORY
::Merge            i???? Methods for text templating and data merging SHARRIS
::Parser           adpO? String parser using patterns and states      PATM
::Trie             adpf? Find common heads and tails from strings     ILYAZ

Stemming algorithms

::English          adpf? English language stemming                    IANPX
::German           adpf? German language stemming                     ULPFR
::Stem             bdpf? Porter algorithm for stemming English words  IANPX

Natural Languages

::DetectCharset    Rdpfp Heuristics to detect coded character sets    JNEYSTADT
::Ident            RdpO? Statistical language identification          MPIOTR
::Ispell           adpf? Interface to the Ispell spellchecker         JDPORTER
::Stem             Rdph? Word stemmer with localization               SNOWHARE
::Preferred        Rdpf? Pick a language based on user's preferences  EDAVIS
::Conjunction      Rdpfa Convert lists into conjunctions              RRWO
::Zompist          cdhhp Namespace for modules for languages of Almea PNE

Specific Natural Languages

::EN               i   ? Namespace for English language modules
::PT               bupf? Namespace for Portugese language modules     EGROSS
::AddressParse     RdpOp Manipulate geographical addresses            KIMRYAN
::Cardinal         Mnpfr Converts numbers to words                    HIGHTOWE
::Fathom           RdpOp Readability measurements for English text    KIMRYAN
::Hyphenate        bdpf? Syllable based hyphenation                   DCONWAY
::Infinitive       MdpO? Find infinitive of a conjugated word         RSAVAGE
::Inflect          Mdpf? English sing->plur, a/an, nums, participles  DCONWAY
::MatchNames       bdpf? Smart matching for human names               BRIANL
::NameCase         Rdpf? Convert NAMES and names to Correct Case      SUMMER
::NameParse        RdpOp Manipulate persons name                      KIMRYAN
::Nickname         bdpf? Genealogical nickname matching(Peggy=Midge)  BRIANL
::Ordinal          Mnpfr Converts numbers to words                    HIGHTOWE
::Squeeze          bdpf? Shorten english text for Pagers/GSM phones   JARIAALTO
::Syllable         a   ? Estimate syllable count in words             GREGFAST
::Ordinate         Rdpfp go from cardinal (53) to ordinal (53rd)      SBURKE
::Number           adpfp Translate numbers into Japanese              MSCHILLI
::JIS              Rdphp compare and sort Japanese character strings  SADAHIRO
::Hangul           cdpOo Basis function for Hangul character          OKLETSGO
::pln              cdpfp Portuguese Natural Language Processing       AMBS
::Perligata        RdpO? Perl in Latin                                DCONWAY
::Charset          anpf? Detect/Convert russian character sets.       FARBER
::Antimat          RdpOp Removes foul language from a Russian string  ILYAS
::HanConvert       adpfp Convert traditional <-> simplified Chinese   DIVEC
::CCDICT           adpOp Perl interface to CCDICT Chinese dictionary  DROLSKY
::CEDICT           adpOr CEDICT (Chin./Engl. dictionary)-Interface    CRENZ
::Barakhinei       adpfb Inflect Barakhinei nouns, verbs, adjectives  PNE
::Cuezi            idpfb Inflect Cuezi nouns, verbs, and adjectives   PNE
::Kebreni          adpOb Conjugate Kebreni verbs                      PNE
::Verdurian        bdpfb Inflect Verdurian nouns, verbs, adjectives   PNE
::Cadhinor         bdpfb Inflect Cadhinor nouns, verbs, adjectives    PNE
ERG                Rdpf? An extensible report generator framework     PHOENIXL
::Barcode          bdpf? Various types of barcodes as PostScript      COLEMAN
::Basic            bdpO? Basic methods for postscript generation      STWIGGER
::Document         bdpO? Generate multi-page PostScript               SHAWNPW
::Elements         bdpO? Objects for shapes, lines, images            SHAWNPW
::Font             RdpO? analyzes PostScript font files               JV
::FontInfo         RdpO? analyzes Windows font info files             JV
::FontMetrics      RdpO? analyzes Adobe Font Metric files             JV
::Metrics          bdpO? Font metrics data used by PS::TextBlock      SHAWNPW
::Resources        RdpO? loads Unix PostScript Resources file         JV
::TextBlock        bdpO? Objects used by PS::Document                 SHAWNPW
::PrinterFontMetrics bdpO? Get font metrics from .PFM files           JV
::BasicTypesetter  adpO? Basic typesetting functions                  JV
::PseudoISO        RdpO? Typesetting supprort                         JV
::ISOLatin1Encoding RdpO? ISO Latin1 Encoding vector                  JV
::StandardEncoding Rdpf? Adobe Standard Encoding vector               JV
::AFM              RdpO? Parse Adobe Font Metric files                GAAS
::TFM              RdpO? Read info from TeX font metric files         JANPAZ
::TTF              bdpO? TrueType font manipulation module            MHOSKEN
::Fret             RdpO? Fret - Font REporting Tool                   MHOSKEN
::Format           RdpOp Package for formatting numbers for display   WRW
::Encode           RdpOp Encode bit strings into digit strings        LUISMUNOZ
::US               Rdpf? Validates several US phone number formats    KENNEDYH
::Find             adpfp Find RFC 822 email addresses in plain text   MIYAGAWA
::ePerl            Rdcr? Embedded Perl (ePerl) parser                 RSE
::Lex              adpO? Generator of lexical analysers               PVERD
::RecDescent       MdpO? Recursive descent parser generator           DCONWAY
::Tokens           bdpOp Base class for parsing tokens from text      MCKAY
::Yapp             RdpOp Generates OO LALR parser modules             FDESAR
::YALALR           bdpO? Yet Another LALR parser                      SFINK
::Vipar            bdpO? Visual LALR parser debugger                  SFINK
::Lexer            adpOa Conventional generator of lexical analyzers  EKMETT
::ABNF             cmpOp Augmented Backus-Naur Form (RFC 2234)        MATTHEWG
::FixedLength      RdpO? Parse strings containing fixed length fields DOUGW
::Syntax           idpOp Syntax highlighter for programmers' forums   SHERZODR
::Syslog           bdpOp Parse Unix syslog files                      DSCHWEI
::Dict             Supf? Search a dictionary ordered text file        P5P
::InvertedIndex    RdpO? Inverted index database support              SNOWHARE
::Binary           Rdpf? Generic binary search                        RANT
::Element          cdpO? Build a SGML element structure tree          LSTAF
::Parser           adpOp SGML instance parser                         EHOOD
::SPGrove          bd+O? Load SGML, XML, and HTML files               KMACLEOD
::Entity           RdpO? An entity defined in an SGML or XML document KMACLEOD
SGMLS              RdpO? A Post-Processor for SGMLS and NSGMLS        INGOMACH
XML                RmhO? Large collection of XML related modules      XMLML
::AutoWriter       RdpO? DOCTYPE based XML output                     RBS
::CSV              RmpOa Transform comma separated values to XML      ISTERIN
::Canonical        adpOp Perl wrapper to libxml2 Canonical XML        TJMATHER
::Catalog          RdpO? Resolve public identifiers and remap system  EBOHLMAN
::Checker          ampOp Validates XML against DTD                    TJMATHER
::Clean            adpfa XMLized text.                                PKUBANEK
::Comma            RmpOg Toolkit for managing large "doc" collections KWINDLA
::DOM              bmpOp Implements Level 1 of W3's DOM               TJMATHER
::Directory        RdpOp Returns a content of directory as XML        PCIMPRICH
::Doctype          RdpO? A DTD object class                           RBS
::Dumper           ampO? Converts XML from/to Perl code               EISEN
::Edifact          ????? Scripts for translating EDIFACT into XML     KRAEHE
::Element          RdpOp XML elements with the same interface as HTML SBURKE
::Encoding         ????? Parses encoding map XML files                COOPERCL
::Excel            RmpOa Transform Excel spreadsheet data into XML    ISTERIN
::GDOME            amcOp Interface to Level 2 DOM gdome library       TJMATHER
::GXML             MdpOp XML transformation and XML->HTML conv.       JCARTER
::Generator        bdpO? Generates XML documents                      BHOLZMAN
::Grove            RmpO? Flexible lightweight mid-level XML objects   KMACLEOD
::NamespaceSupport RmpOp Generic namespace helpers (ported from SAX2) RBERJON
::PPD              RdpO? PPD file format and XML parsing elements     MURRAY
::PYX              RdpO? XML to PYX generator                         MSERGEANT
::Parser           bmcO? Flexible fast parser with plug-in styles     COOPERCL
::QL               ????? Implements the XML Query Language            MSERGEANT
::RDB              RdpOb create,populate, & unpop RDB tables from XML METZZO
::RegExp           ampnp Regular expressions for XML tokens           TJMATHER
::Registry         ampO? Implements a generic XML registry            EISEN
::Sablotron        RdcOo Interface to the Sablotron XSLT processor    PAVELH
::Simple           Rdphp Easy API to maintain XML (esp config files)  GRANTM
::Stream           RdpOl Module for handling XML Streams              REATMON
::TreeBuilder      RdpOp Build a tree of XML::Element objects         SBURKE
::UM               ampOp Convert UTF-8 strings to any encoding        TJMATHER
::Writer           ????? Module for writing XML documents             DMEGG
::XPath            RdpO? A set of modules for parsing and evaluating  MSERGEANT
::XQL              ampOp Performs XQL queries on XML object trees     TJMATHER
::XSLT             RdpOp Process XSL Transformational sheets          JSTOWE
::Xalan            ad+O? Interface to Xalan (Apache XSLT processor)   EDPRATOMO
::Xerces           Rm+Oo Perl API to Apache Xerces XML Parser         JASONS
::miniXQL          ????? Simplistic XQL-like search using streams     MSERGEANT
::STX              cdpOo Pure Perl STX engine                         PCIMPRICH
::Twig             RmpOp A module for easy processing of XML          MIROD
::OCS              cdpOp OCS (Open Content Syndication) parser        BHANN
::XSLT             amcOp XSLT using libxslt and XML::GDOME            TJMATHER
::Composer         ampOp Another XML printer/writer/generator         TJMATHER
::PrintEvents      ampOp Prints PerlSAX events (for debugging)        TJMATHER
::DetectWS         ampOp PerlSAX filter detects ignorable whitespace  TJMATHER
::Reindent         ampOp Reformats whitespace for pretty printing XML TJMATHER
::SAXT             ampOp Replicates SAX events to SAX event handlers  TJMATHER
::Sort             RmpOp SAX filter for sorting elements in XML       GRANTM
::String           RdpOp Module to capture output from XML::Writer    SOLIVER
::CSV              RmpOp complements XML::CSV, SAX interface          ISTERIN
::Excel            RdpO? complements XML::Excel, SAX interface        ISTERIN
::Generator        adhhp Generator for the creation of XForms         DHAGEMAN
::RPC              ????? Performs Remote Procedure Calls using XML    KMACLEOD
::Service          ampO? RDF API with DBI and other backends          JONAS
::Core             cdpOo Basic RDF Tools                              PAVELH
::Redland          MdhOl Redland RDF library                          DJBECKETT
::Base             i   ? Classes for Microsoft Rich Text Format       NI-S
::Generator        cdpOp Next Generation of RTF::Document             RRWO
::Parser           a   ? Base class for parsing RTF files             PVERD
::Tokenizer        bdphp Module for Tokenizing RTF                    SARGIE
::Schema           bdpO? Convert a data dictionary to SQL statements  TODD
::Statement        adcO? Small SQL parser and engine                  JWIED
::Builder          adpO? OO interface for creating SQL statements     ZENIN
::Generator        adpOg Generate SQL-queries via OO perl             MUENALAN
::Snippet          bdpOp Constraint-based OO Interface to RDBMS       PRL
::DVI              RdpO? Methods for writing DVI (DeVice Independent) JANPAZ
::Hyphen           RdpO? Hyphenate words using TeX's patterns         JANPAZ
FrameMaker         cdpO? Top level FrameMaker interface               PEASE
::FDK              idcO? Interface to Adobe FDK                       PEASE
::MIF              cdpO? Parse and Manipulate FrameMaker MIF files    PEASE
::Control          cdpO? Control a FrameMaker session                 PEASE
Marpa              cd+O? Context Free Parser                          JKEGL
::Eliza            RdpO? Eliza algorithm encapsulated in an object    JNOLAN
::Question         cdpO? Questions and Answers wrapper                RFOLEY
Template           RdpO? Extensive Toolkit for template processing    ABW
dTemplate          RmhOp Fast and flexible templating system          DLUX
::Code128          adpOn Generate CODE 128 bar codes                  WRW
::Perl             Rdph? Perform syntax highlighting of Perl code     JOHNSCA
XMLI               bdpOa Encapsulates XML drivers                     ISTERIN
::SAC              bmpOp Perl implementation of the Simple API to CSS RBERJON
Whitespace         MdpOp Detect and cleanup bogus whitespace in files RVAIDH
PDF                RdpO? PDF access and manipulation in Perl          ANTRO
::Core             RdpO? Core Library for PDF library                 ANTRO
::Parse            RdpO? parsing functions for PDF library            ANTRO
::Create           RmpOd Create PDF files                             FTASSIN
::Labels           RdpOp Produce sheets of mailing labels in PDF      OWEN
::PlainLayout      bdpOg Package providing simple PDF layout elements STRAITJAC
::Simple           Rdpfp Create PCL for printing plain text files     PRL

12) Option, Argument, Parameter and Configuration File Processing

Name               DSLIP Description                                  Info
------------       ----- -------------------------------------------- ----
::ArgvFile         Rdpfa Take options from files                      JSTENZEL
::Declare          MdpO? An easy-to-use WYSIWYG command-line parser   DCONWAY
::EvaP             Mdpr? Long/short options, multilevel help          LUSOL
::Gnu              adcf? GNU form of long option handling             WSCOT
::Help             bdpf? Yet another getopt, has help and defaults    IANPX
::Long             Sdpr? Advanced handling of command line options    JV
::Mixed            Rdpf? Supports both long and short options         CJM
::Regex            ad  ? Option handling using regular expressions    JARW
::Simple           MdpO? A simple-to-use interface to Getopt::Long    RSAVAGE
::Std              Supf? Implements basic getopt and getopts          P5P
::Tabular          adpr? Table-driven argument parsing with help text GWARD
::Tiny             adpr? Table of references interface, auto usage()  MUIR
::GetArgs          adpfp Enhanced argument passing to subroutines     BBB
::Attribute        Rdprp Attribute wrapper for Getopt::Long           MARCEL
::Long             adpfa Parses long function args f(-arg => value)   DCOPPIT
Argv               bdph? Provide an OO interface to an ARGV           DSB
ConfigReader       cdpO? Read directives from configuration file      AMW
Resources          bdpf? Application defaults management in Perl      FRANCOC
App::             General application development tools
::Config           bdpO? Configuration file mgmt                      ABW
::Manager          adchp Installing/Managing/Uninstalling Software    MLEHMANN
::FreeForm         bdpfp Provide in-memory configuration data         BTROTT
::IniFiles         Rmphp Read/Write INI-Style configuration files     WADG
::Ini              RdpOp Accesses Windows .ini and .reg files         AVATAR
CfgTie             adph? Framework for tieing system admin tasks      RANDYM
AppConfig          MdpO? Application config (from ARGV, file, ...)    ABW
::Std              RdpO? Provides standard configuration options      NEILB
::Simple           RdpOp Read simple configuration file formats       BDFOY
Sparky             bdpfp support functions for Sparky data collector  JLHOLT
::Info             adpOp Information about software packages          DWHEELER

13) Internationalization and Locale

Name               DSLIP Description                                  Info
------------       ----- -------------------------------------------- ----
::Charset          Rdpf? Character set names and aliases              MTHURN
::Collate          Sdpr? Locale based comparisons                     JHI
::LangTags         Mdpfp compare & extract language tags (RFC3066)    SBURKE
::WideMulti        i   ? Wide and multibyte character string          JHI
::Country          Rdpf? ISO 3166 two letter country codes            NEILB
::Date             adpf? Month/weekday names in various languages     JHI
::Langinfo         cdcf? The <langinfo.h> API                         JHI
::Language         Rdpf? ISO 639 two letter language codes            NEILB
::Msgcat           RdcO? Access to XPG4 message catalog functions     CHRWOLF
::PGetText         bdpf? What GNU gettext does, written in pure perl  MSHOYHER
::SubCountry       RdpOp ISO 3166-2 two letter subcountry codes       KIMRYAN
::gettext          Rdcf? Multilanguage messages                       PVANDRY
::Maketext         RdpOp Framework for software localization          SBURKE
::PO               RdpO? Manipulate .po entries from gettext          ALANSZ
::Currency         Rdpf? ISO 4217 codes for currencies and funds      NEILB
::String           RdcO? String manipulation for Unicode strings      GAAS
::Map8             RdcO? Convert between most 8bit encodings          GAAS
::Normal           i???? Composition, canonical ordering, blocks      MHOSKEN
::MapUTF8          Rdpf? Conversions to and from arbitrary charsets   SNOWHARE
::Japanese         RdhOp Japanese Character Encoding Handler          MIKAGE
::Lite             bdpfp Easy conversion between encodings            AMICHAUER
::Dato             Rdpf? Norwegian stuff                              GAAS
::KontoNr          Rdpf? Norwegian stuff                              GAAS
::PersonNr         Rdpf? Norwegian stuff                              GAAS
::Sort             Rdpf? Norwegian stuff                              GAAS
::Telenor          Rdpf? Norwegian stuff                              GAAS
::Cstocs           RdpO? Charset reencoding                           JANPAZ
::Sort             RdpO? Czech sorting                                JANPAZ
::Speak            bdpf? number, etc. convertor to the Czech language YENYA
::States           Rdp?? Map states and provinces to their codes      ABIGAIL
::ArbBiLex         Mdpfp sort functions for arbitrary sort orders     SBURKE

14) Authentication, Security and Encryption (see also Networking)

Name               DSLIP Description                                  Info
------------       ----- -------------------------------------------- ----
::Utmp             Rdcf? Perl access to UNIX utmp(x)-style databases  MPIOTR
::pwent            adpf? A by-name interface to password database     TOMC
::grent            adpf? A by-name interface to groups database       TOMC
::utent            cdcO? Interface to utmp/utmpx/wtmp/wtmpx database  ROSCH
PGP                adpO? Simple interface to PGP subprocess via pipes PGPML
::Sign             bdprp Create/verify PGP/GnuPG signatures, securely RRA
GnuPG              bdpO? Perl interface to the GNU privacy guard.     FRAJULAC
::Interface        MdpO? OO interface to GNU Privacy Guard            FTOBIN
DES                adcf? DES encryption (libdes)                      EAYNG
Des                adcf? DES encryption (libdes)                      MICB
GSS                adcO? Generic Security Services API (RFC 2078)     MSHLD
OpenCA             RmpOb PKIs Object Management Tools                 MADWOLF
SMIMEUtil          amhf? Sign, encrypt, verify, decrypt S/MIME mail   SAMPO
::MD5              Rdchp  MD5 message digest algorithm                GAAS
::MD2              Rdch?  MD2 message digest algorithm                GAAS
::SHA1             cdch?  NIST SHA message digest algorithm           UWEH
::HMAC             Rdph?  HMAC message integrity check                GAAS
::UserSID          adph? Managing session-id's with Digest::SHA1      XWOLF
::BubbleBabble     bdpfp Create bubble-babble fingerprints            BTROTT
::MD4              RdcO? Perl interface to the RSA Data Security Inc. MIKEM
::MD5              Mdphg Pure perl implementation of MD5              DELTA
::Blowfish         RdhO? XS-based implementation of Blowfish          DPARIS
::Blowfish_PP      bdpOp Blowfish encryption algorithm in Pure Perl   MATTBM
::CBC              adpO? Cipherblock chaining for Crypt::DES/IDEA     LDS
::CBCeasy          bdpf? Easy things make really easy with Crypt::CBC MBLAZ
::DES              a   ? DES encryption (libdes)                      GARY
::ElGamal          bdpO? ElGamal digital signatures and keys          VIPUL
::IDEA             a   ? International Data Encryption Algorithm      GARY
::Keys             adpO? Management system for cryptographic keys     BTROTT
::OTP              Rdpf? Implements One Time Pad encryption           SIFUKURT
::Passwd           Mdhf? Perl wrapper around the UFC Crypt            LUISMUNOZ
::PasswdMD5        Mdhf? Interoperable MD5-based crypt() function     LUISMUNOZ
::PRSG             a   ? 160 bit LFSR for pseudo random sequences     GARY
::RC4              RdpOp Implements the RC4 encryption algorithm      SIFUKURT
::Random           Rdph? Cryptographically Strong Random Numbers      VIPUL
::Rot13            cdpO? simple encryption often seen on usenet       AYRNIEU
::RSA              bmpO? RSA public-key cryptosystem.                 VIPUL
::Solitaire        RdpOp A very simple encryption system              SIFUKURT
::Twofish          RdcOa The Twofish Encryption Algorithm             AMS
::UnixCrypt        Rdpf? Perl-only implementation of crypt(3)         MVORL
::RandPasswd       RdpO? Random password generator based on FIPS-181  JDPORTER
::Rijndael         bdch? AES/Rijndael Encryption Module               DIDO
::TripleDES        RdpO? Triple DES encyption.                        VIPUL
::PGP5             bdpOp Object-oriented interface to PGP v5.         AGUL
::PGP6             cdpOp Object-oriented Interface to PGP v6.         AGUL
::PGP              cdpOp Unified interface to PGP and GnuPG           AGUL
::GPG              bdpOp Object-oriented interface to GnuPG           AGUL
::ECB              Mdph? ECB mode for Crypt::DES, Blowfish, etc.      APPEL
::CipherSaber      RdpOp OO module for CS-1 and CS-2 encryption       CHROMATIC
::PGPSimple        cdpO? Basic interface to PGP                       JHINKLE
::TEA              RdcOa Tiny Encryption Algorithm                    AMS
::DSA              bdpOp DSA signatures and key generation            BTROTT
::NULL             RdpOa NULL Encryption Algorithm                    AMS
::DH               bdpOp Diffie-Hellman key exchange system           BTROTT
::PassGen          adpfp Generate pronouncable passwords              TJENNESS
::GOST             bdpO? GOST encryption algorithm                    AMS
::SKey             bdpfp Perl S/Key calculator                        KWILLIAMS
::SmbHash          bdpfg LM/NT hashing, for Samba's smbpasswd entries BJKUIT
::Twofish2         MdcOp Crypt::CBC compliant Twofish encryption      MLEHMANN
::OpenPGP          RdpOp Pure-Perl OpenPGP implementation             BTROTT
::Rijndael_PP      bdphg pure perl implementation of Rijndael (AES)   DELTA
::RSA              RdcOp Interface to OpenSSL RSA methods             IROBERTS
::Random           bdcOp Interface to OpenSSL PRNG methods            IROBERTS
::BN               bdcO? Interface to OpenSSL arithmetic              IROBERTS
::AuthSign         bdpOp Schnorr Authentication & Signature Protocols AGUL
::ACE              adcO? Interface to Security Dynamics ACE (SecurID) DCARRIGAN
::Krb4             RdcO? Interface to Kerberos 4 API                  JHORWITZ
::Krb5             RdcO? Interface to Kerberos 5 API                  JHORWITZ
::PAM              bdch? Interface to PAM library                     NIKIP
::TacacsPlus       adcO? Authentication on tacacs+ server             MSHOYHER
::Ticket           adpO? Suite consisting of master/client/tools      JSMITH
::PIN              RdpOp Create and verify strong PIN numbers         LUISMUNOZ
::ACE4             RdcO? Perl extension for accessing a SecurID ACE s MIKEM
::CyrusSASL        bdpOa Cyrus-sasl pwcheck/saslauthd authentication. MAKLER
::SASL             RmpOp SASL authentication framework                GBARR
::KDB              adpOp Parse Kerberos5 database files               DKS
::Easy             bdcfp Easy krb5 client interface using krb libs.   SCHALLEE
::Cyrus            adpOg XS Interface to Cyrus SASL                   ADAMSON
::Dictionary       bdpO? Object interface to RADIUS dictionaries      CHRMASTO
::Packet           bdpO? Object interface to RADIUS (rfc2138) packets CHRMASTO
::UserFile         RdpOp Manipulate a RADIUS users file               OEVANS
SSLeay             cdcO? Interface to SSLeay                          EAYNG

15) World Wide Web, HTML, HTTP, CGI, MIME etc (see Text Processing)

Name               DSLIP Description                                  Info
------------       ----- -------------------------------------------- ----
::Attr             ampO? Stores attributes in the URI name space      LWWWP
::Bookmark         bdpO? A Class for bookmarks                        ASPIERS
::Bookmarks        bdpO? A Class for bookmark collections             ASPIERS
::Escape           Rmpf? General URI escaping/unescaping functions    LWWWP
::Find             adpOp Find URIs in plain text                      ROSCH
::URL              RmpO? Uniform Resource Locator objects             LWWWP
::Sequin           Rdpfg Takes search terms from URLs                 SARGIE
::Application      MmpOp Framework for building reusable web-apps     JERLBAUM
::ArgChecker       bdpO? Consistent, extensible CGI param validation  DLOWE
::Authent          Mdppp conditionaly send the HTTP authent request   JENDA
::Base             RmpO? Complete HTTPD CGI Interface class           CGIP
::BasePlus         RmpO? Extra CGI::Base methods (incl file-upload)   CGIP
::CList            bdpO? Manages hierarchical collapsible lists       PEARCEC
::Cache            adpf? Speed up slow CGI scripts by caching         DCOPPIT
::Carp             cmpf? Drop-in Carp replacement for CGI scripts     CGIP
::Debug            Mdph? show CGI debugging data                      JONAS
::Deurl            Mdphp decode the CGI parameters                    JENDA
::Enurl            Mdpfp encode the CGI parameters                    JENDA
::Formalware       MdpO? Convert an XML file to a suite of CGI forms  RSAVAGE
::Imagemap         Rdph? Imagemap handling for specialized apps       MIKEH
::LogCarp          Rdphp Error, log, bug streams, httpd style format  MIKEKING
::MiniSvr          RmpO? Fork CGI app as a per-session mini server    CGIP
::Minimal          MdpO? A micro-sized CGI handler                    SNOWHARE
::MultiValuedHash  bdpOp Store and manipulate url-encoded data        DUNCAND
::MxScreen         adpOa Screen multi-plexer framework                PURDY
::Out              adpf? Buffer CGI output and report errors          MUIR
::PathInfo         RdpO? A lightweight PATH_INFO based CGI package    SNOWHARE
::Persistent       adpO? Transparent State Persistence in CGI scripts VIPUL
::Query            adpO? Parse CGI quiry strings                      MPECK
::QuickForm        Rdpf? Handles UI & validation for CGI forms        SUMMER
::Request          RmpO? Parse CGI request and handle form fields     CGIP
::Response         ampO? Response construction for CGI applications   MGH
::SSI_Parser       bdpf? Implement SSI for Perl CGI                   VADIM
::Screen           adpO? Create multi screen CGI-scripts              ULPFR
::Session          RdpOp Session management in CGI  applications      SHERZODR
::SpeedyCGI        Mmcn? Run perl CGI scripts persistenly             HORROCKS
::Validate         adpO? Advanced CGI form parser                     ZENIN
::WML              RdpO? Subclass of for WML output            AWOOD
::XML              ampO? Convert variables to/from XML         EISEN
::XMLForm          adpO? Create/query XML for forms                   MSERGEANT
::SecureState      RdpOp Securely stores CGI parameters               BEHROOZI
::State            bdpf? CGI params into multi-dimensional hash       DKUBB
::SSI              RdpO? Use SSI from CGI scripts                     JAMES
::FormMagick       bmpOp FormMagick                                   SKUD
::Test             adpOa Off-line CGI test framework                  SFINK
::Portable         adpOp Framework for server-generic web apps        DUNCAND
::MxWidget         idpOa CGI widgets for using with CGI::MxScreen     RAM
::SimpleCache      adpOp Simple and fast cache for CGI modules        JSCH
::URI2param        Rdpfp extract query keys and values out of an URI  DOMM
::ManageSession    cdpO? Base class for managing CGI state            RRWO
::Base             adpO? Object-oriented way to build pages of HTML   GAND
::CalendarMonth    RmpO? Calendar Months as easy HTML::Element trees  MSISK
::Demoroniser      adpO? Correct moronic and incompatible HTML        JDPORTER
::EP               adpO? Modular, extensible Perl embedding           JWIED
::Element          RdpOp Representation of a HTML parsing tree        SBURKE
::ElementGlob      RmpO? Manipulate multiple HTML elements as one     MSISK
::ElementRaw       RmpO? Graft HTML strings onto an HTML::Element     MSISK
::ElementSuper     RmpO? Various HTML::Element extensions             MSISK
::ElementTable     RmpO? Tables as easy HTML element structures       MSISK
::Embperl          Rmcf? Embed Perl in HTML                           GRICHTER
::Entities         Rmpf? Encode/decode HTML entities                  LWWWP
::FillInForm       RdpO? Fill in HTML forms, separating HTML and code TJMATHER
::Formatter        ampO? Convert HTML to plain text or Postscript     LWWWP
::HeadParser       RmpO?  Parse <HEAD> section of HTML documents      LWWWP
::LinkExtor        RmpO?  Extract links from HTML documents           LWWWP
::Mason            MdpOp Build sites from modular Perl/HTML blocks    JSWARTZ
::Parser           RmcO? Basic HTML Parser                            LWWWP
::QuickCheck       cdpf? Fast simple validation of HMTL text          YLU
::Simple           bdpf? Simple functions for generating HTML         TOMC
::SimpleParse      RdpOp Bare-bones HTML parser                       KWILLIAMS
::StickyForms      adpO? HTML form generation for mod_perl/CGI        PMH
::Stream           RdpO? HTML output stream                           ERYQ
::Subtext          adpO? Text substitutions on an HTML template       KAELIN
::Table            RupOp Write HTML tables via spreadsheet metaphor   AJPEACOCK
::TableExtract     RmpO? Flexible HTML table extraction               MSISK
::TableLayout      bdpO? an extensible OO layout manager              PERSICOM
::Template         MmpOp a simple HTML templating system              SAMTREGAR
::TokeParser       RmpO?  Alternative HTML::Parser interface          LWWWP
::Validator        bdpO? HTML validator utilizing nsgmls and libwww   SAIT
::Tagset           Rdpfp data tables useful in parsing HTML           SBURKE
::EasyTags         RdpOp Make well-formed XHTML or HTML 4 tags, lists DUNCAND
::FormTemplate     bdpOp Make data-defined persistant forms, reports  DUNCAND
::LoL              Rdpf? Construct HTML from Perl data structures     BOBG
::ActiveLink       bdpO? Dynamically activate HTML links based on URL NWIGER
::WebMake          RmpO? simple web site management system            JMASON
::Lint             RdpOp HTML validation module (& script)            PETDANCE
::Bricks           bmpOb Build web sites without writing code or HTML PETERMCD
::Index            RdpOp Perl extension for indexing HTML files       AWRIGLEY
::Macro            MdpOp processes HTML templates                     SOKOLOV
::Encoding         RdpO? Determine the encoding of (X)HTML documents  BJOERN
::FromText         RdpO? Mark up text as HTML                         CWEST
::Processor        RdpOp OO Template Processing Library for HTML,Text PSCHNELL
::ParseBrowser     RdpOp OO User Agent string parser                  DODGER
::CalendarMonthDB  adpfn Module Generating Persistant HTML Calendars  MCVELLA
::GenToc           RdpOg generate table of contents for HTML docs     RUBYKAT
::ParseForm        i   ? Parse and handle HTML forms via templates    NMONNET
::LinkExtractor    MdpOp Extract links from an HTML document          PODMASTER
::ImodePictogram   bdpfp encode / decode i-mode pictogram             MIYAGAWA
::DateEntry        RdpO? Creates date entry widgets for HTML forms.   KENNEDYH
::Menu             RdpO? Builds an HTML menu                          FRANKIE
::Search           RdpO? Perl module for building searches returning  FRANKIE
::Browscap         cdpO? Provides info on web browser capabilities    JAMESPO
::BrowserDetect    adph? Detect browser, version, OS from UserAgent   LHS
::Cookies          RmpO? Storage of cookies                           LWWWP
::DAV              ampO? A client module for the WebDAV protocol      PCOLLINS
::Daemon           RmpO? Base class for simple HTTP servers           LWWWP
::Date             Rmpf? Date conversion for HTTP date formats        LWWWP
::Headers          RmpO? Class encapsulating HTTP Message headers     LWWWP
::Message          RmpO? Base class for Request/Response              LWWWP
::Negotiate        Rmpf? HTTP content negotiation                     LWWWP
::Request          RmpO? Class encapsulating HTTP Requests            LWWWP
::Response         RmpO? Class encapsulating HTTP Responses           LWWWP
::Status           Rmpf? HTTP Status code processing                  LWWWP
::GHTTP            RdcO? Perl interface to the gnome ghttp library    MSERGEANT
::WebTest          Rdphp Run tests on remote URLs or local web files  ILYAM
::QuickBase        RdpO? Wraps the QuickBase HTTP API                 CVONROES
::Webdav           amhOp Interface to Neon HTTP and WebDAV library    GRICHTER
::Test             idpOa Web application regression testing framework RAM
::Size             bdpfa get the download size for web resources      BDFOY
::SimpleLinkChecker Rdpfp get the HTTP status of a URL                BDFOY
::Common           Rmpf? Functions that generate HTTP::Requests       LWWWP
::Form             RdpOp Generates HTTP::Request objects out of forms GBAUER
::Access           cdpO? Management of server access control files    LDS
::Authen           bdpO? Preform HTTP Basic and Digest Authentication LDS
::Config           cdpO? Management of server configuration files     LDS
::GroupAdmin       bdpO? Management of server group databases         LDS
::UserAdmin        bdpO? Management of server user databases          LDS
::Filter           RdpOp module to filter entries out of an httpd log AWRIGLEY
::Connection       i???? handle client and component connections      QMACRO
::RPC              i???? implements Jabber-RPC (XML-RPC over Jabber)  QMACRO
::HTTPgate         i???? gateway between XML-RPC and Jabber-RPC       QMACRO
LWP                RmpO? Libwww-perl                                  LWWWP
::Conn             ampO? LWPng stuff                                  LWWWP
::MediaTypes       Rmpf? Media types and mailcap processing           LWWWP
::Parallel         RmpOp Allows parallel http, https and ftp access   MARCLANG
::Protocol         RmpO? LWP support for URL schemes (http, file etc) LWWWP
::RobotUA          RmpO? A UserAgent for robot applications           LWWWP
::Simple           Rmpf? Simple procedural interface to libwww-perl   LWWWP
::UA               ampO? LWPng stuff                                  LWWWP
::UserAgent        RmpO? A WWW UserAgent class                        LWWWP
::Wbmp             i???? Wireless bitmap manipulation module          SAA
::WML              i???? Wireless Markup language routines            SAA
::Card             RdpO? Builds WML code for different wap browsers   MALVARO
::Deck             RdpO? WML Deck generator                           MALVARO
::BBSWatch         RdpO? email WWW bulletin board postings            TAYERS
::Robot            adpO? Web traversal engine for robots & agents     NEILB
::RobotRules       ampO? Parse /robots.txt file                       LWWWP
::Search           MmpO? Front-end to Web search engines              MTHURN
::Link             iupOp Link Testing related modules                 MIKEDLR
::Google           adpOp URI class for Google cache                   MIYAGAWA
::Hotmail          adpOp Get mail from an HTTPMail server ie. Hotmail HOWARD
::AlltheWeb        RdpO? Class for searching AlltheWeb                JSMYSER
::Go               RdpO? Backend class for searching with      ALIAN
::FirstGov         RdpO? Backend class for searching     SUTCH
::Ebay             RdpO? search auctions on              MTHURN
::Excite           RdpO? search on                     MTHURN
::HotBot           RdpO? search on                     MTHURN
::Lycos            RdpO? search on                      MTHURN
::Magellan         RdpO? search on Magellan                           MTHURN
::Yahoo            RdpO? search various flavors of      MTHURN
::RpmFind          RmpOp Search interface for             ALIAN
::Google           RdpOp search Google via SOAP                       LBROCARD
::Base64           Rdhf? Encode/decode Base 64 (RFC 2045)             GAAS
::QuotedPrint      Rdpf? Encode/decode Quoted-Printable               GAAS
::Decoder          RdpO? OO interface for decoding MIME messages      ERYQ
::Entity           RdpO? An extracted and decoded MIME entity         ERYQ
::Head             RdpO? A parsed MIME header                         ERYQ
::IO               ?dpO? DEPRECATED: now part of IO::                 ERYQ
::Latin1           ?dpO? DEPRECATED and removed                       ERYQ
::Lite             RdpO? Single module for composing simple MIME msgs ERYQ
::Parser           RdpO? Parses streams to create MIME entities       ERYQ
::Types            MdpOp Information and processing MIME types        MARKOV
::Words            Rdpf? Encode/decode RFC1522-escaped header strings ERYQ
::HTML             bmpO? Provide routine to transform HTML to MIME    ALIAN
Apache             RmcO? Interface to the Apache server API           DOUGM

Apache PerlHandler modules

::ASP              MdpOg Active Server Pages for Apache and mod_perl  CHAMAS
::AdBanner         cdpf? Ad banner server                             CHOLET
::AddrMunge        bdpf? Munge email addresses in webpages            MJD
::Archive          bdpf? Make linked contents pages of .tar(.gz)      JPETERSON
::AutoIndex        Rdcf? Lists directory content                      GOZER
::AxKit            RdcO? XML Application Server for Apache            MSERGEANT
::BBS              cdpO? BBS like System for Apache                   MKOSSATZ
::CallHandler      cdpf? Map filenames to subroutine calls            GKNOPS
::Compress         bdpOp Compress content on the fly                  KWILLIAMS
::Dir              i   ? OO (subclassable) mod_dir replacement        DOUGM
::Dispatch         bmpf? Call PerlHandlers as CGI scripts             GEOFF
::Embperl          Rmcf? Embed Perl in HTML                           GRICHTER
::EmbperlChain     bdpO? Feed handler output to Embperl               CHOLET
::FTP              i   ? Full-fledged FTP proxy                       PMKANE
::Filter           RdpOp Lets handlers filter each others' output     KWILLIAMS
::Forward          bdpO? OutputChain like functionality               MPB
::Gateway          bdpf? A multiplexing gateway                       CCWF
::GzipChain        bmpf? Compress files on the fly                    ANDK
::Layer            bdpf? Layer content tree over one or more          SAM
::Magick           bdpf? Image conversion on-the-fly                  MPB
::Mason            bdpO? Build sites w/ modular Perl/HTML blocks      JSWARTZ
::ModuleDoc        bdpf? Self documentation for Apache C modules      DOUGM
::NNTPGateway      adpf? A Web based NNTP (usenet) interface          BOUBAKER
::NavBar           bdpO? Navigation bar generator                     MPB
::OWA              bdpf? Runs Oracle PL/SQL Web Toolkit apps          SVINTO
::OutputChain      bmpO? Chain output of stacked handlers             JANPAZ
::PageKit          ampOo MVC Web App framework, based on mod_perl/XML TJMATHER
::PassFile         bdpf? Send file via OutputChain                    ANDK
::PerlRun          Smpf? Run unaltered CGI scripts                    APML
::PrettyPerl       Rdpf? Syntax highlighting for Perl files           RA
::PrettyText       bdpf? Re-format .txt files for client display      CHTHORMAN
::RandomLocation   bdpf? Random image display                         RKOBES
::Registry         Smpf? Run unaltered CGI scripts                    APML
::Reload           RdpO? Reload changed modules (extending StatINC)   MSERGEANT
::RobotRules       cdpf? Enforce robot rules (robots.txt)             PARKER
::SSI              RmpOp Implement server-side includes in Perl       KWILLIAMS
::SSIChain         bmpO? SSI on other modules output                  JANPAZ
::Sandwich         Mmpfp Layered document (sandwich) maker            VKHERA
::ShowRequest      bdpf? Show phases and module participation         DOUGM
::SimpleReplace    ampf? Simple replacement template tool             GEOFF
::Stage            Rdpf? Manage a document staging directory          ANDK
::TarGzip          c   ? Manage .tar.gz file                          ZENIN
::TimedRedirect    bdpf? Redirect urls for a given time period        PETERM
::UploadSvr        bdpO? A lightweight publishing system              ANDK
::VhostSandwich    cdpf? Virtual host layered document maker          MARKC
::WDB              bdpf? Database query/edit tool using DBI           JROWE
::WebSQL           cdpO? Adaptation of Sybase's WebSQL                GUNTHER
::ePerl            Rdpr? Fast emulated Embedded Perl (ePerl)          RSE
::iNcom            bdpf? An e-commerce framework                      FRAJULAC
::CVS              bdpO? Apache PerlContentHandler for CVS            BARBEE
::Motd             adph? Add motd functionality to Apache webserver   CRAMIREZ
::DnsZone          bdpna Webbased dns-zone manager for BIND           THOMAS
::AuthExpire       bdpfp PerlAuthenHandler to implement time limits   JJHORNER
::OpenIndex        Rmpfp Apache modperl module to manage site files   SANDERSON
::SharedMem        adpOg Share data between Apache children prcesses  RSOLIV
::AntiSpam         bdpOp AntiSpam filter for web pages                MIYAGAWA
::Storage          RdpO? Storing data in Apache.                      KROW
::Clickable        bdpOp Make URLs and Emails in HTML clickable       MIYAGAWA
::RedirectDBI      RdpO? Redirect to different directories by DBI     SANDERSON
::AuthCookieLDAP   RdpO? An AuthCookie module backed by LDAP database BJORNARDO
::ParseControl     cdpOp control the parsing of server-side scripts   DAPATRICK
::HTMLView         bmpfl A mod_perl module for compiled HTMLView page BJORNARDO
::ACEProxy         bdpOp IDN compatible ACE proxy server              MIYAGAWA
::LogIgnore        RdpOg mod_perl log handler to ignore connections   BEATNIK
::UploadMeter      bdpnp Provides GUI progress meter for HTTP uploads ISAAC
::Template         RdpOp Apache interface to the Template Toolkit     ABW
::Htaccess         RdpOp read and write apache .htaccess files        BDFOY
::Lint             bdpfp HTML validation filter using HTML::Lint      PETDANCE
::Lite             impO? Lightweight IIS emulation under Apache       FERGUSOR

Apache PerlInitHandler modules

::RequestNotes     ampf? Pass cookie & form data around pnotes        GEOFF

Apache PerlAuthenHandler modules

::AuthAny          bdpf? Authenticate with any username/password      MPB
::AuthenCache      Rdpng Cache authentication credentials             JBODNAR
::AuthCookie       RdpO? Authen + Authz via cookies                   MSCHOUT
::AuthenDBI        bmpO? Authenticate via Perl's DBI                  MERGL
::AuthenGSS        cdpf? Generic Security Service (RFC 2078)          DOUGM
::AuthenIMAP       bdpf? Authentication via an IMAP server            MICB
::AuthenPasswdSrv  bdpf? External authentication server               JEFFH
::AuthenPasswd     bdpf? Authenticate against /etc/passwd             DEP
::AuthLDAP         bdpf? LDAP authentication module                   CDONLEY
::AuthPerLDAP      bdpf? LDAP authentication module (PerLDAP)         HENRIK
::AuthenNIS        bdpf? NIS authentication                           DEP
::AuthNISPlus      bdpF? NIS Plus authentication/authorization        VALERIE
::AuthenRaduis     bdpf? Authentication via a Radius server           DANIEL
::AuthenSmb        bdpf? Authenticate against NT server               PARKER
::AuthenURL        bdpf? Authenticate via another URL                 JGROENVEL
::DBILogin         bdpf? Authenticate/authorize to backend database   JGROENVEL
::DCELogin         bdpf? Obtain a DCE login context                   DOUGM
::PHLogin          bdpf? Authenticate via a PH database               JGROENVEL
::TicketAccess     bdpO? Ticket based access/authentication           MPB

Apache PerlAuthzHandler modules

::AuthzAge         bmpf? Authorize based on age                       APML
::AuthzDCE         cdpf? DFS/DCE ACL based access control             DOUGM
::AuthzDBI         bmpO? Group authorization via Perl's DBI           MERGL
::AuthzGender      bdpf? Authorize based on gender                    MPB
::AuthzNIS         bdpf? NIS authorization                            DEP
::AuthzPasswd      bdpf? Authorize against /etc/passwd                DEP
::AuthzSSL         bdpf? Authorize based on client cert               MPB
::RoleAuthz        i   ? Role-based authorization                     DOUGM

Apache PerlAccessHandler modules

::AccessLimitNum   bmpf? Limit user access by number of requests      APML
::BlockAgent       bdpf? Block access from certain agents             MPB
::DayLimit         bmpf? Limit access based on day of week            MPB
::RobotLimit       cdpf? Limit access of robots                       PARKER
::SpeedLimit       bdpf? Control client request rate                  MPB

Apache PerlTypeHandler modules

::MIME             bdcf? Perl implementation of mod_mime              MPB
::MimeDBI          bdpf? Type mapping from a DBI database             MPB
::MimeXML          bdpf? mime encoding sniffer for XML files          MSERGEANT

Apache PerlTransHandler modules (May also include a PerlHandler)

::AdBlocker        bdpf? Block advertisement images                   MPB
::AddHostPath      adpf? Prepends parts of hostname to URI            RJENKS
::AnonProxy        bdpf? Anonymizing proxy                            MPB
::Checksum         bdpf? Manage document checksum trees               MPB
::DynaRPC          i   ? Dynamically translate URIs into RPCs         DOUGM
::LowerCaseGETs    bdpf? Lowercase URI's when needed                  PLISTER
::MsqlProxy        bmpf? Translate URI's into mSQL queries            APML
::ProxyPass        bdpf? Perl implementation of ProxyPass             MJS
::ProxyPassThru    bdpO? Skeleton for vanilla proxy                   RMANGI
::ProxyCache       i   ? Caching proxy                                DOUGM
::StripSession     bdpf? Strip session info from URI                  MPB
::Throttle         bdpf? Speed-based content negotiation              DONS
::TransLDAP        bdpf? Translate URIs to LDAP queries               CDONLEY

Apache PerlFixupHandler modules

::RefererBlock     bdpf? Block based on MIME type + Referer           CHOLET
::Timeit           bmpf? Benchmark PerlHandlers                       APML
::Usertrack        bdpf? Perl version of mod_usertrack                ABH

Apache PerlLogHandler modules

::DBILogConfig     Rdpng Custom format logging via DBI for mod_perl   JBODNAR
::DBILogger        bdpf? Logging via DBI                              ABH
::DumpHeaders      bdpf? Watch HTTP transaction via headers           DOUGM
::LogMail          bdpf? Log certain requests via email               MPB
::Traffic          bdpf? Logs bytes transferred, per-user basis       MAURICE
::WatchDog         c   ? Look for problematic URIs                    DOUGM

Apache PerlChildInitHandler modules

::Resource         Smpf? Limit resources used by httpd children       APML

Apache Server Configuration

::ConfigLDAP       i   ? Config via LDAP and <Perl>                   MARKK
::ConfigDBI        i   ? Config via DBI and <Perl>                    MARKIM
::ModuleConfig     SmcO? Interface to configuration API               APML
::PerlSections     SmpO? Utilities for <Perl> sections                APML
::httpd_conf       bmpO? Methods to configure and run an httpd        APML
::src              SmpO? Finding and reading bits of source           APML

Apache Database modules

::DBI              MmpO? Persistent DBI connection mgmt.              ABH
::Mysql            bdpO? Persistent connection mgmt. for Mysql        NJENSEN
::DBlib            bmpO? Persistent DBlib connection mgmt.            BMILLETT
::CTlib            Mdpn? Persistent CTlib connection mgmt for Apache  MDOWNING

Interfaces and integration with Apache C structures and modules

::Backhand         bdcr? Bridge between mod_backhand + mod_perl       DLOWE
::CmdParms         SmcO? Interface to Apache cmd_parms struct         APML
::Command          bmcO? Interface to Apache command_rec struct       APML
::Connection       SmcO? Inteface to Apache conn_rec struct           APML
::Constants        Smcf? Constants defined in httpd.h                 APML
::ExtUtils         SmpO? Utils for Apache:C/Perl glue                 APML
::File             SmcO? Methods for working with files               APML
::Handler          bmcO? Interface to Apache handler_rec struct       APML
::Log              SmcO? ap_log_error interface                       APML
::LogFile          bmcO? Interface to Apache's piped logs, etc.       APML
::Module           bmcO? Interface to Apache module struct            APML
::Scoreboard       RdcO? Perl interface to Apache's scoreboard.h      DOUGM
::Server           SmcO? Interface to Apache server_rec struct        APML
::SubProcess       cmcO? Interface to Apache subprocess API           APML
::Table            SmcO? Interface to Apache table struct + API       APML
::URI              SmcO? URI component parsing and unparsing          APML
::Util             Smcf? Interface to Apache's util*.c functions      APML

HTTP Method handler

::PATCH            bdpf? HTTP PATCH method handler                    MPB
::PUT              cdpf? HTTP PUT method handler                      SORTIZ
::Roaming          bdpO? PUT/GET/MOVE/DELETE (Netscape Roaming)       JWIED

Watchdog and Monitoring tools

::SizeLimit        Smpf? Graceful exit for large children             APML
::GTopLimit        Sdpnp Child exit on small shared or large mem      STAS
::Status           Smpf? Embedded interpreter runtime status          APML
::VMonitor         Mdpnp Visual System and Processes Monitor          STAS
::RunAway          Rdpnp RunAway processes watchdog/terminator        STAS

Development and Debug tools

::DB               amcO? Hook Perl interactive DB into mod_perl       DOUGM
::Debug            Rmpf? mod_perl debugging utilities                 APML
::DebugInfo        ampO? Per-request data logging                     GEOFF
::DProf            bmcf? Hook Devel::DProf into mod_perl              DOUGM
::FakeRequest      ampO? Implement Apache methods off-line            APML
::Leak             bmcf? Memory leak tracking routines                APML
::Peek             amcf? Devel::Peek for mod_perl                     APML
::SawAmpersand     bmpf? Make sure noone is using $&, $' or $`        APML
::SmallProf        bmpf? Hook Devel::SmallProf into mod_perl          DOUGM
::StatINC          Smpf? Reload require'd files when updated          APML
::Symbol           bmcO? Things for symbol things                     APML
::Symdump          bmpf? Symbol table snapshots to disk               APML
::test             Smpf? Handy routines for 'make test' scripts       APML

Miscellaneous Apache modules

::Byterun          i   ? Run Perl bytecode modules                    DOUGM
::Cookie           amcO? C version of CGI::Cookie                     APML
::Icon             bdcO? Access to AddIcon* configuration             DOUGM
::Include          Smpf? mod_include + Apache::Registry handler       APML
::Mmap             bdcf? Share data via Mmap module                   FLETCH
::ParseLog         bdpO? OO interface to Apache log files             AKIRA
::RegistryLoader   SmpO? Apache::Registry startup script loader       APML
::Request          amcO? functionality using API methods       JIMW
::Safe             ampO? Adaptation of "safecgiperl"                  APML
::Session          RmpOa Maintain client <-> httpd session/state      JBAKER
::Servlet          ampO? Interface to the Java Servlet engine         IKLUFT
::SIG              SmpO? Signal handlers for mod_perl                 APML
::State            i   ? Powerful state engine                        RSE
::TempFile         bdpf? Manage temporary files                       TOMHUGHES
::Upload           amcO? File upload class                            APML
::Encrypted        adpOp Cookies with value auto encrypted/decrypted  JKRASNOO
::Skin             bdpOp Enables use of skin files with Apache::MP3   RGRAFF
::Bookmarks        bdp?? Netscape bookmarks                           BDFOY
::Cache            RdpOp Access Netscape cache files                  SREZIC
::History          bdpO? Class for accessing Netscape history DB      NEILB
::HistoryURL       bdpO? Like a URI::URL, but with visit time         NEILB
::Server           adcO? Perl interface to Netscape httpd API         BSUGARS
::CSP              cdpO? Interface to HyperWave's HCI protocol        GOSSAMER
::FileCopy         Rdpf? Get, put, copy, delete files located by URL  BZAJAC
::Digest           bdpf? Internet Cache Protocol (RFCs 2186 and 2187) MHAMILTON
ASP                Rdpr? Interface for ASP PerlScript and Apache::ASP TIMMY
Authorizenet       bdpf? Get Credit Card Info from authorizenet       DLINCOLN
BizTalk            RdpO? Microsoft BizTalk Framework Toolkit          SIMONJ
CGI_Lite           MnpO? Light-weight interface for fast apps         SHGUN
CIPP               RdpOp Preprocessor for embedding Perl, SQL in HTML JRED
Catalog            bmpO? Manage/display resources catalog (URLs etc.) LDACHARY
WDDX               RdpO? Allows distributed data exchange via XML     GUELICH
WING               RmhO? Apache based IMAP/NNTP Gateway               MICB
WOMP               cdpO? CGI App Dev Suite: authen/state/html         SPADKINS
FCGI               Rdhrd Fast CGI                                     SKIMO
::ProcManager      bdpO? A FastCGI process manager                    JURACH
PApp               Rmchd Multi-page-state-preserving web applications MLEHMANN
OurNet             Rmhhp Interface to BBS-based groupware platforms   AUTRIJUS
HTTP:QuickBase     RdpO? Wraps the QuickBase HTTP API                 CVONROES
UDDI               RdpO? UDDI client interface                        GAAS
Slash              Rmphg Runs; get it from CNANDOR
::OurNet           ampOp Slash WebBBS module via OurNet connectivity  AUTRIJUS
::Syndicate        bmpOp Advanced Kibo plugin for Slash               AUTRIJUS
::OSD              cmpOp Remote deployment and signature verification AUTRIJUS
::Sync             RmpOp Synchronize OurNet::BBS Objects              CLKAO

16) Server and Daemon Utilities

Name               DSLIP Description                                  Info
------------       ----- -------------------------------------------- ----
MailBot            cdpO? Archive server, listserv, auto-responder     RHNELSON
Event              bmch? fast, generic event loop                     JPRIT
::Stats            Rmcf? Collects statistics for Event                JPRIT
::tcp              bmpO? TCP session layer library                    JPRIT
EventServer        RnpO? Triggers objects on i/o, timers & interrupts JACKS
::Functions        Rnpf? Utility functions for initializing servers   JACKS
::Gettimeofday     Rnpr? gettimeofday syscall wrapper                 JACKS
::Signal           Rnpr? signalhandler for the eventserver            JACKS
::Server           RmpOp Custom FUSE server creation                  IAMCAL
::Client           RmpOp Custom FUSE client creation                  IAMCAL
::Compiler         idph? State machine compiler for TCP/IP servers    CHSTROSS
::Generic          RdpO? generic OOP class for internet servers       CHSTROSS
::Portal           bmpO? Sets up a mini-server accessible via telnet  JPRIT
::Server           impO? RFC2445 calendar server                      SRL
::Client           impO? RFC2445 calendar client                      SRL
::EventDriven      RnpO? See 'EventServer' (compatibility maintained) JACKS
::MailPipe         cnp ? A process which accepts piped mail           JACKS
::TcpDForking      cnp ? TCP daemon which forks clients               JACKS
::TcpDMplx         cnp ? TCP daemon which multiplexes clients         JACKS
::TcpISWFork       cnp ? TCP inetd wait process, forks clients        JACKS
::TcpISWMplx       cnp ? TCP inetd wait process, multiplexes clients  JACKS
::TcpISNowait      cnp ? TCP inetd nowait process                     JACKS
::UdpD             cnp ? UDP daemon                                   JACKS
::UdpIS            cnp ? UDP inetd process                            JACKS
::Functions        cnpf? Utility functions for Inet socket handling   JACKS
::Object           cnpO? Basic Inet object                            JACKS
::TcpClientObj     cnpO? A TCP client (connected) object              JACKS
::TcpMasterObj     cnpO? A TCP master (listening) object              JACKS
::UdpObj           cnpO? A UDP object                                 JACKS
::Functions        cnpf? Functions for handling files and mailboxes   JACKS
::Object           cnpO? Basic object                                 JACKS
::DirQueue         cnpO? Files queued in a directory                  JACKS
::MboxQueue        cnpO? Mail queued in a mail box                    JACKS
::Functions        cnpf? Functions for handling files and mailboxes   JACKS
::Object           cnpO? Basic mail object                            JACKS
::Queue            i   ? Generic printer spooling facilities          RAM
::Warp             Rmcf? Change the start and speed of Event time     JPRIT

17) Archiving, Compression and Conversion

Name               DSLIP Description                                  Info
------------       ----- -------------------------------------------- ----
::Bzip2            Rdcf? Interface to the Bzip2 compression library   AZEMGI
::LZO              Rdcf? Interface to the LZO compression library     MFX
::LZV1             Mdcfg Leight-weight Lev-Zimpel-Vogt compression    MLEHMANN
::Zlib             RdcOp Interface to the Info-Zip zlib library       PMQS
::LZF              Rdcfb Fast/Free/Small data compression library     MLEHMANN
::ASN1             adpO? Standard en/decode of ASN.1 structures       GBARR
::BER              adpO? Class for encoding/decoding BER messages     GBARR
::BinHex           anpO? Convert to/from RFC1741 HQX7 (Mac BinHex)    ERYQ
::EBCDIC           adpf? ASCII to/from EBCDIC                         CXL
::Recode           Rdpf? Mapping functions between character sets     GAAS
::SciEng           bdpO? Convert numbers with scientific notation     COLINK
::Translit         MdpO? String conversion among many character sets  GENJISCH
::UU               bdpf? UUencode and UUdecode                        ANDK
::UUlib            Mdcrp Intelligent de- and encode (B64, UUE...)     MLEHMANN
::GeekCode         bnphp Convert and generate geek code sequences     AUTRIJUS
::IBM390           Rdhfp Convert data from/to S/390 representations   GROMMEL
::Morse            Rdpfp Convert from/to Morse code (.--. . .-. .-..) TELS
::RACE             bdpf? Conversion between Unicode and RACE          MIYAGAWA
::Base             adph? Convert integers to/from arbitrary bases.    VIPUL
::PEM              bdpOp Read/write encrypted ASN.1 PEM files         BTROTT
::Base32           bdpfp Encoding and decoding of base32 strings      MIYAGAWA
::DUDE             bdpfp Conversion between Unicode and DUDE          MIYAGAWA
::TNEF             RdpO? Perl module to read TNEF files               DOUGW
::Armor            RdpO? Convert binary octets to ASCII armoured msg. VIPUL
::Disk             bdpO? Read/write Apple II disk image files         CJM
::ProDOS           bdpO? Manipulate files on ProDOS disk images       CJM
::DOS33            i   ? Manipulate files on DOS 3.3 disk images      CJM
::Pascal           i   ? Manipulate files on Apple Pascal disk images CJM
::Tar              adpO? Read, write and manipulate tar files         SRZ
::Zip              RdpOp Provides an interface to ZIP archive files   NEDKONZ
::Parity           adpfp makes parity file, recover files             FGLOCK
::Ar               cdpOp Read, write and manipulate ar archives       AHAMM
::Cache            RdpOp Generic cache interface and implementations  DCLINTON
::Mmap             adpOp Shared data cache using memory mapped files  PMH
PPM                Rdpf? Perl Package Manager                         MURRAY
RPM                adcO? RPM package management                       RJRAY
::Constants        adcO? Constants for RPM package management         RJRAY
::Database         adcO? DB interface for RPM package management      RJRAY
::Headers          adcO? Headers for RPM package management           RJRAY

18) Images, Pixmap and Bitmap Manipulation, Drawing and Graphing

Name               DSLIP Description                                  Info
------------       ----- -------------------------------------------- ----
ElectricArc        RdpO? Generic diagram manipulation toolset         SELKOVJR
GIFgraph           RdpO? Obsolete, see GD::Graph                      MVERB
Gimp               Mmchp Rich interface to write plugins for The Gimp MLEHMANN
GraphViz           RdpOp Interface to the GraphViz graphing tool      LBROCARD
Imager             RmhOp Draws, reads and writes Imagefiles           ADDI
OpenGL             adcf? Interface to OpenGL drawing/imaging library  FIJI
PGPLOT             Rdof? PGPLOT plotting library - scientific graphs  KGB
PixDraw            adcO? Drawing and manipulating true color images   KSB
RenderMan          a   ? Manipulate RenderMan objects                 GMLEWIS
T3D                cdpO? Realtime extensible 3D rendering             GJB
ThreeD             i   ? Namespace root for all kinds of 3D modules   ADESC
GD                 adcO? Interface to Gd Graphics Library             LDS
::Barcode          bdpO? Create barcode image with GD                 KWITKNR
::Graph            RdpO? Create charts using GD                       MVERB
::Text             RdpO? Classes for string handling with GD          MVERB
::Gauge            bdpOp Create various graphic gauges using GD       CCLOUTIER
::Graph            bdpOp Series of Modules to produce SVG graphs      MRMIKE
VRML               RdpO? VRML methods independent of specification    HPALM
::VRML1            RdpO? VRML methods with the VRML 1.0 standard      HPALM
::VRML2            RdpO? VRML methods with the VRML 2.0 standard      HPALM
::Color            Rdpf? color functions and X11 color names          HPALM
::Base             RdpO? common basic methods                         HPALM
::Browser          i   ? A complete VRML viewer                       LUKKA
::Libplot          RdcO? Binding for C libplotter plotting library    JLAPEYRE
::Plotter          Rd+O? Binding for C++ libplotter plotting library  MAKLER
::Simple           idcO? Simple drawing primitives                    NEERI
::Turtle           idp ? Turtle graphics package                      NEERI
::ColorNames       bdprp provides RGB values for standard color names RRWO
::MNG              ad+Op Perl I/F to the MNG library from Gerard Juyn MOTT
::Colorimetry      cdpO? transform colors between colorspaces         JONO
::DS9              adpO? Interface to SAO DS9 image & analysis prog   DJERIUS
::Grab             RdpOp Grabbing images off the Internet             MAHEX
::Magick           RdcO? Read, query, transform, and write images     JCRISTY
::ParseGIF         RdpO? Parse GIF images into component parts        BENL
::Size             Rdpf? Measure size of images in common formats     RJRAY
::Info             RdpO? Extract meta information from image files    GAAS
::Imlib2           RdcOp Interface to the Imlib2 image library        LBROCARD
::DeAnim           RdpO? Create static GIF file from animated GIF     KENMACF
::IPTCInfo         RdpOp Extracts IPTC meta-info from images          JCARTER
::Timeline         bdpOp Create GIF or PNG timelines                  KWILLIAMS
::WorldMap         RdpO? Create graphical world maps of data          LBROCARD
::Thumbnail        Rdpfp Produce thumbnail imag with the GD library   LGODDARD
::Base             RdpO? Business chart widget collection             NINJAZ
::Gdchart          bdch? based on Bruce V's C gdchart distribution    MHEMPEL
::Graph            Rmpr? front-end to gnuplot and XRT                 CAIDAPERL
::PNGgraph         RdpO? Package to generate PNG graphs, uses   SBONDS
::Pie              adpO? Implements "new Chart::Pie()"                KARLON
::Plot             bdcO? Graph two-dimensional data (uses      SMORTON
::XMGR             Rdphp interface to XMGR plotting package           TJENNESS
::Pie3d            adpO? 3d Pie Chart Render                          EKMETT
::GRACE            Rdphp Interface to GRACE plotting package          TJENNESS
Xmms               bdcO? Interactive remote control shell for xmms    DOUGM
::Config           bdcO? Perl interface to the xmms_cfg_* API         DOUGM
::Remote           bdcO? Perl interface to the xmms_remote_* API      DOUGM
::Plugin           i   ? Perl interface to the xmms plugin APIs       DOUGM
::SWF              cmpO? Read/Write Macromedia Flash SWF files        SABREN
SVG                RdpOp Generate SVG images                          RONAN

19) Mail and Usenet News

Name               DSLIP Description                                  Info
------------       ----- -------------------------------------------- ----
::Address          adpf? Manipulation of electronic mail addresses    MARKOV
::Alias            bdpO? Manipulate E-mail aliases and alias files    ZELT
::Audit            RdpO? Toolkit for constructing mail filters        SIMON
::Cap              adpO? Parse mailcap files as specified in RFC 1524 MARKOV
::CheckUser        Rdpfp Check email addresses for validity           ILYAM
::Ezmlm            bdpO? Object methods for ezmlm mailing lists       GHALSE
::Field            RdpO? Base class for handling mail header fields   MARKOV
::Folder           adpO? Base-class for mail folder handling          KJOHNSON
::Freshmeat        RdpOg Parses newsletters from AFOXSON
::Header           RdpO? Manipulate mail RFC822 compliant headers     MARKOV
::Internet         adpO? Functions for RFC822 address manipulations   MARKOV
::MH               adcr? MH mail interface                            MRG
::Mailer           adpO? Simple mail agent interface (see Mail::Send) MARKOV
::POP3Client       RdpO? Support for clients of POP3 servers          SDOWD
::Procmail         Rdpf? Procmail-like facility for creating easy mai JV
::Send             adpO? Simple interface for sending mail            MARKOV
::Sender           MdpOp socket() based mail with attachments, SMTP   JENDA
::Sendmail         Rdpfp Simple platform independent mailer           MIVKOVIC
::UCEResponder     i   ? Spamfilter                                   CHSTROSS
::Util             adpf? Mail utilities (for by some Mail::* modules) MARKOV
::IMAPClient       RdpO? An IMAP Client API                           DJKERNEN
::Box              RmpOp Mail folder manager and MUA backend          MARKOV
::Vmailmgr         bdpO? A Perl module to use Vmailmgr daemon         MARTIN
::ListDetector     bdpO? Mailing list message detector                MSTEVENS
::PerlTix          cmpO? Mail ticketing and transaction system        JJARVINEN
::MboxParser       RdpOp Read-only access to UNIX-mailboxes           VPARSEVAL
::SpamAssassin     bmpOa Mail::Audit spam detector plugin             JMASON
::Verify           Rdpfb Attempt to verify an email address           PETEF
::QmailRemote      bdpOp send email using qmail-remote directly.      IKEBE
::Sieve            cdpOp RFC 3028 Mail Filtering                      BRONG
::VersionTracker   bdpOg Parses newsletters from   AFOXSON
::Vacation         adpOp perl implementation of vacation program      RFOLEY
::Received         RdpO? Parses Received headers as per RFC822        ASPIERS
::LDAP             adpOp vacation program using LDAP                  RFOLEY
::Article          adpO? Module for handling Usenet articles          AGIERTH
::Gateway          ampOp Mail/news gatewaying, moderation support     RRA
::NNTPClient       MdpOp Support for clients of NNTP servers          RVA
::Newsrc           RdpOp Manage .newsrc files                         SWMCD
::Scan             cdpO? Gathers and reports newsgroup statistics     GBACON
::GnusFilter       bdpfp gnus MIME-hook filter to score usenet posts  JOESUF
::Server           i   ? Support for an NNTP server                   JOEHIL
::Server           adpO? An simple RFC 977 NNTP server                ULPFR
::Admin            RdpO? IMAP Administration                          EESTABROO
::Milter           Rdch? Write mail filters for sendmail in Perl      CYING
::AccessDB         adpfp Interface to sendmail's access.db            DREDD

20) Control Flow Utilities (callbacks and exceptions etc)

Name               DSLIP Description                                  Info
------------       ----- -------------------------------------------- ----
AtExit             Rdpr? atexit() function to register exit-callbacks BRADAPP
Callback           RdpO? Define easy to use function callback objects MUIR
Religion           adpr? Control where you go when you die()/warn()   KJALB
::Package          bdpfp Prepend package name to warn/die messages    GWYN
::PrePostCall      adpO? Add actions before and after a routine       PVERD
::Scope            b?cfp Register code to run on scope leaves.        ABERGMAN
Memoize            Sdprp Automatically cache results of functions     MJD
::ExpireLRU        Rdpr? Provide LRU Expiration for Memoize           BPOWERS
ReleaseAction      bdph? Trigger actions on destruction of a handle   TILLY
::Prototype        bdpng Allows for inter-prototype variable def's    MZSANFORD
Coro               Rdchp create an manage coroutines                  MLEHMANN
::Class            RdpOp Declare exception class hierarchies          DROLSKY
::Cxx              Rd+f? Cause perl to longjmp using C++ exceptions   JPRIT

21) File Handle, Directory Handle and Input/Output Stream Utilities

Name               DSLIP Description                                  Info
------------       ----- -------------------------------------------- ----
::AtomicFile       RdpO? Write a file which is updated atomically     ERYQ
::Dir              cdpO? Directory handle objects and methods         P5P
::File             cdpO? Methods for disk file based i/o handles      P5P
::Handle           cdpO? Base class for input/output handles          P5P
::Lines            RdpO? I/O handle to read/write to array of lines   ERYQ
::Pipe             cdpO? Methods for pipe handles                     P5P
::React            RdpOp Object oriented expect-like communication    GARROW
::STREAMS          cdcO? Methods for System V style STREAMS control   NI-S
::Scalar           RdpO? I/O handle to read/write to a string         ERYQ
::ScalarArray      RdpO? I/O handle to read/write to array of scalars ERYQ
::Seekable         cdpO? Methods for seekable input/output handles    P5P
::Select           adpO? Object interface to system select call       P5P
::Socket           cdpO? Methods for socket input/output handles      P5P
::Stty             Rdpfp POSIX compliant stty interface               RGIERSIG
::Tee              RdpO? Multiplex output to multiple handles         KENSHAN
::Wrap             RdpO? Wrap old-style FHs in standard OO interface  ERYQ
::WrapTie          RdpO? Tie your handles & retain full OO interface  ERYQ
::Zlib             bdpO? IO:: style interface to Compress::Zlib       TOMHUGHES
::Default          RdpO? Replace select() with $DEFOUT, $DEFERR, $DEF NWIGER
::String           RdpO? IO::File interface for in-core strings       GAAS
::Stringy          RdpO? I/O on in-core objects like strings/arrays   ERYQ
::Filter           adpOg Generic filters for IO handles.              RWMJ
::Tty              RdcOg provide an interface to TTYs and PTYs        RGIERSIG
::Multiplex        bdpha Manage Input Output on many file handles     BBB
FileHandle         SupO? File handle objects and methods              P5P
FileCache          Supf? Keep more files open than the system permits P5P
DirHandle          SupO? Directory handle objects and methods         CHIPS
SelectSaver        SupO? Save and restore selected file handle        CHIPS
Selectable         cdpO? Event-driven I/O streams                     MUIR
::Agent            adpOa A general logging framework                  MROGASKI
::Delayed          RdpOa Delay error exits until multiple errors seen WSNYDER
::Detect           RdpOa Detect and show error regexps in logfiles    WSNYDER
::Dispatch         RdpOp Log messages to multiple outputs             DROLSKY
::Topics           Rdpf? Control flow of topic based logging messages JARW
::TraceMessages    RdpO? Print developer's trace messages             EDAVIS
::Logger           adpOa Application-level logging interface          MROGASKI
::Rotate           adpOa Logfile rotation config and support          MROGASKI
Expect             RdpOp Perl version of Don Libes' Tcl-Expect        RGIERSIG

22) Microsoft Windows Modules

Name               DSLIP Description                                  Info
------------       ----- -------------------------------------------- ----
::ADO              adpf? ADO Constants and helper functions           MSERGEANT
::ASP              Rdpr? Makes PerlScript ASP development easier      WNODOM
::AbsPath          Rdpfp relative paths to absolute, understands UNCs JENDA
::AdminMisc        Rdcf? Misc admin and net functions                 DAVEROTH
::COM              cd+O? Access to native COM interfaces              JDB
::ChangeNotify     bdcO? Monitor changes to files and directories     CJM
::Clipboard        Rdchp Interaction with the Windows clipboard       ACALPINI
::Console          Rdchp Win32 Console and Character mode functions   ACALPINI
::Event            bdcO? Use Win32 event objects for IPC              CJM
::EventLog         adcf? Interface to Win32 EventLog functions        WIN32
::FUtils           bdcf? Implements missing File Utility functions    JOCASA
::FileOp           Mdpfp file operations + fancy dialogs, INI files   JENDA
::FileType         RdpOp modify Win32 file type mapping               JENDA
::GD               RdcO? Win32 port of the GD extension (gif module)  DAVEROTH
::GUI              bmchp Perl-Win32 Graphical User Interface          ACALPINI
::GuiTest          Mmcfp SendKeys, FindWindowLike and more            ERNGUI
::IPC              bdcO? Base class for Win32 synchronization objects CJM
::Internet         RdcOp Perl Module for Internet Extensions          ACALPINI
::Message          bdcf? Network based message passing                DAVEROTH
::Mutex            bdcO? Use Win32 mutex objects for IPC              CJM
::NetAdmin         adcf? Interface to Win32 NetAdmin functions        WIN32
::NetResource      adcf? Interface to Win32 NetResource functions     WIN32
::ODBC             Rd+O? ODBC interface for accessing databases       DAVEROTH
::OLE              Rm+h? Interface to OLE Automation                  JDB
::Pipe             Rd+O? Named Pipes and assorted function            DAVEROTH
::Process          adcf? Interface to Win32 Process functions         WIN32
::RASE             Rdpf? Dialup entries and connections on Win32      MBLAZ
::Registry         adcf? Interface to Win32 Registry functions        WIN32
::Semaphore        bdcO? Use Win32 semaphore objects for IPC          CJM
::SerialPort       RdpO? Win32 Serial functions/constants/interface   BBIRTH
::Shortcut         Rd+Op Manipulate Windows Shortcut files            ACALPINI
::Sound            Rdchp An extension to play with Windows sounds     ACALPINI
::WinError         adcf? Interface to Win32 WinError functions        WIN32
::SystemInfo       RdpO? Memory and Processor information             CJOHNSTON
::API              RdcOp Perl Win32 API Import Facility               ACALPINI
::DriveInfo        Rdpf? drives on Win32 systems                      MBLAZ
::Msiexec          cnpfp a MSIEXEC.EXE like frontend to manage *.msi  SNIPER
::SharedFileOpen   bdcfp Interface to Win32 sopen + fsopen functions  SHAY
::Guidgen          bdpfp Generates GUIDs                              JOEPHAYES
::Carp             Rdpfp For carping in the Windows NT Event Log      RRWO
::Mci              cdch? An interface for the MCI system on Win32     THAMUS
::Joystick         cdch? An interface for game controllers on Win32   THAMUS
::OPC              RdpO? Ole for Process Control Server Interface     MARTINTO
::CommPort         RdpO? Win32 Serial functions/constants/interface   BBIRTH
::Console          cdcf? Win32 Console Window functions/consts        TYEMQ
::File             cdcf? Win32 file/dir functions/constants           TYEMQ
::Registry         adcf? Win32 Registry functions/constants           TYEMQ
::WinStruct        cdcf? Routines for Win32 Windowing data structures TYEMQ
::Window           cdcf? Win32 Windowing functions/constants          TYEMQ
WinNT              cdcf? Interface to Windows NT specific functions   WIN32
NT                 cdcf? Old name for WinNT - being phased out        WIN32
::Win32EventLog    RdpOp Log::Dispatch to the Win32 Eventlog          ABERGMAN

23) Miscellaneous Modules

Name               DSLIP Description                                  Info
------------       ----- -------------------------------------------- ----
ARS                Mmhh? Interface to Remedy's Action Request API     JMURPHY
Agent              cnpOa Transportable Agent module                   SPURKIS
Archie             Rdpfp Archie queries via Prospero ARDP protocol    GBOSS
BnP                RdhOp Build'n'Play all-purpose batch install. tool STBEY
CPAN               RdpO? Perl Archive browse and download             ANDK
Gedcom             bmpOp Interface to genealogy Gedcom files          PJCJ
Hints              RdpOp Tools for access hints databases (tips)      MILSO
Logfile            RdpO? Generic methods to analyze logfiles          ULPFR
Neural             ad+O? Generic simulation of neural networks        LUKKA
Nexus              cdcO? Interface to Nexus (threads/ipc/processes)   RDO
Roman              Rdpf? Convert Roman numbers to and from Arabic     OZAWA
SDDF               cd+O? Interface to Pablo Self Defining Data Format FIS
::Fuzzy            RdpO? Perl extension for Fuzzy Logic               SABREN
::jNeural          RdcOg Jet's Neural Architecture                    JETTERO
::NeuralNet        RdpO? A simple back-prop neural net                JBRYAN
::Categorize       bdpOp Automatically classify documents by content  KWILLIAMS
::SOM              adpO? Kohonen Self-Organizing Maps                 VOISCHEV
::Sequence         RdpO? Base class of mutation methods +gene grammar AJGOUGH
::Simple           RdpO? Base class of mutation methods               AJGOUGH
::Coord            Rdpf? Transform telescope and source coordinates   CPHIL
::Misc             Rdpf? Miscellaneous astronomical routines          CPHIL
::MoonPhase        Rdpf? Information about the phase of the Moon.     RPIKKARA
::SLA              Rdcfp Interface to SLALIB positional astronomy lib TJENNESS
::SunTime          cdpf? Calculate sun rise/set times                 ROBF
::Time             Rdpfp General time conversions for Astronomers     CPHIL
::Sunrise          Rdpfp Computes sunrise/sunset for a given day      RKHILL
::SkyCat           cd+Op Interface to ESO SkyCat library              TJENNESS
::Cosmology        bdcOp Calculate cosmological distance/volume/times DJBURKE
::SkyCoords        bdpOp celestial coordinates in astronomy           GRIXON
::Header           RdpOg interface to FITS headers                    AALLAN
::CD               bdcO? Perl interface to libcdaudio (cd + cddb)     DOUGM
::Sox              i   ? sox sound library as one or more modules     NI-S
::SoundFile        adcO? Sound I/O based on libsndfile, PDL interface TAIY
::Mixer            bdcf? Sound mixer control using ioctl              SERGEY
::OSS              Rdcf? Interface to Open Sound System audio devices DJHD
::Ecasound         bdhhp ecasound bindings, sound and fx processing   BOWMANBS
::MPEG             adhhg Encode/Decode MPEG Audio (MP3)               PTIMOF
::MPG123           MdcO? Generic frontend for MPG123                  MLEHMANN
::ID3v1Tag         MdpO? ID3v1 MP3 Tag Reader/Writer                  SVANZOEST
::ID3v2Tag         bdpO? OO, extensible ID3 v2.3 tagging module       MDIMEO
::MP3Play          RdhOp Create your own MPEG audio player            JRED
::Info             Rdpha Manipulate / fetch info from MP3 audio files CNANDOR
::Tag              bdpO? Tag - Module for reading tags of mp3 files   THOGEE
::Daemon           bdpO? A daemon that possesses mpg123               BEPPU
::M3U              bdpOg M3u playlist parser                          ILIAL
::UPC              i   ? Produce PostScript UPC barcodes              JONO
Bio                i   ? Utilities for molecular biology              SEB
::Genex            bmpO? Store, manipulate gene expression data       JASONS
::Cashcow          i???? Internet payment with the Danish PBS         GKE
::CreditCard       Rdpfp Credit card number check digit test          IVAN
::ISBN             RdpO? Work with ISBN as objects                    BDFOY
::ISSN             adpO? Object and functions to work with ISSN       SAPAPO
::OnlinePayment    RdpO? Ecommerce middleware                         JASONK
::UPC              ????? manipulating Universal Product Codes         ROBF
::US_Amort         Mdphp US-style loan amortization calculations      SBURKE
::Elements         RdpOp Working with Chemical Elements               BDFOY
::Isotopes         idpO? extends Elements to deal with isotopes       BDFOY
::Conf             adpO? Cisco router administratian via TFTP         JWIED
::Simple           adpOp Less restrictive interface to     SEANQ
::DB               bdpO? persistence for ECDs                         BEPPU
::ECD              bdpO? represent ECD files as perl objects          BEPPU
::OMatic           RdpO? A CGI-based FAQ/help database maintainer     ABH
::Client           RdpO? Communicate with a Festival server           GOSSAMER
::Async            RdpO? Festival client blocking or non-blocking     DJHD
FestVox            i???? Build synthetic voices (cf. LENZO
::Quote            RmpOg Fetch stock prices over the Internet         PJF
::QuoteHist        RdpO? Historical stock quotes from multiple sites  MSISK
::Streamer         adpOp interface to Datek Streamer                  JERI
::NikkeiQuote      bdpO? get stock information from Nikkei            DAIBA
::Commonwealth     bdpOp A web-banking front-end                      DDICK
::Cards            adpO? Tools to write card games in Perl            AKARGER
::Dice             adpfb Simulates rolling dice                       PNE
::Hex              cdpO? Object library for hexmap-based board games  JHKIM
::WordFind         bdpO? Generate word-find type puzzles              AJOHNSON
::Alak             Rdpfp a simple gomoku-like game                    SBURKE
::Dissociate       Mdpfp a Dissociated Press algorithm and filter     SBURKE
::Worms            RdpOp A life simulator for Conway/Patterson worms  SBURKE
::AIBots           bmpOp An improved clone of A.I.Wars in Perl        AUTRIJUS
::METAR            Rdpf? Process Aviation Weather (METAR) Data        JZAWODNY
::Storm_Tracker    i   ? Retrieves tropical storm advisories          CARPENTER
::WeatherNOAA      Rdpf? Current/forecast weather from NOAA           MSOLOMON
::IP               adpOp Look up country by IP Address                TJMATHER
::SMS              Rmpha Modules for sending and receiving SMS        JOHANVDB
::DB               cdpO? Handle HP 200LX palmtop computer database    GGONTER
::DBgui            cdpO? Tk base GUI for HP 200LX db files            GGONTER
::RCX              bdpOp Control you Lego Mindstorm RCX computer      JQUILLAN
MIDI               Mdphp read/edit/compose MIDI files                 SBURKE
::Realtime         cdpO? Interacts with MIDI devices in realtime      FOOCHRE
::GUIDO            cdpO? Reads, writes, and manipulates GUIDO scores  KARLWARD
Penguin            RdpO? Remote Perl in Secure Environment            AMERZKY
::Easy             RdpO? Provides quick, easy access to Penguin API   JDUNCAN
::Db               idpO? Handle Psion palmtop computer database files IANPX
::AR               adcO? Interface to Remedy's Action Request API     RIK
::LG               bdpO? Execute commands on routers (based on CHRISJ
Schedule::        See also Schedule:: in chapter 4
::Match            adpf? Pattern-based crontab-like schedule          TAIY
::EST              cd+h? Interface to the Edinburgh Speech Tools lib  DJHD
::Festival         RdpO? Communicate with a festival server process.  RCALEY
::Synthesiser      RdpO? Simple text-to-speech using festival.        RCALEY
::SPX              Rdch? Interface to Sphinx-II speech recognition    DJHD
::SyslogEntry      bdpO? Parse UNIX syslog                            RHNELSON
::SendmailLine     bdpO? Summarize sendmail transactions              RHNELSON
::Phonedev         bdcO? Interface to the Linux Telephony API         DJHD
::V4l              Mdchg Video4linux framegrabber + vbe interface     MLEHMANN
::Service          adpO? Look for service in process table            PSHARPE
::HTTPService      adpO? Test status of HTTP server                   PSHARPE
::MysqlService     adpO? Test status of Mysql server                  PSHARPE
::Vogon            idpOa Vogon Poetry Generator                       AMS
Workflow           adcfl Interface to the wftk workflow toolkit       MICHAEL
GISI               ampO? Geographic Information Systems Interface     SORO
::SHAPE            amcO? ArcView SHAPE file format driver             SORO
::MIFMID           ampO? MapInfo MIFMID file format driver            SORO
Tasks              bdpOg Module for tasks/projects and time tracking  SERGEY
RT                 RmpOg RT, a trouble ticketing system               JESSE
System2            bdpfb like system(), but with STDOUT, STDERR avail REICHERT
CompBio            bdphp basic Comp. Biology (bioinformatics) library SEANQ

24) Interface Modules to Commercial Software

Name               DSLIP Description                                  Info
------------       ----- -------------------------------------------- ----
HtDig              RdpO? Interface for the HtDig indexing system      JTILLMAN
JUNOS              RmpOb Perl interface to Juniper Inc. routers       METZZO
MQSeries           RdcO? IBM's MQSeries messaging product interface   HBIERSMA
NexTrieve          RmpOp Interface to the NexTrieve search engine     ELIZABETH
PQI                cdcO? Perl Queuing Interface, to MQSeries, MSMQ    SIMONJ
R3                 bdcO? Interface to SAP R/3 using RFCSDK            SCHOEN
Tivoli             Smpfp Tivoli TME10 - Perl Interface                RHASE
::SearchSDK        cdcf? Perl Wrapper for AltaVista SDK functionality JTURNER
::PerlSDK          adcf? Utilize the AltaVista Search Developer's Kit BWILLIAM
::Documentum       Rdcfa Documentum EDMS API - Perl interface         MSROTH
::DFC              adpOa OO Interface to Documentum's DFC using JPL   MSROTH
::Mediasurface     bdpOp API and I/O modules for Mediasurface CMS     NWETTERS
::TIBCO            cdhha Interfacing to TIBCO/Rendezvous(RVRD)        BWMCADAMS
::Collection       RmpOp logical collection object                    ELIZABETH
::Daemon           RmpOp logical daemon object                        ELIZABETH
::DBI              RmpOp convert DBI statement to document sequence   ELIZABETH
::Docseq           RmpOp logical document sequence for indexing       ELIZABETH
::Document         RmpOp logical document object                      ELIZABETH
::Hitlist          RmpOp result of query from search engine           ELIZABETH
::HTML             RmpOp convert HTML-file(s) to logical document(s)  ELIZABETH
::Index            RmpOp create an index out of a docseq              ELIZABETH
::Mbox             RmpOp convert Unix mailbox to document sequence    ELIZABETH
::Message          RmpOp convert Mail::Message object(s) to document( ELIZABETH
::MIME             RmpOp MIME-type conversions for documents          ELIZABETH
::Overview         RmpOp an overview of NexTrieve and its Perl suppor ELIZABETH
::PDF              RmpOp Convert PDF-file(s) to logical document(s)   ELIZABETH
::Query            RmpOp Create/adapt query                           ELIZABETH
::Querylog         RmpOp Turn query log into Query objects            ELIZABETH
::Replay           RmpOp Turn Querylog into Hitlist for a Search      ELIZABETH
::Resource         RmpOp Create/adapt resource-file                   ELIZABETH
::RFC822           RmpOp Convert message(s) to logical document(s)    ELIZABETH
::Search           RmpOp Logical search engine object                 ELIZABETH
::Targz            RmpOp Maintain a Targz message archive             ELIZABETH
::UTF8             RmpOp Change encoding to UTF-8                     ELIZABETH
::Index            RmpOp logical index object within a collection     ELIZABETH
::Hit              RmpOp a single hit of the result                   ELIZABETH
::Message          Rdchp OO and function access to Openview opcmsg()  LBAXTER
::Client           Rd+Ob Client interface to the Perforce SCM system  SMEE
::Encode           i   ? Interface to Progressive Network's RealAudio KMELTZ
::RAPS             cd+O? Interface to Resolute Software's RAPS        CHGOETZE
::Rfc              MdhOp SAP RFC Interface                            PIERS

25) Bundles

Name               DSLIP Description                                  Info
------------       ----- -------------------------------------------- ----
::Bugzilla         Rdon? Bundle to load modules for Bugzilla          ZLIPTON
::Perl6            Rdpnp A bundle to install Perl6-related modules    MARCEL

Part 3 - Standards Cross-reference

This section aims to provide a cross reference between standards that exist in the computing world and perl modules which have been written to implement or interface to those standards.

It also aims to encourage module authors to consider any standards that might relate to the modules they are developing.

3.1) IETF - Internet Engineering Task Force (RFCs)

Standard   Description                                   Module Name
--------   -----------                                   -----------
RFC821     Simple Mail Transfer Protocol                 Net::SMTP
RFC822     Internet Mail Header                          Mail::Header
RFC822     Internet Mail addresses                       Mail::Address
RFC867     Daytime Protocol                              Net::Time
RFC868     Time Protocol                                 Net::Time
RFC959     File Transfer Protocol                        Net::FTP
RFC977     A minimal NNTP Server                         NNML::Server
RFC977     Network News Transfer Protocol                Net::NNTP
RFC1035, RFC1183, RFC1706
           Domain names, implementation & specification  Net::DNS
RFC1123    Date conversion routines                      HTTP::Date
RFC1319    MD2 Message-Digest Algorithm                  Digest::MD2
RFC1321    MD5 Message-Digest Algorithm                  Digest::MD5
RFC1350    Trivial File Transfer Protocol                TFTP, Net::TFTP
RFC1413    Identification Protocol                       Net::Ident
RFC1592    Simple Network Management Protocol            SNMP, Net::SNMP
RFC1738    Uniform Resource Locators                     URI::URL
RFC1777    Lightweight Directory Access Protocol         Net::LDAP
RFC1861    Simple Network Pager Protocol                 Net::SNPP
RFC1866    Encode/decode HTML entities in a string       HTML::Entities
RFC1939    Post Office Protocol 3                        Net::POP3
           ZLIB, DEFLATE, GZIP                           Compress::Zlib
RFC1960    String Representation of LDAP Search Filters  Net::LDAP::Filter
           MIME - Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions  MIME::*
RFC2138    Terminal server authentification and accting  RADIUS
RFC2229    Dictionary Server                             Net::Dict
RFC2518    HTTP Extensions for Distributed Authoring     HTTP::DAV

3.2) ITU - International Telegraph Union (X.*)

Standard   Description                                   Module Name
--------   -----------                                   -----------
X.209      Basic Encoding Rules for ASN.1                Convert::BER

3.3) ISO - International Standards Organization (ISO*)

Standard   Description                                   Module Name
--------   -----------                                   -----------
ISO/R 2015-1971
           Date calculations for the Gregorian calendar  Date::DateCalc
ISO639     Two letter codes for language identification  Locale::Language
ISO3166    Two letter codes for country identification   Locale::Country

Part 4 - Who's Who and What's Where

4.1) Information / Contact Reference Details (in alphabetical order)

The following list of email addresses is based on the credentials stored on the automated Perl Authors Upload Server (PAUSE). If any of the details is not up to date, you're requested to visit , where you will find a pointer to a CGI script that lets you edit the database entries yourself.

4.2) Perl Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
The FAQ is available on all CPAN sites in the directory doc/FAQs (e.g., ) as well as from the RTFM server where you can find all posted FAQs: RTFM mirror sites: North America: Europe: Asia: